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LGN Website

This is the site for Libre Game Night, a weekly game night for members of the libre/Free Software community.

How it works

This site uses swx to generate static pages from Markdown. This site also uses a custom Makefile to generate these Markdown pages-- each true page is in the pages/ directory; but none of them have the actually page text, just variables.

Each different language has a different script that has these variables declared in it--,,, etc. The /Makefile then uses these scripts to generate the Markdown pages (and proper swx setups) in their respective directories.

From root, try

make espanol

Then, an es/ directory will be created-- inside of that es/ directory, you can run make one more time to create the actual HTML pages in lgn.static.

Just run "make all" to generate the entire LGN site.


All website content is under the CC-BY-SA 3.0+, but all swx-related scripts, etc, are under the MIT lisc.