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  1. Name: About & Credits
  2. Directory: about
  3. Content:
  4. Welcome to HSMusic, a fan-made Homestuck music wiki!
  5. <a href="">Homestuck</a> has always been an incredible creative collaboration, and especially beloved by the community and critical in that collaboration is the webcomic and world's humongous soundtrack, comprising well over 500 tracks by dozens of musicians and artists. This wiki aims to be an interesting and useful resource for anyone interested in that music, as well as an archive for all things related.
  6. Pertaining to the history of this site: it was originally made as a remake of Homestuck's official <a href="">Bandcamp</a>, which saw its content particularly reduced on <a href="">10/25/19</a>. This site aims to be a more reliable resource and reference: track art (conspicuously missing from the Bandcamp) is archived here, solo albums (among other missing albums, like [[album:Squiddles!]]) are all indexed in the one place, and URLs will always stay consistent. And of course, also included are links for listening on Bandcamp and other services.
  7. Nowadays, HSMusic also operates as a center for all sorts of fan music, a sort-of home where avid listeners can explore, discover, and support artists and albums within the sphere around Homestuck music. We're always looking to share new music here, so if there's anything you'd like to see, please feel encouraged to [[static:feedback|drop a message]]!
  8. The code for this website is open source (GPL-3.0), and can be explored or forked <a href="">here</a>. If you want to get in touch with feature requests or comments on the code, our contact info is [[static:feedback|here]]!
  9. <i>Resource &amp; Author Credits</i>
  10. - Quasar Nebula: that's me - it's us! We programmed most of the site, and put the whole thing together. [[static:feedback|Say hi]]!
  11. - <a href="">Homestuck's Bandcamp</a>, the official host of Homestuck's music: I got almost all the official album listings and basic track info from here.
  12. - GiovanH's <a href="">complete track art archive</a>: track art! A million thanks for putting this together and sharing this with me. (Prior to this, I used the <a href="">Web Archive</a> to gather track art.)
  13. - <a href="">NSND</a>: leitmotifs! Thanks to this site in combination with credits on the bandcamp and artists' own commentary, this wiki is a rather comprehensive resource for leitmotifs and other track references.
  14. - <a href=""> (HQ Audio Flashes)</a>: thumbnail captures for the individual Flash animations! There were a couple captures missing that I took myself, but most Flash thumbnails are from here.</a>
  15. - The <a href="">Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki</a> on Fandom: the inspiration for this wiki! I've wanted to make a more complete and explorable wiki ever since seeing it. The Fandom wiki has also been a very handy reference in putting this together, so much thanks to everyone who's worked on it!
  16. - <a href=""></a>: Besides being the home of the comic this whole site is based around, the main wallpaper for the site is pulled from <a href="">More from Homestuck</a>.
  17. - <a href=""></a>: I stole your icons.svg file. It is mine now. :tobyfox_dog_sunglasses:
  18. - All organizers and contributors of the <a href="">Homestuck Vol. 5 Anthology</a> - community-made track art for [[album:Homestuck Vol. 5]]! All of this art is <i>excellent</i>. Each track credits its respective cover artist.
  19. - Likewise for the <a href="">Beyond Canon Track Art Anthology</a> as well as <a href="">Alternia/Bound</a>!
  20. - All comments on the site: I appreciate all feedback a lot! People have shared a ton of ideas and suggestions with me, and I <i>cannot</i> emphasize enough how motivating it is to share a project with like-minded folx interested in making it better with you.
  21. <i>Feature &amp; Contribution Acknowledgements</i>
  22. - <b>Thank you,</b> GiovanH, for linking me to a resource for higher quality cover art, and bringing to my attention the fact that clicking a cover art on Bandcamp to zoom in will often reveal a higher quality image.
  23. - cosmogonicalAuthor, for a variety of feature requests and comments! In particular: improving way the track list on author pages is sorted; expanding the introduction; expanding the introduction message to the website; and linking bonus art for Homestuck Vol. 5 - plus a few other good suggestions I haven't gotten to yet. Thanks!
  24. - Monckat, for suggesting the album Strife 2 before I'd begun adding fandom-created albums and unofficial releases to this wiki, and for working with an emailer to reupload the original cover art for [[track:the-thirteenth-hour]].
  25. - Kidpen, for suggesting the "Flashes that feature this track" feature.
  26. - an emailer, for suggesting the "Random track" feature.
  27. - foreverFlumoxed, for pointing out that [[flash:338]] contains reference to [[JOHN DO THE WINDY THING]] (this reminded me to add all the unreleased Flash tracks to the Unreleased Tracks album!), for recommending the restructure to [[album:Unreleased Tracks]], and for going to the massive effort of checking every track page and pointing out a bunch of missing cover arts and title typos!
  28. - Makin, for various initial help in data collection (especially commentary) and lifting the site off the ground by pinning it to the top of the /r/homestuck subreddit for a while, and for linking me the independent release of <a href="">Sburb</a>.
  29. - an emailer, for sending a crop of the YT thumbnail art for [[After the Sun]] (plus the SoundCloud link for that track), for reporting the "Random" buttons being broken, and for linking a bunch of resources and various official uploads of tracks and albums.
  30. - Niklink, for contributing immensely to the existing lyrics on the wiki and transcribing plenty of new ones that had been totally missed before, as well as for help with archiving the early official album releases ([[album:homestuck-vol-1]] through [[album:homestuck-vol-4]]), and suggesting and contributing to the various album wallpapers across the site.
  31. - nuclear333, for a variety of valuable feedback and discussion, as well as for spearheading projects like the <a href="">unofficial Pesterquest OST album &amp; metadata</a>.
