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A fully libre (CSL) Monopoly-based game written in Common Lisp.

It's fully playable, with all of the features of a regular Monopoly game, with some twists:

  • There are no auctions (everyone hates those)
  • Free Parking gives you all money the state has collected (from taxes, etc)
  • There is no buying nor selling of houses
    • Instead, different types of buildings are constructed:
      • Apartment
      • House
      • Mansion
      • Monument
      • Etc
  • Vivid and fun descriptions of each square
  • Local multiplayer for 1 - 5000+ people
  • Better than bsdgames monop(6)
  • Incredibly modifiable & customizable
    • it's a breeze to make a custom game-board or card-deck
      • just write a new board.clisp or cards.clisp (same basic format)

There are still some things I want to do-- but this is very playable and fun now. :)

Tested on GNU Common Lisp-- just run clisp monopolisp.clisp!