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  Hugo Soucy fdb69150b5 Put directly in public_html/ folder 2 days ago
  Hugo Soucy 023df94e06 Modify SASS plugin 2 days ago
  Hugo Soucy eddce189f0 Add a plugin to javascript files 2 days ago
  Hugo Soucy ae99ce724c Delete the gitignore and add two plugins 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy 74f2f0b754 Make some tests with lua watcher and plugins 2 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy b1f830400f Make some tests in the httpd plugin 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy 558b0b99d0 Add lua-sass in the dependencies table 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy 42910066d4 Fix the httpd plugin 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy 687104f098 Update the cv css and template 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy 9c29c6706a Change a color token 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy eeaf294928 Add breaklines 3 weeks ago
  Hugo Soucy 930e1363db Change the way to display the CV 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy c2081ee395 Replace CV conf json with lua 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 65fbc918fb Almost finish the rebranding 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 38d32c960c Change the link styles 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 422b3280c9 Delete the inline style sheet 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 81a9a3a6a2 Change the Index text 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 50d59d0deb Continue rebranding 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 557f03e412 Continue the rebranding 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 76584baded Continue the refactoring of the theme 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 633f5af327 Continue the design refactoring 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 8af825b1c6 Remove etlua template 2 months ago
  Hugo Soucy 93ba8931d0 Split notes templates into partials 2 months ago
  Hugo Soucy a7aa02343b Rename site-config to config 4 months ago
  Hugo Soucy 8d1921fb5f Creates some files 4 months ago
  Hugo Soucy bc013a519e Add a styles.css in the src/ folder 4 months ago
  Hugo Soucy d75b61bf81 Delete unwanted stuff 1 year ago
  Hugo Soucy 5412793f41 Add fonts files 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 42e885d8d7 Add and apply new font and color abstractions 1 month ago
  Hugo Soucy 9512bb7ae3 Removes sass dependency 1 month ago