  32. - Bambosh, for creating <a href="">The Unofficial Homestuck Collection</a> and integrating data from HSMusic so seamlessly into it, and for sharing a number of handy data fixes and comments.
  33. - Thanks for pointing out typos, errors in reference lists, and out of date details: cookiefonster, foreverFlummoxed, an emailer, Bambosh, and Niklink.
  34. <i>Supporter &amp; Patron Thank-yous</i>
  35. <b>Thank you</b> to all present and past [[static:donate|supporters]] of the wiki, including:
  36. - Nights, enchantingHunter, leo homestuck, and Gradis.
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  38. Name: Feedback &amp; Suggestions
  39. Directory: feedback
  40. Content:
  41. <strong>Feature requests?<br>Noticed any errors?<br>Itching to see that one album you love on the wiki?</strong>
  42. Please let us know! We appreciate feedback a lot, and always want to make this site better.
  43. There are five main channels you can reach the dev through:
  44. - [[static:discord|HSMusic Community Discord Server]] - The official Discord, and a friendly place to drop feedback or discuss the wiki. (We also share sneak peeks of the coming updates here frequently!)
  45. - <a href="">HomestuckXYZ</a> - A public forum thread for the wiki.
  46. - <a href="">Twitter</a> - DMs for discussion or feedback are open! (It might go a while unnoticed, though - the site only indicates message requests when it's manually checked, and we're pretty terrible at remembering to do that!)
  47. - <a href="">Mastodon</a> - Same as birdsite but a moderately less terrible platform :)
  48. - Email - it's <s><code>towerofnix at gmail dot beans</code></s> <b>now been revised</b> to <code>qznebula at protonmail dot com</code>! (We'll still get messages at the old address, though.) Old-fashioned, but personally our favorite besides the Discord, and certainly practical if you're sending a longer-form message.
  49. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback!
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  51. Name: Changelog
  52. Directory: changelog
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  71. Content:
  72. <h2 id="1-sep-2021"><a href="#1-sep-2021">[[date:1 September 2021]]</a></h2>
  73. <h3>data changes</h3>
  74. - added missing A6I3 "[[track:weird-moody-horse-shit]]" flashes (thanks, FF!)
  75. - added missing bonus tracks from [[album:rust-apocalypse]] as re-releases of their original appearances on [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]] (thanks, deesoff!)
  76. - added blood CW to [[track:hauntjam]] (thanks, Low!)
  77. - added blood (abstract) CW to [[track:hauntjelly]], too
  78. - updated listen links for a number of tracks in [[album:unreleased-tracks]], using local archive uploads rather than relying on a torrent mirror
  79. - [[track:hawkeye]] (as heard in [[track:sunsetter]] and [[track:davesprite]])
  80. - [[track:sea-of-derse]] (as heard in [[track:breeze]])
  81. - [[track:shooting-star]] (as heard in [[track:homefree]])
  82. - [[track:skaia-voyages]] (as heard in [[track:creata]] and [[track:skaian-happy-flight]])
  83. - [[track:the-paradox-paradigm]] (as heard in a number of [[group:unofficial-mspa-fans]] tracks)
  84. - [[track:where-making-this-hapen]] (as heard, probably, in [[track:rex-mille-geromius]] and, maybe, in [[track:revisit-rewind]])
  85. - fixed capitalization for [[track:where-making-this-hapen]]
  86. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  87. - fixed domain-local URLs crashing a build (i.e. support for updated archive links)
  88. - fixed re-release track links never text wrapping, messing up layout on pages such as [[track:three-in-the-morning]]
  89. - fixed flash art for [[flash:5426]] (may take a while to load)
  90. <h2 id="10-aug-2021"><a href="#10-aug-2021">[[date:10 August 2021]]</a></h2>
  91. <h3>data changes</h3>
  92. - added missing (public!) bonus tracks from [[album:p-s]] (thanks, deesoff!):
  93. - [[track:synchronize-instrumental]]
  94. - [[track:myststuck-suite-full-version]]
  95. - [[track:requiem-for-something-really-excellent-demo]]
  96. - added a bunch more tags from Low (thanks again!):
  97. - added new [[tag:scalemates]] tag to [[track:the-lemonsnout-turnabout]], [[track:teal-seer]], [[track:trollcops]], [[album:perfectly-generic-album]], and [[track:scales]]
  98. - added new [[tag:cats]] tag to [[track:wisest-wizord]], [[track:pumpkin-party-in-sea-hitlers-water-apocalypse]], [[track:pink-cat]], [[track:vodka-mutiny]], and [[track:ectobiology]]
  99. - added [[tag:aradia]], [[tag:john]], and [[tag:meenah]] tags to [[album:perfectly-generic-album]]
  100. - added [[tag:the-disciple]] and [[tag:mindfang]] tags to [[track:lazutrix]]
  101. - added [[tag:doc-scratch]] tag to [[track:disc3-ancestral]] (thanks, FF!)
