Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Klemens Nanni 3bce94d4fe x11/wxWidgets3: update to 3.0.4, drop 2.8 compat 6 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 5b3ab11a07 x11/wxWidgets3: find(1) -delete 6 months ago
  Klemens Nanni 0da7bb4fe3 x11/wxWidgets3: use Python 3, no RDEP 6 months ago
  Klemens Nanni bd9568a8c4 x11/wxWidgets3: use TLS 6 months ago
  Brian Callahan bb3cc649e2 Add games/brogue here -- it's the same as what I posted to ports@ 6 months ago
  Brian Callahan 5300362c56 If building GNU gold with clang, perform a three-way link test of 6 months ago
  Brian Callahan 493f18fdc4 Remove sysutils/diffoscope and devel/py-magic; both have been 7 months ago
  Rafael Sadowski c7014f4778 add kf5 from CVS 8 months ago
  Rafael Sadowski bea9dfdacc add more db48 update bits 8 months ago
  Rafael Sadowski 8638892345 rm kdevelop; In CVS 9 months ago
  Ryan Freeman 447cb4bb34 Merge branch 'master' of 7 months ago
  Ryan Freeman cfff1cff46 fix up plist 7 months ago
  Caspar Schutijser a2c6b18dca net/synapse: remove some unnecessary RUN_DEPENDS 7 months ago
  Caspar Schutijser c16b03d329 Remove textproc/py-denticon 7 months ago
  Caspar Schutijser e29e707e55 net/synapse: update to 0.33.9 7 months ago
  Caspar Schutijser 750ba8b490 net/synapse: sort RUN_DEPENDS 7 months ago
  Caspar Schutijser b583a1aded net/synapse: RUN_DEPEND on telephony/py-phonenumbers 7 months ago
  Edd Barrett 4c3221212d go-ipfs-0.4.18. 7 months ago
  Charlène 1c6b606d54 Remove all p5-POE related ports submitted to ports@ 7 months ago
  Edd Barrett d68542d60a i3: latest version. 7 months ago
  Frederic Cambus 71f4613a26 Update graphics/libansilove to 1.0.0, add MASTER_SITES and various tweaks 7 months ago
  Edd Barrett 8f3a240e68 TeX Live: Fix a version year. Remove luatex hashes from pregen. 7 months ago
  Anthony J. Bentley 7c78597f2e Update gr-osmosdr now that we have gnuradio in CVS. 7 months ago
  Anthony J. Bentley 473aeee4c4 melonds patch. 7 months ago
  Anthony J. Bentley 6e3a93eaed colobot has been committed to CVS. 7 months ago
  Anthony J. Bentley 41ef29be6b gw-libretro bug has been fixed, should be ready for import soon... 7 months ago
  Anthony J. Bentley b0f07b02a6 Update to melonds-0.7. 7 months ago
  Brian Callahan 30f83003a4 Add x11/polybar, another bar thingy for i3, bspwm, and the like. 7 months ago
  Vadim Zhukov 41b382aa94 The libalkimia project was renamed to alkimia. 7 months ago
  Edd Barrett f194050fd9 TeX Live: patch several buffer overflows. 7 months ago