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  87. <h1 class="p-name">A day well spent?</h1>
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  90. I wake up one morning reminiscing about the place my friend talked of the other day. This cafe in a tech park
  91. where one would relish…
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  100. <h3 name="9cfb" id="9cfb" class="graf graf--h3 graf--leading graf--title">A day well spent?</h3>
  101. <p name="197d" id="197d" class="graf graf--p graf-after--h3 graf--trailing">I wake up one morning
  102. reminiscing about the place my friend talked of the other day. This cafe in a tech park where one would
  103. relish working remotely. Most importantly, it was close to where I stay and beats the suffering from
  104. traffic. So, I got dressed up, packed my bag with laptop, charger, headphone, USB cable (to charge my
  105. phone’s battery if it dies) and a bottle of potable water. My mother was generous enough to cook me a
  106. delicious breakfast with Idli and Saambar (one that only mothers know how to make). After the relishing on
  107. this stable and filling food, I take out my car to head for this place in the hope of getting some work
  108. done.</p>
  109. </div>
  110. </div>
  111. </section>
  112. <section name="4f9f" class="section section--body">
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  116. <div class="section-content">
  117. <div class="section-inner sectionLayout--insetColumn">
  118. <p name="5a43" id="5a43" class="graf graf--p graf--leading">After a fifteen minute drive through the
  119. dilapidated roads and frenzy, I reach the gates to be greeted by the security guard who asked me for my ID
  120. card. When I showed my driving license, I realized that he was asking for something different. Lowered my
  121. window glass and said that I had to go to a cafe inside (recollecting from my friend’s experience). For
  122. which he agreed and let me pass. Parked my car in the visitor parking area and started climbing a hill to
  123. reach the top where the cafe was located. To give you some perspective — this cafe is located in a tech
  124. park which is built on an encroached lake. The lake is non-existent, however the depths of it are still
  125. felt. Finally, after a bit of physical exercise I reach this cafe with it’s neon lights reflecting on the
  126. glass panes of the building. Took a while to settle in as there were no power plug points to charge my
  127. laptop. After finding one, I started checking my mail as usual only to realize that the internet bandwidth
  128. on my phone was snail paced. I could probably go to the loo and come back by the time the webpage could
  129. load. All this effort in vain. Without network there was no way I could work. Saddened, I reach out of the
  130. building to get some fresh air only to be struck by the sight of a food truck serving Chicken Biriyani. I
  131. said to myself, “At least, you could eat something you liked and head back home.” I checked the time on my
  132. phone to realize that it was barely noon. I somehow had to stall for some time to get the next quota of
  133. meal that my body deserves.</p>
  134. <p name="beab" id="beab" class="graf graf--p graf-after--p">So, now instead of getting work done at the
  135. cafe, I had to pass time for the lunch. How productive of me! I started looking at people nearby walking
  136. from the cafeteria to their offices all dressed in a formal attire to impress their bosses and clients.
  137. Most of them seemed obese and in their mid twenties or thirties. Obesity is clearly an outcome of their
  138. sedentary lifestyle. I wondered, if I were one among them what horrors I might have to go through. A bit
  139. of this and a bit of that, I am quite the time killer as one imagination paces to another, I see that it’s
  140. noon. Hurray! It’s lunch time (tad early today).</p>
  141. <p name="00f6" id="00f6" class="graf graf--p graf-after--p graf--trailing">Now, there’s only one objective
  142. to complete and of course the most easy and desired one. I check the prices and find that it was modest
  143. considering the quantity they had been giving to others. Before that — I had to check other’s so as to be
  144. clear on how it looked and ascertain the number of chicken portions in it. Quite satisfied with my
  145. observations, I head to the food truck and ask for it. The server (not the internet one) took a leaved
  146. bowl (called <em class="markup--em markup--p-em">Donne</em>) and filled it with the spicy rice first.
  147. Then, he filled it with few pieces of chicken, half sliced boiled egg and then some onions and lemon.
  148. Quite a craft. “He’s doing more productive work than me”, I said to myself. There’s only one thing left
  149. now and that any one can do — binge. I lost sense of time as I started eating. It was finished in no time.
  150. I felt contentment and walked towards the lounge to sit for sometime, to allow myself to relax for a while
  151. before I could head back home.</p>
  152. </div>
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  154. </section>
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  159. <div class="section-content">
  160. <div class="section-inner sectionLayout--insetColumn">
  161. <p name="ebfb" id="ebfb" class="graf graf--p graf--leading">This is how one does nothing and yet feel
  162. entitled for a meal which happens to be a fundamental craving of one’s body and mind.</p>
  163. <figure name="506e" id="506e" class="graf graf--figure graf-after--p graf--trailing">
  164. <div class="aspectRatioPlaceholder is-locked" style="max-width: 700px; max-height: 525px;">
  165. <div class="aspectRatioPlaceholder-fill" style="padding-bottom: 75%;"></div><img class="graf-image"
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  167. data-is-featured="true" src="../img/donneBiriyani.jpeg">
  168. </div>
  169. <figcaption class="imageCaption">Gastronomical tumults. Photo borrowed from <a
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  173. target="_blank"></a></figcaption>
  174. </figure>
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