Caspar Schutijser a2c6b18dca net/synapse: remove some unnecessary RUN_DEPENDS 1 year ago
R-curl 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 4 years ago
csync2 0f9ce53001 email update 3 years ago
cutegram 37f0c9f106 net/cutegram: update to 0.7.1 + deps updates 3 years ago
djbdns 65a05f56b8 Global PERMIT_* cleanup. 7 years ago
geoloc c237a67bc9 initial commit of geoloc unix socket 4 years ago
geth b49535247d net/geth: 1.8.15 -> 1.8.17 1 year ago
gnunet 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 4 years ago
go-ipfs 4c3221212d go-ipfs-0.4.18. 1 year ago
icb 3c6461206a devel/py-libusb1: update to 1.6.2 3 years ago
lft 862d2a04dd add net/lft 3 years ago
litecoin f00507353f Update litecoin to v0.15.0.1rc1 2 years ago
metronome 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 4 years ago
mongooseim 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 4 years ago
munin3 f408558d5c - enable regression tests 3 years ago
obfsproxy 016a1ac0d5 update obfsproxy to latest version 4 years ago
openafs d091dc0f3c add a patch for openafs 2 years ago
p5-GeoIP2 3a7f04b5d9 Add net/p5-GeoIP2 2 years ago
p5-MaxMind-DB-Common 7538124e4e net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Common: formatting fixes 2 years ago
p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader 06cecce2bf Add net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader 2 years ago
p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader-XS d0bbb417b8 net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader-XS: add COMPILER directive, it cannot build with base GCC 1 year ago
p5-MaxMind-DB-Writer 19314e329f Add net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Writer 1 year ago
p5-Net-OAuth2 ff80cbe31c bump to 0.63 3 years ago
p5-Net-Works ed091e795f Add net/p5-Net-Works 2 years ago
p5-Router-Simple fab6299799 p5-Finance-Bitcoin and two deps 4 years ago
p5-Transmission-Client 348ccd15ff Missed PERMIT_* cleanup. 7 years ago
perkeep f2bdd6eeff +perkeep - doesn't build yet 2 years ago
prime_server 763a8df32a Do the Github fetching magic for submodules so we no longer need files/. 2 years ago
prosody fa8c34e43f Update net/prosody to 0.10.0 2 years ago
prosody-snapshot ef87f93906 update prosody to 0.10 build 442 2 years ago
psimedia 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 4 years ago
py-keystoneclient c77d80aced py-keystoneclient 1.6.0 -> 1.7.1 4 years ago
py-novaclient 2da7a9731d py-novaclient 2.26.0 -> 2.29.0 4 years ago
py-pyrax 67eb227342 py-pyrax 1.9.4 -> 1.9.5 4 years ago
py-sleekxmpp c6afd335d0 Terser DESCR 5 years ago
py-swiftclient 57df6d51c7 NO_TEST for net/py-swiftclient due to missing deps. 5 years ago
py-synapse 7baa21fe50 update todo 3 years ago
quassel 19aa8c2375 net/quassel: sort CONFIGURE_ARGS 1 year ago
ruby-net-ldap aa4b906f40 Cleanup ruby ports after import. 7 years ago
s3cmd 6008f592c2 imported net/s3cmd 5 years ago
synapse a2c6b18dca net/synapse: remove some unnecessary RUN_DEPENDS 1 year ago
syncthing d31024c981 syncthing-0.14.40. 2 years ago
synergy b1abdb0a3d add synergy update 3 years ago
tcpdump 198e6201e3 proper upstream has the tarball now 2 years ago
tcptrack 5e9404d25c Add net/tcptrack, basically top(1) for network connections. 2 years ago
telegram fcc604b9bd This adds all the dependencies needed to build the official Telegram desktop client. 3 years ago
telegram-cli afeb09450e +net/telegram-cli 2 years ago
telepathy 21807dfc5b remove telepathy ports unrelated to the wip rakia 2 years ago
wireless d86eeaa06a net/wireless: uses pledge() 3 years ago