Simple Password Manager

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spm - simple password manager

spm is a single fully POSIX shell compliant script utilizing gpg2(1) in combination with basic tools such as find(1) and tree(1).

spm stores everything in a directory structure where passwords correspond to individually PGP encrypted files, optionally residing inside nested subdirectories of arbitrary depth, where any subdirectory can be interpreted as a (sub)group to manage large collections easily.

This project started as a fork of mneum's tpm which at that time was lacking crucial features such as removing or listing existent entries (it still does).

spm works perfectly with standard input and output allowing easy integration with other tools to create a truely flexible and powerful password management tool.

Refer to the manual page for various examples or simply read its source code.

.sh/spm from my dotfiles repository also illustrates an easy way to integrate spm.