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  jeroenpraat 15e7e9d39d +nl 1 year ago
  jeroenpraat 51b67d2aec +nl 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 3805adbc8a Merge branch 'current-user-on-notifications-page' of tsia/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  tsia 284134e600 show "current user" block in the left sidebar on notifications page 1 year ago
  nipos b2dd506688 Add Dutch translation,allow adding more toots to editor,many bugfixes 1 year ago
  nipos 63f260dc16 Replace translate link and add blog article about Zanata outage 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 66c0b63c63 Merge branch 'update-japanese-translation' of vaginaplant/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  Hakaba Hitoyo 36c12d5656 Update Japanese translation 1 year ago
  nipos 33ea924f1d Add link to newest blog article 1 year ago
  nipos dd7ebb31f3 Add full support for polls,remove whitespace when using full image height,improve toot counter,remove bar between unrelated posts 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski f15f134d75 Merge branch 'langoptions' of Aditoo/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  Aditoo17 51b7992ced Add translations for Czech and French language names 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski fea3d7b798 Merge branch 'i18n-cs' of Aditoo/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  Aditoo17 b1bb9b5ca0 I18n: Update Czech translation 1 year ago
  nipos 61213b5628 Add French translation,improve German translation,add support for video captions,add support for video thumbnails 1 year ago
  nipos 068546b84e Switch between pictures,full-height pictures in timeline,remove duplicated threads,many small bugfixes 1 year ago
  nipos 1a3f6a3ddf Merge bugfix from remote repo into local 1 year ago
  nipos e75fac8cbe Fixed login with Pleroma,fixed compatibility with Pawoo (older Mastodon),added support for prefers-color-scheme,some more fixes 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski efd0d72140 Hotfix for profiles 1 year ago
  nipos 8619a1acbe Fix scrollbars,autocomplete,add emojis at cursor,confirm before closing compose,add Czech translation 1 year ago
  nipos d27e451723 Bugfixes,Pleroma compatibility,translation updates 1 year ago
  nipos 85c7fd08c0 Added link to the blog article 1 year ago
  nipos 19379369a3 Added new media players with support for audio and third party services 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski d9648da624 Merge branch 'docker-updates' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  KemoNine 7ea6f98149 Docker updates - Update to be pure php-fpm - Remove nginx from container - Update halcyon path to match standard docs (/opt/halcyon) - Updated halcyon path allows this container to work as-is with the provided web server configs 1 year ago
  KemoNine 12edd8677a Update Docker README paths to reflect new container paths 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 22a4a5fd82 Merge branch 'caddyfile-fixes' of kemonine/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  KemoNine 6470a7282b Update path in Docker README 1 year ago
  KemoNine 030e89d239 Convert the example file to a proper readme with examples and additional details 1 year ago
  KemoNine faa283ef7d Fix spacing bugs with regex, fix remote profile regex, add comments to match nginx config, format syntax for readability 1 year ago