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  howaboutsynergy c71ec0411f no more sudo password on the first (console) login 2 days ago
  howaboutsynergy b28ec2541b no password for ./2 compilations 2 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 03998fe589 on Z575, 2 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 8ecf71691e Z575 commit - firefox a11y compilation workaround 2 days ago
  howaboutsynergy d0d551ab22 on Z575, 3 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 7d7acf7a6e rant 3 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 8768ecc100 more done stuff moved to done.log 4 days ago
  howaboutsynergy cebe3063ac moved what's done from todo.log into done.log 4 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 906aedb3e1 todo/done reshuffling, stage 1 4 days ago
  howaboutsynergy afbe4fef93 integrate old qubes stuff 4 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 845bf6cd44 fix xfconf 4.14.1 toggling not working sometimes 5 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 9a7b21d898 handle some `todo`s 5 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 3c76176f69 Z575 commit 5 days ago
  howaboutsynergy bb2fe94f87 Z575 commit 5 days ago
  howaboutsynergy 17dd972cff Z575 commit 6 days ago
  howaboutsynergy a0f5b9cda6 update stuff from i87k 1 week ago
  howaboutsynergy 5657bf6e23 on Z575, squash 331 commits into 1 1 week ago
  howaboutsynergy bab1be3f27 note that --tags aren't ./push -ed 1 week ago
  howaboutsynergy 865a650023 some knowhow update about gtk inspector 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 817a692168 Merge branch 'master' of 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 23cbb027c2 fix xfce4-terminal padding to be only 5px left, 0px to any other side, in /home/user/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 3dc7f91012 Z575 sync commit 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 57fe10fb8e well that's just fucking great 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 02ec61d4bf gtk3 disable animations for less CPU usage! 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 23c21a85da virtualbox, MAKEFLAGS=-j18..., trace-cmd, sysup 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy e9abe4a3a0 trace-cmd-git messiness 1 month ago
  howaboutsynergy 9394ddd114 i87k commit 2 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 50f775c3f8 todo 2 months ago
  howaboutsynergy f3bcf8d69c sync changes to Z575 2 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 8d702751be trace-cmd-git, kernel up, cscopegen fix 2 months ago