JSON parser in full-shell-- pretty portable, too.

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json.sh is a very portable JSON parser-- it should work in just about any shell you throw at it. Right now, it can only parse and output variables etc in a JSON file in a more script-friendly form, but write support will be added later.


To use json.sh, you can simply run json.sh with a filename as an argument. Here's an example command and it's output:

$ sh json.sh example.json
/animals/pig/tail = curly
/animals/pig/nose = adorable
/animals/sheep/tail = short
/animals/sheep/nose = ugly

There are also a few useful arguments you should keep note of:

argument description
-v $string Only print variables with the name $string.
-s $string Only print the value of the variable $string.
-V $string Only print variables with the value $string.
-o $string Only print the object $string.

With -v and -s, for example, $string could be anything from tail to /pig/tail to /animals/pig/tail. Same syntax goes for -o. -V is the only odd one out-- it's $string needs to be a variable's value, like adorable from /pig/nose.


All of json.sh is released under the ISC license.