Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jesús d2d6e4e56d fix name app 1 year ago
  James Taylor ec031a9b01 generate_release: Update visual c runtime URL 1 year ago
  Jesús 0692780137 pep8 2 years ago
  Jesús f4b36a220d pep8 2 years ago
  zrose584 a27b575380 remove trailing whitespaces 2 years ago
  James Taylor ec98348018 Use wine to build windows releases on Linux 2 years ago
  James Taylor 3fccc39e32 Don't uninstall setuptools 2 years ago
  James Taylor cf507e2cd1 Add full visual c runtime to fix missing dll errors on fresh windows installs 3 years ago
  James Taylor 7b42d26c61 Add automatic release generation system so dependencies will be updated per release 3 years ago