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  howaboutsynergy 48ed844d48 complete and default for select! 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy 8d95cdd6c8 clippy-driver weirdness 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy b7f2decf4a why specific () in select! instead of _ 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy bd8a74b7e7 weird indentation for select! 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy d751426e7c add the Err variant(s) 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy b5e9e9a4be remove non-working [build] section from Cargo.toml 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy d9ed729ddc make ./go work even when clippy doesn't 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy 2daa98d20a async futures try_join!() 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy 6d671ee099 more tries reveals 301 +location 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy 8f39ae78c0 cargo-fmt 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy 1e0bb10150 async fn example http redirect wickedness 2 weeks ago
  howaboutsynergy 35ac8c661a Merge branch 'master' of 2 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 761ccd5020 todo: probably use signal-hook 2 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 19126a7750 forgot to credit <sumeet> for telling me about crate num_format 2 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 65d59ad7b3 a way to override 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 4eab989e04 FIXME: override rustc flags set in ~/.cargo/config 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 60cb3de9e6 not --all-features via ./go from workspace root 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 72edd1cabf cargo update and 10mil xids takes 1.56s in release(10 times less than debug) 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy eb1cbbc664 just a note about features 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 6d47e26114 use Instant to see duration it took 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy c82da53546 fix clean script 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 070891f708 add xid as feature (for now using the features way) 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy cda07ef977 assumptions,fix,note 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy bb6f9f8f25 bring in the old uuid/rand combo 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 07074e3db0 ok, this is uniq id for each thread 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy f819aaf0b5 fiddling with uniq id generation 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy f223506b71 make it a cargo workspace 3 months ago
  howaboutsynergy 47108e0909 empty 3 months ago