Brian Callahan bb3cc649e2 Add games/brogue here -- it's the same as what I posted to ports@ 9 months ago
7kaa 7d1d303068 7kaa: revert bump to 2.14.7 - too unstable. back to 2.14.5 1 year ago
angband fe84d8e710 OpenJK: patches consolidated, brief test runs of sp and mp are ok. add UPDATE file to angband 1 year ago
antimicro 11b6dc78e8 fix antimicro import problem 1 year ago
brogue bb3cc649e2 Add games/brogue here -- it's the same as what I posted to ports@ 9 months ago
eldritch c48ef04f74 add initial draft for Eldritch, still very raw 1 year ago
hereticdata 0d98c64267 add hereticdata 3 years ago
liquidwar6 e7c32949d3 games/liquidwar6: update to 0.6 3 years ago
lordsawar e6c44174f0 games/lordsawar: unbreak 2 years ago
openbor ed1b290f8f games/openbor: update to newer snapshot 2 years ago
opendungeons d829978dd6 Add games/opendungeons. 2 years ago
openjazz 55aa2e21dd Add an OpenJazz pkg/README, in the style of OpenRCT2 and CorsixTH. 1 year ago
openrw 1b84e9f31b remove todo, use gen'd dist file 3 years ago
openspades 402baf3065 openspades update to 1.1.1b 2 years ago
opentesarena c5d0fb504a Add OpenTESArena. It's not in playable condition, since upstream is in its early days. But we'll track it here. 1 year ago
raceintospace aebacaf72b raceintospace: fix one bug, find another. 5 years ago
regoth a5c0d8d9cb adding regoth port draft 1 year ago
reminiscence 5d102f48c0 Add games/reminiscence, a reimplementation of Flashback. 1 year ago
retrobattle 7f3beadfa0 Add retrobattle. 3 years ago
secondlife 3845faa03d secondlife: flush some wip bits rotting in my private tree, way out of date, but a place to start 6 years ago
slade 094e462c26 add wrapper script since the binary has to be in the same directory as the pk3 file 3 years ago
strife-ve cfff1cff46 fix up plist 9 months ago
stuntrally c72b61ad34 Add games/stuntrally, a racing game. 1 year ago
terasology 45edbc9087 Add games/terasology, another open source Minecraft clone. 2 years ago
trackballs b9fdda5f5c Add games/trackballs, a Marble Madness clone. 3 years ago
tremulous e25039bd82 Some fixes 4 years ago
vcmi d039426533 Merge my patches, which allow build with clang, but result unplayably buggy. Add TODO. 1 year ago
xash3d 9ed8163714 update plist 11 months ago
xlengine b98214f87c Add games/xlengine. Mostly finished but I don't have the games to test. 1 year ago
xoreos 3d1e0e4855 Update to xoreos-0.0.4. 3 years ago