Simple status bar for dwm

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#dwmstat dwmstat is the successor of setdwmstatus in order to provide a really simple and more efficient way of having a status bar for dwm.

No fancy unicode "graphics" are used, although users are free to modify OUTFMT in their config.h.

As of now, the current IPv4 or IPv6 address, system volume, CPU temperature as well as the current locale's time is shown.

dwmstat currently supports OpenBSD, patches (to include other operating systems) are welcome.

##Requirements In order to build dwmstat you need the Xlib header files.

##Installation Edit to match your local setup (dwmstat is installed into the /usr/local namespace by default).

Create config.h from or modify config.def.h to suit your needs.

Build and install dwmstat:

    $ make
    # make install

##Running dwmstat dwmstat is usually started in background through xinit(1), see my xinitrc(5) for example.