Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Klemens Nanni f920ab3f68 Echo back characters after password prompt 1 month ago
  Klemens Nanni 74bc75bf98 Define view as function not alias 1 month ago
  Klemens Nanni ff5090c61f Simplify README 1 month ago
  Klemens Nanni 156e0496a7 Fix umask regression introduced in last commit 1 month ago
  Klemens Nanni 3de9f20e58 Fix umask for zsh and bash 4 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 5553a36f4d Prevent directory traversals outside of $PASSWORD_STORE_DIR 7 months ago
  Klemens Nanni e0d7a479f7 Make sure rm(1) is called directly, style fixes 7 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 9d0021f8c5 Use more appropiate umask, change order of checks 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni ffef68581c Fix mdoc(7) formatting 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 6fb3a310c4 Add dmenu(1) example 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni e2827a8b6f Improve/update manual page 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 7cd6d00594 Simplify Makefile, remove sh extension 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni e5e9f5387e Drop obsolete parantheses in find() 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni ac2f4ada2b Small fixes, drop gpg filename extension 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 1b7ee2a778 Rewrite manual page 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 9cc429f1b9 Simplify find(), stylefixes 8 months ago
  Klemens Nanni f78ad33df9 Fix $ (regex) in entry names 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 2ac8d1947d Bump version to 1.5.0 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni f74ef5c3ec Use basic regular expressions, simplify code 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 25089a9140 Bump version to 1.4.7 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 62546d4169 Fix off-by-one, use && not '-a' 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 96cd2f60a7 Add password only if directory exists 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 238e74cf98 Clarify ambigious check() call, remove line break 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni bc26db5d48 Test line count before checking files in check() 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 17cc56061e Fix regression in 'list' command when used with '-g' 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 63ad505b4f Bump version to 1.4.6 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 6d22886b7f Use find(1)'s printf not sed(1) 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 82e26fd97c Fix parsing of 'list', change wording 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni 203ea651e8 Always print usage on error 1 year ago
  Klemens Nanni dc2cb0c4cc Quote 'group' variable 1 year ago