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  Jaidyn Ann b053d4bd26 Stylistic changes, commenting; no functional changes 6 months ago
  Jaidyn Ann 404479be6c Split communal/utility functions into `common.js` 6 months ago
  Jaidyn Ann add342f854 Move popup to pages/ directory 6 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 4bc3d7dcc1 Use 'change' event for preset-list rather than 'click' 10 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque ccd196dabc Deleting of engine presets 10 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque db7f5b4b9b Support for multiple combos ("presets") of engines 10 months ago
  Javojav 7b93a67ec0 added keyboard shortcuts and improved code 4 years ago
  Javi 3ec81347c2 Improved Readme 4 years ago
  Javojav 5934d96e8d Add files 4 years ago
  Javi 9f7797e8df Initial commit 4 years ago