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  nipos 82ae0882d1 View state of ongoing polls,Fix some links,fix search for urls,add Chinese translation,update media API 11 months ago
  nipos 3b87814f98 Improve French and German translation,respect Pleromas/GlitchSocs custom poll limits,add extension download link,many bugfixes 1 year ago
  nipos b2dd506688 Add Dutch translation,allow adding more toots to editor,many bugfixes 2 years ago
  nipos dd7ebb31f3 Add full support for polls,remove whitespace when using full image height,improve toot counter,remove bar between unrelated posts 2 years ago
  nipos e3a90b16ee Profile settings work again,various Firefox-only fixes,removed error if browser sends no language 2 years ago
  nipos c653baa2d0 Added multi language systems in PHP files (by Themanwhoisit) 2 years ago
  nipos 46bb4e1dfd updated Twemoji,custom emojis in names and bios,some pleroma fixes,pinned posts 2 years ago
  nipos 2b0cb5e801 Added emoji picker,performance improvements,desktop notifications on notifications page fixed 3 years ago
  nipos 3ff46bb96e Added custom emojis and other stuff 3 years ago
  nipos 5ccb63b8c5 First release,no database required,code style changes 3 years ago