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  Jaidyn Ann b053d4bd26 Stylistic changes, commenting; no functional changes 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Ann 404479be6c Split communal/utility functions into `common.js` 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Ann add342f854 Move popup to pages/ directory 8 months ago
  Jaidyn Levesque 4bc3d7dcc1 Use 'change' event for preset-list rather than 'click' 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Levesque ccd196dabc Deleting of engine presets 1 year ago
  Jaidyn Levesque db7f5b4b9b Support for multiple combos ("presets") of engines 1 year ago
  Javojav 7b93a67ec0 added keyboard shortcuts and improved code 4 years ago
  Javi 3ec81347c2 Improved Readme 4 years ago
  Javojav 5934d96e8d Add files 4 years ago
  Javi 9f7797e8df Initial commit 4 years ago