Commit History

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  kd 9ed72a6c87 Ignore SIGPIPE 2 years ago
  kd 452e90c569 Fix the new `linefd' 2 years ago
  kd 33de9c9e64 Fix unhandled case in `parseinfo' 2 years ago
  kd 12f99fb164 Fix blocking/non-blocking conflict for stdout/stdin 2 years ago
  kd b2bb3d8400 Send SIGTERM to the child processes 2 years ago
  kd 9a37db63e2 Update the README 2 years ago
  kd 738276b19b Add a testing mode to the `-c' option 2 years ago
  kd 7ae3dd50f0 Do not print a final timestamp 3 years ago
  kd 3f24ebee09 Change LICENSE to 0BSD 3 years ago
  kd 6f066278f8 Recreate the repository 3 years ago