  102. - added [[tag:green-sun]] tag to [[track:black-rose-green-sun]], [[track:forest-fire]], [[track:crystalanachrony]], [[track:i-am-ascending-and-it-is-terrible]], [[track:strife-mayhem]], [[track:emerald-icarus]]
  103. - added [[tag:horrorterrors]] tag to [[track:black-rose-green-sun]]
  104. - added [[tag:jack-noir]] tag to [[track:moonsweater]]
  105. - added [[tag:lil-cal]] tag to [[track:unlabeled]] and [[track:ectobiology]]
  106. - added [[tag:pyralspite]] tag to [[track:teal-seer]] and [[track:disc3-ancestral]]
  107. - swapped out [[tag:tavros]] tag for [[tag:rufioh]] in [[track:ghost-hole]]
  108. - added cw animal death to [[track:death-of-the-lusii]]
  109. - added blood cw to [[track:irradiated]], [[track:the-carnival]], [[track:trollian-standoff]], [[track:eternal-suffering]], [[track:subjugglation]], [[track:disc2-ancestral]], [[track:disc3-ancestral]], [[track:walls-covered-in-blood-dx]], [[track:a-rebels-requiem]]
  110. - added blood (abstract) cw to [[track:nepetas-theme]] and [[track:fool]]
  111. - added body horror cw to [[track:disc2-ancestral]]
  112. - added corpse cw to [[track:corpse-casanova]], [[track:disc2-ancestral]], [[track:crockercorpse]], [[track:checkerboard-checkmate]], [[track:a-rebels-requiem]]
  113. - swapped out blood (abstract) cw for blood in [[track:cardinal-movement]]
  114. <h2 id="5-aug-2021"><a href="#5-aug-2021">[[date:5 August 2021]]</a></h2>
  115. <h3>data changes</h3>
  116. - a bunch of tag fixes from Low (thank you!):
  117. - added [[tag:karkat]] tag to [[track:stride]]
  118. - added blood cw to [[track:pendulum]]
  119. - added corpse cw and [[tag:horrorterrors]] tag to [[track:doctor-remix]]
  120. - added corpse cw to [[track:underfoot]]
  121. <h2 id="2-aug-2021"><a href="#2-aug-2021">[[date:2 August 2021]]</a></h2>
  122. <h3>data changes</h3>
  123. - made "reasonpeason" an alias for [[artist:rebecca-peason]], updating art credits for [[track:chaotic-strength]] and [[track:science-seahorse]]
  124. - added [[track:black-rose-green-sun]] to the reference list of [[track:orchid-horror]] (thanks, Low!)
  125. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  126. - fixed artist pages and chronology links always ordering artworks by a track's release date rather than accounting for later art additions (e.g. anthology projects for [[album:homestuck-vol-5]], [[album:alterniabound]], [[album:beyond-canon]])
  127. <h2 id="24-jul-2021"><a href="#24-jul-2021">[[date:24 July 2021]]</a></h2>
  128. <h3>data changes</h3>
  129. - per guidance from the artist, removed listen links from [[album:perfectly-generic-album]] and [[album:perfectly-generic-object]], which are now going offline-only
  130. <h2 id="18-jul-2021"><a href="#18-jul-2021">[[date:18 July 2021]]</a></h2>
  131. <h3>data changes</h3>
  132. - better quality cover art for [[album:sburb]], from <a href="">its more recent independent release</a> (thanks, FF!)
  133. <h2 id="16-jul-2021"><a href="#16-jul-2021">[[date:16 July 2021]]</a></h2>
  134. <h3>data changes</h3>
  135. - added blood CW tag to [[track:eternity-served-cold]] (thanks, leo!)
  136. - added [[track:sburban-jungle]] to reference list of [[track:void-session]] (thanks, Niklink!)
  137. <h2 id="7-jul-2021"><a href="#7-jul-2021">[[date:7 July 2021]] - Wiki Finalization</a></h2>
  138. (news entry: [[news-entry:wiki-finalization]])
  139. <h3>site changes</h3>
  140. - adjusted phrasing on footer and homepage rows to better reflect the wiki in its essentially finalized state
  141. <h3>data changes</h3>
  142. - added art tags across [[album:moons-of-theseus]] (thanks, Low!)
  143. - fixed various typos throughout [[album:cosmic-caretakers]] (thanks, megatti!)
  144. - added [[track:dungeon-theme-zelda1]] to reference list of [[track:an-ascii-image-of-bowsette]] (thanks, Makin!)
  145. - updated description for [[group:inhospitable]] (thanks, nuclear333!)
  146. <h2 id="12-jun-2021"><a href="#12-jun-2021">[[date:12 June 2021]] - June Attuned</a></h2>
  147. (news entry: [[news-entry:june-attuned]])
  148. <h3>site changes</h3>
  149. - updated CSS styling code to improve site layout on mobile devices
  150. - album/track cover art now displays at full width on thin screens, placing main page content beneath (with wider text area)
  151. - nav bar now displays as a single column of info rows on thin screens, rather than attempting to show track name and artist chronology links side-by-side
  152. - general CSS fixes should help with layout bugs
  153. <h3>album pages</h3>
  154. - added fallback "Track list" track group when an album isn't divided into groups, ensuring the sidebar track list always defaults to collapsed
  155. <h3>group pages</h3>
  156. - added "from (group)" accent text on group info page next to albums which are part of more than one group
  157. - made sections of group page sidebar collapsible/expandable (like album sidebar)
  158. <h3>tag pages</h3>
  159. - made cover arts sort by reverse chronological order, placing recent releases near the top
  160. <h3>internal changes</h3>
  161. - divided much of 6000-line site generation file <code>upd8.js</code> into a number of smaller, better-organized files
  162. - separated each page generation function into its own module, reducing redundant maintenance, supporting future uses of these modules, and making the codebase a lot easier to navigate and build upon
  163. - begun work on experimental "Thing" class-based (OOP) objects, aiming for better interfacing with objects and to support neat extensible ways of working with objects, data loading, and page generation in the future
  164. <h3>data changes</h3>
  165. - added new [[group:beyond]] group, and moved many groups previously categorized under [[group:fandom]] here
  166. - more general group for musical expanse beyond Homestuck official and fandom discographies
  167. - reference and data fixes, courtesy of Niklink:
  168. - new track [[track:floweys-laugh]], referenced by [[track:the-lordling]], [[track:your-best-nightmare]], and [[track:a-very-trickster-mode-christmas-with-fancy-santas]]
  169. - [[track:nic-cage-romance]] references [[track:how-do-i-live]]
  170. - [[track:kazoostuck]] references [[track:homestuck]]
  171. - [[track:a-very-trickster-mode-christmas]] references [[track:the-one-horse-open-sleigh]]
  172. - added wallpaper art to [[album:someday]]
  173. - [[track:pony-chorale]] now credits [[artist:tavia-morra]] for vocals (thanks, GiovanH!)
