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  nipos 045d6f74c5 Many bugfixes,add trending hashtags,add URL unshortener,redirect YouTube to Invidious,translation improvements,add Spanish translation 1 year ago
  nipos 3b87814f98 Improve French and German translation,respect Pleromas/GlitchSocs custom poll limits,add extension download link,many bugfixes 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski af6e3d416f Merge branch 'master' of butterflyoffire/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  ButterflyOfFire 99602df380 Updating french translation .mo 1 year ago
  ButterflyOfFire bd6d478739 Updating french translation 1 year ago
  nipos be5e13ab6d Enable Arabic locale in Docker 1 year ago
  nipos 2a6b28343d Share links using Halcyon,add profile overlays on mentions,keep scroll position when new posts appear,... 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski eef0a0fc93 Merge branch 'master' of butterflyoffire/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  butterflyoffire ad2e942bdd Adding arabic translation. 1 year ago
  nipos c9bc7ecb30 Introduce BlurHash,repair YouPlay,improve link previews feature,add debug mode,add lighttpd example config,bug fixes 1 year ago
  nipos 9aa173a786 Hotfix: Answers are sent as new posts without context 1 year ago
  nipos 4db81db371 New media uploader,sort uploads,drag&drop and copy&paste uploads,fix automatic dark mode 1 year ago
  nipos 41daa86934 Add block and mute management,add management for follow requests,add Catalan translation 1 year ago
  nipos 0d502c529a Replace blog links with the new blog 1 year ago
  nipos e05757e6d5 Generate new .mo files for the two updated .po files 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski d6087a2d06 Merge branch 'master' of jeroenpraat/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  jeroenpraat 15e7e9d39d +nl 1 year ago
  jeroenpraat 51b67d2aec +nl 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 3805adbc8a Merge branch 'current-user-on-notifications-page' of tsia/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  tsia 284134e600 show "current user" block in the left sidebar on notifications page 1 year ago
  nipos b2dd506688 Add Dutch translation,allow adding more toots to editor,many bugfixes 1 year ago
  nipos 63f260dc16 Replace translate link and add blog article about Zanata outage 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski 66c0b63c63 Merge branch 'update-japanese-translation' of vaginaplant/halcyon into master 1 year ago
  Hakaba Hitoyo 36c12d5656 Update Japanese translation 1 year ago
  nipos 33ea924f1d Add link to newest blog article 1 year ago
  nipos dd7ebb31f3 Add full support for polls,remove whitespace when using full image height,improve toot counter,remove bar between unrelated posts 1 year ago
  Niklas Poslovski f15f134d75 Merge branch 'langoptions' of Aditoo/halcyon into master 2 years ago
  Aditoo17 51b7992ced Add translations for Czech and French language names 2 years ago
  Niklas Poslovski fea3d7b798 Merge branch 'i18n-cs' of Aditoo/halcyon into master 2 years ago
  Aditoo17 b1bb9b5ca0 I18n: Update Czech translation 2 years ago