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  Joshua Branson 51719d17d3 current-config.scm: I changed some domains for 1 week ago
  Joshua Branson 443dd62efd current-config.scm: whoops. 1 week ago
  Joshua Branson bdd148e9b5 current-config.scm: I have temporarily stopped using my (guix 1 week ago
  Joshua Branson 737d3ba653 opensmtpd.scm: tweaked some values that caused synax errors. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 5be6eca5f0 current-config.scm: trying to get dovecot and opensmtpd service running. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 38a5761698 current-config.scm: I am trying to use my opensmtpd config... 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson d68ce7a24e current-config.scm: I used a let to define my nginx service. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 94bfe72eeb current-config:scm whoops... local-delivery-configuration -> 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 1174daa46c current-config: whoops...not using mail-aliases-service-type for now. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 5ae07285fe current-config.scm: whoops. virtual fieldname is apart of local-delivery-configuration. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 9e9481dd8a current-config.scm: whoops. opensmtpd-actions -> actions. 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 8d41a5fe8c current-config.scm: I added an opensmtpd-configuration using my 3 weeks ago
  Joshua Branson 3108cea32b current-config.scm: I deleted dkimproxy. nckx mentioned that 2 months ago
  Joshua Branson bfa060b22c current-config.scm: I changed full ssh key file path to 2 months ago
  Joshua Branson 6aa9067578 current-config.scm dovecot: I specified the ssl cert incorrectly. It 2 months ago
  Joshua Branson 400da40968 current-config: dovecot service: I've enable the letsencrypt certs 2 months ago
  Joshua Branson a71fa662c6 current-config.scm: prosody service: I changed the admin user to 2 months ago
  Joshua Branson c9321120ef current-config.scm (dkim-out-service-type): I make the (key ) path be 4 months ago
  Joshua Branson 3f3cb1ee39 current-config.scm: adding in dkimproxy module. 4 months ago
  Joshua Branson 455513d87d current-config: setting up dkim proxy to dkim sign my emails 4 months ago
  Joshua Branson 912bdab3b6 current-config: add back in (secret nginx). This is needed for my 4 months ago
  Joshua Branson 53a143dd6c current-config.scm: simplified ssh keys. removed secret 4 months ago
  Joshua Branson d8bfb30baa current-config: nginx-service (moved raw content down a few lines). 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson 6fe190dcd3 current-config: user-accounts and user-groups: removed vmail 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson 374e5041cd current-config: groups Trying to add a group user of vmail. 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson d3986ee2ab current-config: groups and users (I added a vmail group to OS groups.) 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson d4f1e5ae6f current-config: users (added vmail user and group for dovecot). 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson 9a20504eb0 current-config: services (dovecot: removed auth-username-format) 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson fde7bf5382 current-config: services (dovecot: auth-username-format "%Ln"). 5 months ago
  Joshua Branson 5240b8bc13 current-config: services (dovecot: auth-username-format) trying to 5 months ago