  174. - [[track:lori-and-erich-baker]] has updated name and listen link (thanks, nuclear333!)
  175. <h2 id="13-may-2021"><a href="#13-may-2021">[[date:13 May 2021]] - tMEWIARBu next-day patch</a></h2>
  176. <h3>site changes</h3>
  177. - made the primary color of a page "bleed" into its backdrop area, subtly tinting pages across the site
  178. - removed the <code>backdrop-filter</code> CSS effect, which previously would the wallpaper behind the page container to create a "glossy glass" effect, but isn't suported consistently across browsers yet
  179. <h3>data changes</h3>
  180. - grouped the tracks in [[album:diverging-delicacies]] according to the corresponding portion of the homestuck epilogues (thanks, Niklink and FF!)
  181. - added a Color tag to [[album:the-baby-is-you]], so links to it don't just inherit the color of the containing page (e.g. track reference in [[track:the-bad-time-is-you]] previously looking green; thanks, Low!)
  182. - added soundcloud links for [[track:star-i-never-caught]], [[track:someday]], and [[track:harrigan]] (thanks, FF!)
  183. - data fixes/tweaks throughout [[album:entertaining-sound]]:
  184. - [[track:2016-but-all-the-best-memes-happen-at-the-same-time]] references [[track:good-night-undertale]] (not [[track:good-night]]) and [[track:snow-halation-love-live]] (not [[track:snow-halation]])
  185. - [[track:oh-2017]] references [[track:woah]]
  186. - added [[track:sweet-victory]] as the track referenced (i.e. featured) in [[track:what-year-is-it]]
  187. - added bandcamp links to all referenced [[artist:silvagunner]] tracks
  188. - ty nata for reference fixes and leo for bandcamp links!
  189. <h2 id="12-may-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-may-2021">[[date:12 May 2021]] - the my ex-wife is a real bitch update</a></h2>
  190. (news entry: [[news-entry:the-my-ex-wife-is-a-real-bitch-update]])
  191. <h3>site changes</h3>
  192. - a whole variety of updates and improvements to album sidebars:
  193. - got rid of the right-hand sidebar, as it was taking up considerable horizontal space; with the new free space, album and track art is featured at a much larger size, as originally intended (same for lyrics, commentary, etc!)
  194. - moved the group boxes that were on the right into the left-sidebar, above the track list on album pages and in a newly compressed view beneath the track list on track pages
  195. - made the track group headings collapsible/openable ("accordion" layout using <code>&lt;details&gt;</code> elements), so any track can easily be visited from any other track in the same album
  196. - made track groups default to all collapsed on the album page, since a view of all the track groups in full is visible in the main content area (as before), and the collapsed overview makes it easier to quickly jump to tracks in any section
  197. - much thanks to Niklink, for the general proposal of making more room for album art as well as miscellaneous feedback, and megatti, for suggesting the combined group view on track pages!
  198. - banner dimensions are now specified in album data files and included as part of HTML, keeping the layout on album pages with banners from flickering or shifting on slower connections
  199. - a bunch more internal changes:
  200. - began breaking the colossal single source file for the entire site build process into a number of more focused modules, making the codebase as a whole easier to work with; more work to be done here in the future
  201. - rewrote the entire inline parser and transformer for all text content on the site, using a new manual parsing method (rather than pure regexes) which supports nested tags but is still just as performant operating on huge amounts of data
  202. - this will basically enable support for more complex templating down the line, as well as accessing localization strings inside of content areas (like static pages, album commentary, artist contributions, and more)
  203. - JSON data files are now generated for albums and artists as well, although these aren't used anywhere on the site yet, and the data format is subject to change with more brainstorming
  204. <h3>albums</h3>
  205. - the new [[album:psycholonials]] full album release, as well as the new EPs leading up to it: [[album:psycholonials-ep-8]] and [[album:psycholonials-ep-9]]
  206. - since-unlisted albums from [[group:clark-powell]], as the original releases for music from [[album:psycholonials]]:
  207. - [[album:we-are-all-satellites]]
  208. - [[album:namesake]]
  209. - [[album:someday]]
  210. - also, [[album:entertaining-sound]] by [[artist:jan-misali]]
  211. <h3>data changes</h3>
  212. - added artist commentary for [[album:alternia]], transcribed from album-release commentary booklet
  213. - fixed commentary not showing up at all in [[track:megadancevania]]
  214. - banner refinements and updates from Niklink across many albums:
  215. - better upscale: [[album:homestuck-vol-5]], [[album:homestuck-vol-6]], [[album:homestuck-vol-7]], [[album:homestuck-vol-8]], [[album:homestuck-vol-9]], [[album:symphony-impossible-to-play]], [[album:one-year-older]], [[album:genesis-frog]], [[album:cherubim]], [[album:tomb-of-the-ancestors]], [[album:sburb-ost]], [[album:lofam2]], [[album:lofam3]], [[album:beforus]], [[album:weird-puzzle-tunes]], [[album:ancestral]], [[album:lofam4]], [[album:xenoplanetarium]], [[album:moons-of-theseus]]
