Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Robert Beal ce7496aec9 docker: allow setting UID and GID when running a container (#4776) 4 years ago
  Kyle Filz ec05c64ead docker: update Dockerfile for Raspberry Pi (#4185) 5 years ago
  Andrey Arapov 6a98e7d914 docker: Support timezones (#3262) 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Roemer bcd4adb3a0 Update docker/ script to use glide & make (#3079) 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Roemer 7845075bd2 Dockerfile & Dockerfile.pi updates 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Roemer 9fbf54ee6b Update Dockerfile.rpi to better match Dockerfile: 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Roemer 12c8953381 Update Dockerfile to update alpine to v3.3 & fix virtual package and repository pinning on RPi 6 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Roemer 9032bd097b Update Dockerfile & build script and add /etc/nsswitch.conf: 6 years ago
  Gregor Gramlich 053d1424b2 Update s6 path in Dockerfile.rpi 6 years ago
  Emrah URHAN f63a468dfc Dockerfile for RaspberryPi is added. 6 years ago