Brian Callahan 493f18fdc4 Remove sysutils/diffoscope and devel/py-magic; both have been 9 months ago
acts cbb0d9a4b7 Update for acts 1.3b3 2 years ago
btcd 5338263975 attempt a devel flavor to stop circular1014456 deps 2 years ago
duply b97545756f duply does not need python (directly) 3 years ago
e2fsprogs 8b56531ea8 rm patch-lib_quota_mkquota_c 2 years ago
jmtpfs 500d9b0255 Add missed COMMENT for jmtpfs. 5 years ago
ocp-build ed70755ce7 fixes for OCaml bytecode builds 4 years ago
ovmf 8882199339 Add sysutils/ovmf, still fails to build 11 months ago
p5-Pod-Cpandoc 4f0216b8d4 Add my name to the Makefile and note there are NO_TESTS 5 years ago
packagekit 81886ce6e6 Handle by the infra. 5 years ago
pkg_readme 4668839047 LOCALBASE is better here; no pre-configure ever needed; from jca@. 5 years ago
ports 834e71efa4 sysutils/ports: new port 2 years ago
puppetserver 40d0cddc96 add WIP puppetserver port, it requires the facter.jar from sysutils/facter 3 years ago
py-daemonize cc3057fc85 Add net/synapse with dependencies 10 months ago
ruby-rhc a9a321077e ruby-rhc, cli management stuff for openshift 6 years ago
ruby-thor aa4b906f40 Cleanup ruby ports after import. 6 years ago
signing e77025d379 update readme 1 year ago
systembsd 8363d09a54 update os-release. 2 years ago
usbmuxd 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 3 years ago
vifm b4e5a104e0 Update Vifm to v0.9 and drop all the security improvements 1 year ago