  216. - extend background horizontally: [[album:gristmas-carols]], [[album:cosmic-caretakers]], [[album:diverging-delicacies]], [[album:friendsymphony]], [[album:shortcuts]], [[album:p-s]]
  217. - reconstruct: [[album:alterniabound]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-b]], [[album:psycholonials]] (and EPs)
  218. - draw more background: [[album:lofam]], [[album:jailbreak]], [[album:ancestral]]
  219. - font reconstruction: [[album:homestuck-vol-5]], [[album:homestuck-vol-6]]
  220. - art tag fixes from LowDeath675 in a whole host of albums:
  221. - [[album:alternia]] ([[track:walls-covered-in-blood]])
  222. - [[album:ancestral]] ([[track:signless-protection-squad]])
  223. - [[album:beyond-canon]] ([[track:crystal-hung-in-firmaments-descent]])
  224. - [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]] ([[track:jade-sylph]], [[track:violet-prince]], [[track:nine-lives-one-love]])
  225. - [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-b]] ([[track:cyan-beast]], [[track:battle-brotocol]], [[track:rustless-fall]])
  226. - [[album:genesis-frog]] (album art, [[track:our-glorious-speaker]], [[track:prospitian-folklore]], [[track:consorts-intermezzo]], [[track:frogs-intermezzo]])
  227. - [[album:homestuck-vol-5]] (album art, [[track:clockwork-melody]], [[track:octoroon-rangoon]], [[track:how-do-i-live-bunny-back-in-the-box-version]], [[track:ectobiology]], [[track:homestuck]])
  228. - [[album:homestuck-vol-7]] ([[track:terezi-owns]], [[track:trial-and-execution]], [[track:play-the-wind]])
  229. - [[album:homestuck-vol-8]] ([[track:terraform]], [[track:arcade-thunder]])
  230. - [[album:homestuck-vol-9]] ([[track:anbroids-v2]], [[track:trepidation]], [[track:despot]], [[track:negative-aperture]], [[track:stargaze]])
  231. - [[album:lofam2]] ([[track:embittered-shore]], [[track:ugly-story]])
  232. - [[album:lofam3]] ([[track:medium]], [[track:courtroom-shuffle]], [[track:retrobution-ohgodwhy-remix]], [[track:insomniac]])
  233. - [[album:lofam4]] ([[track:scales]], [[track:altitude]], [[track:aura-of-colour]], [[track:thyme-on-my-fries]], [[track:collision-course-davepetas-movement]], [[track:skaian-rebirth]])
  234. - [[album:prospit-and-derse]] ([[track:darkened-streets]])
  235. - [[album:rust-apocalypse]] (album art)
  236. - [[album:the-wanderers]] ([[track:ruins-rising]])
  237. - [[album:vaporwave-2016]] (album art)
  238. - plus, reference fixes in [[track:beforus]], [[track:forest-fire]], [[track:daywalker-rise]], [[track:upward-meowvement-davepetasprite2-owns]], and [[track:requited-dirtiest-remix]]...
  239. - as well as typo fixes in [[track:the-land-of-wind-and-shade]], [[track:vigilante-cornered]], [[track:atomik-meltdown]], [[track:starkind]], [[track:vigilante]], [[track:the-drawing-of-the-four]], [[track:reconciled]], [[track:emerald-cinders]], [[track:prospitian-monody]], [[track:ultimate-alchemy]], [[track:exsanguinated]], [[track:premortem]], and [[track:revisit-rewind]] commentary too!
  240. - art tag fixes from foreverFlummoxed as well:
  241. - [[album:beforus]] ([[track:disc2-beforus]], [[track:times-apostate]], [[track:antevorta]], [[track:with-the-fishes]], [[track:timeout]], [[track:voided]], [[track:the-light-forms-us]], [[track:motions-of-infinity]])
  242. - typo fixes in [[track:funeral-march-of-the-avenging-dead]] commentary too!
  243. - plus art tags for [[album:mobius-trip-and-hadron-kaleido]]
  244. - added [[track:say-i-gotta-believe]] to reference list for [[track:gamebro-original-1990-mix]]
  245. - credits to niklink for noticing makin for noticing someone else noticing this
  246. - added [[track:showtime-original-mix]] and [[track:the-beginning-of-something-really-excellent]] to reference list for [[track:confrontation]] (thanks, Mixolydian!)
  247. <h2 id="17-apr-2021"><a href="#17-apr-2021">[[date:17 April 2021]] - album links on tag pages fix</a></h2>
  248. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  249. - fixed links to album cover art featuring characters on tag pages being broken (thanks, Megatti!)
  250. <h2 id="12-apr-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-apr-2021">[[date:12 April 2021]] - solo albums aplenty</a></h2>
  251. (news entry: [[news-entry:solo-albums-aplenty]])
  252. <h3>site changes</h3>
  253. - added per-album banners, as a compliment to wallpapers (from February)
  254. - currently only show up on album index pages, not track pages, since they can push the content pretty far down
  255. - thanks to Niklink for helping archive and double-check these!
  256. - made background for the content area a glossy, rather than solid, gray; particularly notable on albums with custom wallpapers
  257. - removed <i>Psycholonials</i> row from homepage and replaced New Releases with New Additions, a new type of row showing a diverse selection of the latest albums to be added to the wiki
  258. - added data files for tracks, accessible at <code>/data/track/&lt;directory&gt;/data.json</code> ("directory" means the name of the track as it shows up in permalink URLs, e.g. <code>bl1nd-just1c3-1nv3st1g4t1on</code>)
  259. - will be extended to albums, artists, etc soon!
