Edd Barrett 92e3e9931a PyPy is in cvs. 10 months ago
bacon 1aa893a75a Update to bacon 3.7.2. 1 year ago
cython 51f050383f Update to Cython 0.27.1. 1 year ago
emojicode 1f7d3b71eb reyk@ wants this. 2 years ago
flang a969d896c0 f18 is now buildable by all! 10 months ago
gnu-smalltalk 07fe8163ad No more SHARED_ONLY 3 years ago
hobbes b27ea23d7a Add a WIP port of the hobbes programming languages. 2 years ago
j 4cf6e1b322 Add a WIP port of the J programming language. 2 years ago
lci 7f913a9d70 update to lci 0.10.5 3 years ago
ldc 4c2bc14f23 Add the LLVM D Compiler (and its bootstrap) 1 year ago
ldc-bootstrap 0a3594f54c Some patches 1 year ago
lily 9f9953cfc5 Add lang/lily. 2 years ago
never a2cf234797 Add lang/never, a scripting/embed in C language. 10 months ago
node-current 1843e8592a + node-current 1 year ago
pcbasic 14ab4f742a Add lang/pcbasic, a GW-BASIC clone environment; also add a dep, 10 months ago
picolisp 1c6363774b lower case pkg name, +wantlib 1 year ago
racket-minimal 70601f7820 Update to racket 7 beta. 1 year ago
solidity 703bd75a80 lang/solidity: update to 0.4.25 11 months ago
zig 3970198a51 Add the basics for lang/zig. Not finished yet because I have to integrate OpenBSD support with upstream. 1 year ago