Personal collection of various configuration files

Klemens Nanni 0341f9361d [xsession] Stop dwmstat(1) 5 days ago
.aria2 d4930443fa [aria2c,youtube-dl] No proxy, no falloc, async DNS 1 year ago
.config 26b975b702 mutt -> neomutt 2 weeks ago
.dillo c91cf74345 [dillo] Match colors with dwm(1), minimise interface 1 year ago
.gnupg 8dc13e2ba3 [gnupg] Remove old option after upgrade 7 months ago
.snownews 892563f6e6 [snownews] Use vi-like key bindings 1 year ago
.w3m de3df4e860 Add w3m 11 months ago
.gitconfig 35490c29bb [git] Add alias for whatchanged 10 months ago
.kshrc d1f846bbe9 [ksh] Prepend timestamp to PS1 5 days ago
.mbsyncrc fb601d80d2 [mbsync,neomutt] Use verbatim Maildir style 1 month ago
.profile 841c13c522 [profile] Export ENV, do not run startx(1) automatically 4 months ago
.tmux.conf 9fcdfe9799 [tmux] More backlog 2 months ago
.xbindkeysrc 4c18e5b27c [xbindkeys] Add bindings screen rotation 3 months ago
.xsession 0341f9361d [xsession] Stop dwmstat(1) 5 days ago
LICENSE 63e80b008b Change license from GPLv3+ to CC0 1 year ago