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Bookmark ipfs addresses for your own keeping

ipfs-registry is a registry and bookmarker program for storing IPFS hashes in a way that you can remember later what they were. The rationale in developing it is that, currently, there is no such functionality provided natively by the ipfs binary, and a search engine dedicated to indexing ipfs DAGs does not exist either (that I know of).

By using ipfs-registry, you can choose to manually archive whatever interesting ipfs files you have discovered so that you can return to them later on. You can also tag the entry with some descriptive information so that you can more easily search for it later as your stack of bookmarks grows, and even name the file type/extension used (although you should always use the GNU file utility to double-check an incoming hash).

Make ipfs more interesting and web-like - use ipfs-registry!


ipfs-registry has only been tested in GNU/Linux using the bash shell. It requires either one of the following database backends to be available:

  • sqlite3 (good for portability, exporting to other machines)
  • MySQL (good for collaboration of multiple users in one machine).

By default, sqlite3 is used, although this can be changed in the built-in configurations.

Install and use

To install, copy the ipfsregistry file to a directory that lies in your executable path.

# as root:
cp ipfsregistry /usr/local/bin

# if you don't have root access:
mkdir ~/bin
cp ipfsregistry ~/bin

To start start using it, initialize the database with this command:

$ ipfsregistry init
All necessary tables initialized.

You can now start bookmarking addresses like this:

$ ipfsregistry register

Search for an existing registry like this:

$ ipfsregistry search

Have fun!