  260. - can be accessed from external programs via HTTP request
  261. - will probably also exist as a complete package download for offline use, though this hasn't been done yet
  262. - internal changes as foundations for future updates
  263. - tweaks and improvements to the CLI site build tool
  264. - made the URL/path system generally less complex (and accidentally spent way too long on this!)
  265. - more translation additions and brainstorming for how to work them into more of the site
  266. - implemented the basic design and functionality for info (hover) cards, which are functional but not quite complete and will show up in a release soon
  267. - you can try them out by setting <code>localStorage.tryInfoCards = true</code> in your browser console!
  268. - only implemented for tracks so far; make use of the data files described above
  269. <h3>albums</h3>
  270. - another lovely selection of albums, all from solo artists, summarized below
  271. - from [[group:cristata]]:
  272. - [[album:are-you-lost]]
  273. - from [[group:funk-mclovin]]:
  274. - [[album:the-funk-mclovin-homestuck-experience]]
  275. - [[album:class-act]] and [[album:class-act-b-side]]
  276. - [[album:the-baby-is-june]]
  277. - from [[group:nuclear333]]:
  278. - [[album:nuclears-explosion-1]]
  279. - [[album:chilled-processor]]
  280. - [[album:ava]]
  281. - [[album:old-world]]
  282. - [[album:losing-heart]]
  283. - from [[group:what-is-lost-in-the-mines]]:
  284. - [[album:what]]
  285. - [[album:triassic-slump]]
  286. - [[album:bashful-hearts-out]]
  287. - also, new albums from [[group:psycholonials]]:
  288. - [[album:psycholonials-ep-5]]
  289. - [[album:psycholonials-ep-6]]
  290. - [[album:psycholonials-ep-7]]
  291. <h3>album pages</h3>
  292. - added banners to album index pages, as mentioned and listed in site changes and data changes sections, respectively
  293. - added new line showing the date the album was added to the wiki near the end of the page (below track listing and above artist commentary)
  294. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  295. - added an info line showing which groups an artist has contributed tracks and art under
  296. <h3>data changes</h3>
  297. - added wallpapers for [[album:act-7]], [[album:p-s]], [[album:shortcuts]], [[album:tomb-of-the-ancestors]], [[album:deltarune-ch1-ost]], and [[album:undertale-soundtrack]]
  298. - added banners for [[album:alterniabound]], [[album:cherubim]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-b]], [[album:genesis-frog]], [[album:homestuck-vol-5]], [[album:homestuck-vol-6]], [[album:homestuck-vol-7]], [[album:homestuck-vol-8]], [[album:homestuck-vol-9]], [[album:one-year-older]], [[album:squiddles]], [[album:symphony-impossible-to-play]], [[album:the-wanderers]], [[album:ancestral]], [[album:beforus]], [[album:cosmic-caretakers]], [[album:diverging-delicacies]], [[album:friendsymphony]], [[album:gristmas-carols]], [[album:jailbreak]], [[album:labyrinths-heart]], [[album:lofam]], [[album:lofam2]], [[album:lofam3]], [[album:lofam4]], [[album:moons-of-theseus]], [[album:oceanfalls-vol-1]], [[album:p-s]], [[album:sburb-ost]], [[album:shortcuts]], [[album:tomb-of-the-ancestors]], [[album:weird-puzzle-tunes]], [[album:xenoplanetarium]], and all [[group:psycholonials]] albums
  299. - updated description of [[group:inhospitable]] group, courtesy of nuclear333's input
  300. - fixes for [[album:unreleased-tracks]], courtesy of foreverFlummoxed:
  301. - added missing durations for [[track:archagent-everlasting]], [[track:boy-skylark]], [[track:calming-quartz-beta]], [[track:chalk-emerald]], [[track:isle-unto-thyself]], [[track:its-your-move]], and [[track:the-witch]]
  302. - added artist links for [[artist:tally-hall]] and [[artist:vvvvvv]]
  303. - fixes for miscellaneous data, courtesy of Niklink:
  304. - added full lists of featured tracks to [[flash:psycholonials]] flashes (instead of just the tracks corresponding to each chapter's album)
  305. - fixed [[track:your-universe]] being credited to "Marcus Citrine" rather than [[artist:marcus-carline]] (who also wrote [[track:the-leaving]] from [[album:beyond-canon]]!)
  306. - credited cover and wallpaper art for [[album:hiveswap-act-1-ost]] and cover art for [[album:hiveswap-act-2-ost]] to [[artist:mallory-dyer]]
  307. - credited wallpaper art for [[album:hiveswap-friendsim]] to [[artist:danny-cragg]], for [[album:the-felt]] to [[artist:molly-gur]], and for [[album:the-wanderers]] to [[artist:lauren-ross]]
  308. - (all artworks above were previously credited to the catch-all [[artist:homestuck]])
  309. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  310. - fixed artist pages no longer sorting tracks according to their original release date (e.g. on [[artist:nuclear333]], tracks from [[album:inhospitable-delisted]] were being sorted according to the album rerelease in 2021, rather than the original track releases in 2017)
  311. - fixed sidebar of [[album:unreleased-tracks]] all being one color, instead of applying distinguishing colors for each track group (thanks, foreverFlummoxed!)
