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  Jesús 13fa8b6906 Added year now with smarty function 1 month ago
  Jesús b56cfda34f Added viewcount 1 month ago
  Jesús c6c72ca42c minor fix on favicon | librejs.html 1 month ago
  Jesús a489933ae5 update license of plyr 1 month ago
  Jesús bb67f32cd5 remove file unimportant 1 month ago
  Jesús b6679eb105 Added license of ECMAScript 1 month ago
  Jesús 0232bbf906 fix data-res 1 month ago
  Jesús b1dbcb3070 minor fix update plyr 1 month ago
  Jesús 3a9b807499 change color on link 1 month ago
  Jesús e620918e93 Add videChannel to variable 1 month ago
  Jesús a0be26620b Added link channel 1 month ago
  Jesús 6769ac9d28 update plyr 1 month ago
  Jesús 030a3e99eb remove view_count, now not found 1 month ago
  Jesús 90a40d1a07 improve indent 1 month ago
  Jesús 86343c146d improve indent 1 month ago
  Jesús 62713fb845 Order on Styles 2 months ago
  Jesús 64f059025b minor fix 2 months ago
  Jesús 08e0388631 updated 2 months ago
  Jesús 52706589b1 Remove JQuery, LibreVideoJS is replace for plyr. 2 months ago
  Jesús ebfe0198e8 remove unimportant tag '<div>' on embed.tpl 3 months ago
  Jesús a12a9dacfe improve styles on tag <code> 3 months ago
  Jesús e3d5ab93bb Generated iframe for share 3 months ago
  Jesús 764b373623 remove unimportant variables embed 3 months ago
  Jesús eb44cce90b Added embed video for share 3 months ago
  Jesús f6671dd358 Update 3 months ago
  Jesús 50097a64c8 corrects variables and styles 8 months ago
  Jesús Eduardo 1a0ecec674 líneas de comentarios uniformes 10 months ago
  Jesús Eduardo 7badd8e6d6 elimina espacios en blanco en salida.sass 10 months ago
  Jesús Eduardo 02f118f279 Corrige final de línea 10 months ago
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