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  bill-auger 1bda7e52c5 make register link a button again - fixes #149 6 years ago
  bill-auger be712d51d2 improve home page "responsiveness" 6 years ago
  bill-auger 416eee5469 restore-home-page (fixes #140) 6 years ago
  Hein-Pieter van Braam f90e86fb71 Mostly-correct home.tmpl 6 years ago
  Hein-Pieter van Braam 29991869e3 AppSubUrl became AppSubURL 6 years ago
  Hein-Pieter van Braam 514564257e Merge with upstream 6 years ago
  Unknwon 90b9f7e08c pkg/setting: rename {AppUrl, AppSubUrl} -> {AppURL, AppSubURL} 7 years ago
  Argentumbolo 6a8ad0b357 locale: changes relates to Ukrainian language (#4168) 7 years ago
  Alexey Agafonov fe69a7b116 Update home.tmpl (#4159) 7 years ago
  Unknwon 3137665e6e Simplify description 7 years ago
  bill-auger b378a3a4c7 restore and customize notabug info HTML pages 7 years ago
  bill-auger 188f971a70 customize shared HTML header for notabug 7 years ago
  rugk 28dc5bb566 Replace http links with https version (#3386) 7 years ago
  Unknwon 12b5a76b0d Minor fix for #2772 8 years ago
  xDShot d8738f5bfd минимальные -> низкие (системные требования) 8 years ago
  Lourens 14aba3489e Add ru-RU to home template 8 years ago
  Andrey Nering 0e0cd9100b Add portuguese-BR to home template. 8 years ago
  Toni Villena 1105a3139f Add es-ES to home template 8 years ago
  Philippe Chataignon 939d96813c Add fr-FR to home template 8 years ago
  Adam Strzelecki da2585c11e Indent all templates with tabs 8 years ago
  Unknwon 2729eb998c #1646 and other minor fixes 8 years ago
  Unknwon 4b9fb43a70 home: new UI 9 years ago
  Raphael Randschau 3c65265871 Hide the registration button depending on the setting 9 years ago
  Tristan Storch 4c4488213a correction: updated docker link 9 years ago
  unknown 1031271224 Add German translation to home page 9 years ago
  Unknwon 7ba9257a7f Add suburl support 9 years ago
  Martin van Beurden 0055cbd365 Allow Gogs to run from a suburl behind a reverse proxy. e.g. 9 years ago
  Tristan Storch 69e332f432 Removed trailing white spaces 9 years ago
  Unknwon 9baf2b38d0 Bug fix on organization 9 years ago
  Unknwon 7af7584d25 Finish new reset password, etc. 9 years ago