  312. - fixed a few dates at the end of the changelog being formatted inconsistently with the rest of the wiki
  313. <h2 id="16-mar-2021"><a href="#16-mar-2021">[[date:16 March 2021]] - "random" link fixes</a></h2>
  314. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  315. - fixed "random" links (e.g. on album pages and [[listing:random|Random Pages]] listing) redirecting to "undefined" URLs instead of the appropriate type directory (track, group, etc)
  316. <h2 id="12-mar-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-mar-2021">[[date:12 March 2021]] - translation &amp; renovation</a></h2>
  317. (news entry: [[news-entry:translation-renovation]])
  318. <h3>site changes</h3>
  319. - translation/localization support:
  320. - nearly all static text on the wiki has been replaced with strings specified in a plain JSON file
  321. - default language for a wiki is generated at the root directory (/) as usual; new languages are in subdirectory (e.g. "/jp/album/diverging-delicacies")
  322. - no languages are newly supported yet, but the localization system is totally tested; see [[news-entry:translation-renovation|the news entry]] for details on contributing translations!
  323. - thumbnail support:
  324. - small images (250x250) are used in grids (on homepage, album/artist galleries, etc)
  325. - medium images (400x400) are used on pages with larger cover art (individual track/album pages, etc)
  326. - full-size images (usually 600x600-1200x1200, pulled from public bandcamp listings) are no longer embedded at all, but can still be viewed by clicking on cover arts to zoom in
  327. - previously, <em>every</em> image on the site was full-size! this was particularly terrible for people with slow connections or limited bandwidths
  328. - example stats: download size of scrolling entire homepage reduced from 3.8mb to 0.6mb
  329. - internal renovation across build file:
  330. - (<a href="">before</a>, <a href="">after</a>)
  331. - url system restructured:
  332. - link-related bugs are much harder to run into
  333. - link references in content (e.g. "\[[album:foo-bar]]") are modularized and can more easily link to anywhere across the wiki
  334. - codebase forks can easily adjust url specification to move parts of the site to different paths (though this isn't yet possible via data file)
  335. - site build time is significantly reduced (since there are far fewer redundant calls to path.relative)
  336. - page write functions restructured
  337. - data required during a page write is gathered once, and then reused across all languages that page is built in, significantly reducing build time across multiple languages
  338. - writePage itself is broken into a few different chunks, which can be referenced individually when needed
  339. - changes tie nicely into url system restructure as well
  340. - shared data variables and functions organized and tidied for simpler access across code
  341. - miscellaneous arguments and specifications across code have been restructured to prefer explicit description before unnecessarily compact formats
  342. - this has the side-effect of making a fair amount of the build logic simpler!
  343. - significantly expanded data validation which happens before any site pages are written
  344. <h3>albums</h3>
  345. - besides additions for [[group:psycholonials]], no new music shared on the wiki this month, as translation and renovation changes took an especially long time to design and implement
  346. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  347. - added total duration of music contributed to an album next ot the album date
  348. - display "cover art" and "wallpaper art" lines at the top of an album art contribution list, rather than at the bottom (this had been an accidental code error)
  349. - display flash/game date range next to the "act" (or flash group label), rather than showing every date next to each flash, to make this section much visually cleaner
  350. - removed "Featured in" links, since these were taking up a lot of visual space
  351. - this has been added to [[listing:tracks/in-flashes/by-album|Tracks - in Flashes &amp; Games (by Album)]] instead
  352. <h3>commentary pages</h3>
  353. - cleaned [[commentary-index:_|commentary index]] layout and strings (e.g. before: "19/20 entries; 8.4k words", after: "8.4k words across 19 entries")
  354. <h3>track pages</h3>
  355. - reference list is only divided into "fandom" and "official" if a group with directory "official" is present in the first place
  356. - this is essentially hard-coded, but is a quick and simple fix for all references on wikis without the concept displaying as "fandom" references
  357. <h3>listings</h3>
  358. - generally tweaked strings to be more consistent across listings and the site
  359. - added gallery link to [[listing:groups/by-name|Groups - by Name]] and [[listing:groups/by-category|Groups - by Category]] listings
  360. - added flash links to [[listing:tracks/in-flashes/by-album|Tracks - in Flashes &amp; Games (by Album)]]
  361. - added album links to [[listing:tracks/in-flashes/by-flash|Tracks - in Flashes &amp; Games (by Flash)]]
  362. - added number of uses to [[listing:tags/by-name|Tags - by Name]]
  363. - implemented [[listing:random|Random Pages]] as an actual listing via the same system as all others
  364. - this is just generally better practice
  365. - it also fixes the Random Pages link not being bold when selected though!
