anonym 1509f6172e Bump torproject APT snapshot. 3 years ago
APT_overlays.d 862a00f056 Replace deprecated APT_overlays with a .placeholder file in APT_overlays.d. 5 years ago
APT_snapshots.d 1509f6172e Bump torproject APT snapshot. 3 years ago
binary_local-hooks 54d11f8b1e Install Linux 4.7. 3 years ago
binary_local-includes 7c38f9fc21 grub.cfg: drop the menu, and directly load the syslinux configuration. 5 years ago
binary_rootfs 3b7388416a Updating SquashFS sort file 3 years ago
chroot_apt da398ffd75 Freeze exception: install virtualbox* from our repo. 3 years ago
chroot_local-hooks 57fd3b37f6 Add workaround for DDG's non-standard vi_VI locale. 3 years ago
chroot_local-includes 6734933d76 Update AdBlock Plus patterns. 3 years ago
chroot_local-packages 5fbc918e25 Make it clearer what can and cannot be done in terms of local packages. 7 years ago
chroot_local-packageslists 47c1d4250b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into feature/11810-lets-encrypt 3 years ago
chroot_local-patches f825b001f9 AppArmor Totem profile: add permissions needed to avoid warning on startup (refs: #11984). 3 years ago
chroot_local-preseed 12e89dc88a Replace vidalia by tor-monitor 4 years ago
chroot_sources 2d6a1f192e Use APT codenames (e.g. "stretch") instead of suites, to be compatible with our tagged APT snapshots. 4 years ago
amnesia 7a90fc9da6 Adjust kernel version to install Linux 4.7. 3 years ago
base_branch 3ed1133ad9 Restore stable's base branch. 3 years ago
build-manifest-extra-packages.yml e3d14f1955 Add squashfs-tools to the build manifest, since our build system cannot detect it's needed. 4 years ago