  366. <h3>data changes</h3>
  367. - dozens of internal changes using new link syntax, as well as other internal fixes without user-visible changes
  368. - contributor list changes for consistency across wiki and to remove redundant credit info:
  369. - [[track:showtime-piano-refrain]]:
  370. - credit [[artist:kevin-regamey]] only as artist, not contributor
  371. - remove [[artist:malcolm-brown]], originally included for composing [[track:showtime-original-mix]]
  372. - [[track:aggrieve-violin-refrain]]:
  373. - credit [[artist:andrew-huo]] only as artist, not contributor
  374. - credit [[artist:gabe-nezovic]] only as contributor, not artist
  375. - [[track:sburban-countdown]]:
  376. - credit [[artist:mark-hadley]] only as artist, not contributor
  377. - remove [[artist:michael-guy-bowman]], originally included for composing [[track:sburban-jungle]]
  378. - [[track:showtime-imp-strife-mix]]:
  379. - credit [[artist:buzinkai]] and [[artist:curt-blakeslee]] only as artists, not contributors
  380. - remove [[artist:malcolm-brown]], originally included for composing [[track:showtime-original-mix]]
  381. - [[track:requiem-for-an-exile]]: remove [[artist:james-dever]], originaly included for composing [[track:requiem]]
  382. - [[track:spider8ite]]: credit [[artist:kalibration]] for composition as well as choir
  383. - [[track:stress]]:
  384. - credit [[artist:buzinkai]] for composition
  385. - place [[artist:buzinkai]] before [[artist:toby-fox]] (but leave toby in the artist list)
  386. - [[track:solar-voyage]]: credit [[artist:marcy-nabors]] for composition as well as arrangement and vocals (and move to top of list)
  387. - [[track:renewed-return]]: credit [[artist:marcy-nabors]] for composition as well as bass clarinet (and move to top of list)
  388. - [[track:youre-a-mean-one-mr-slick]]: credit [[artist:whatislostinthemines]] for composition as well as lyrics (and move to top of list)
  389. - [[track:violet-and-gold]]: credit [[artist:veritas-unae]] for composition as well as lyrics (and move to top of list)
  390. - typo fixes, thanks to Megatti:
  391. - renamed [[track:ecstasy]] (used to be "Ecstacy")
  392. - renamed [[track:till-the-last-breath]] (used to be "Til The Last Breath")
  393. - renamed [[track:aqueous-armagourddon]] (used to be "Aqueous Armagourdden")
  394. - renamed [[track:50m3-gr347-4c7-0f-h3r015m]] (used to be "5OM3 ...")
  395. - renamed [[track:wisest-wizord]] (used to be "Wizest Wizord")
  396. - renamed [[track:revisit-rewind]] (used to have spaces around slash)
  397. - fixed typo in lyrics for [[track:cr1m1n4l-cr1m1n4l]] (used to be "Hey, crinimal scum, ...")
  398. - added art tags to [[track:the-golden-towers]] and [[track:prospit-dreamers]], thanks to LowDeath675!
  399. - fixed duplicate commentary entries in [[track:doctor-vol-1-4]] and [[track:endless-climb-vol-1-4]]
  400. - removed some old commentary from [[track:sports]]. <a href="">RIP</a>
  401. - clarified wallpaper contributions that said "edits" (e.g. [[album:homestuck-vol-5]]) to say "edits for wiki"
  402. - album and flash data additions for [[group:psycholonials]] over the course of the month
  403. <h2 id="12-feb-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-feb-2021">[[date:12 February 2021]] - retrace, retexture</a></h2>
  404. (news entry: [[news-entry:retrace-retexture]])
  405. <h3>site changes</h3>
  406. - added per-album wallpapers
  407. - many albums have these, e.g. [[album:homestuck-vol-5]]; check "data changes" section for full list
  408. - archive and restore the original presentation of album releases while still keeping a unified design across the whole wiki
  409. - much thanks to [[artist:niklink]] for help collecting and editing these, as well as originally suggesting this feature in December; as well as to the rest of the [[static:discord|Discord]] community for suggestions and feedback!
  410. - added per-album commentary pages
  411. - no-distraction, complete collections of all commentary for each album, divided by track
  412. - based upon and replaces the old "All Commentary" listing, which was always too long for its own good
  413. - e.g. [[album-commentary:genesis-frog]], [[album-commentary:lofam4]]
  414. - added distinct news entry pages
  415. - much like "All Commentary", a solitary news page would quickly become unwieldy for most browsers!
  416. - [[site:news/|news index]] now shows headings and short passages instead
  417. - added footer to all pages of the site
  418. - contains feedback and donate links for now; this is totally customizable (see below!)
  419. - added <i>Psycholonials</i> row to homepage
  420. - will be updated as new chapters are released, in independent updates from the main coming March/April releases
  421. - no information for tracks currently unreleased, but we'll revisit this when all chapters and the full soundtrack have been released
  422. - many, many internal changes
  423. - almost all content across the wiki is now totally dynamic; e.g, wiki name and color scheme are stored in a data file
  424. - static pages like Changelog and Donate are no longer hard-coded and can be added or removed without editing the wiki code
  425. - homepage rows can also be customized; while there's only one type of row available currently (albums from list or group and optionally action links), the foundations are there to add more in the future
  426. - most site features, e.g. [[site:flash/|Flashes &amp; Games]], [[listing-index:_|Listings]], and [[news-index:_|News]], can now be selectively enabled and disabled
  427. - a variety of changes to the internal text transformer, making longform text in data files (e.g. commentary, lyrics, static pages) much easier to read and write
  428. - <a href="">code</a> and <a href="">data</a> repositories have been separated (media as well, but it's not pushed online anywhere yet); CLI tool for actually building the site has been updated accordingly
  429. - all these changes are in service of making running your own wiki off the same codebase accessible and powerful; there's still much to be done before it's totally ready, though
  430. <h3>albums</h3>
  431. - added another set of new albums, summarized below
  432. - from [[group:michael-guy-bowman]]:
  433. - [[album:ithaca]]
  434. - [[album:comfortable-bugs]]
  435. - [[album:hush]]
  436. - [[album:archive]]
  437. - [[album:electric-daydreams]]
  438. - [[album:look-on-my-works-ye-mighty-and-despair]]
  439. - [[album:gravity-makes-the-flame-rise]]
  440. - from [[group:desynced]]:
  441. - [[album:desynced-vol-1]]
  442. - [[album:desynced-vol-2]]
  443. - [[album:election-season]]
  444. - from [[group:psycholonials]]:
  445. - [[album:psycholonials-ep-1]]
  446. - added a new group, [[group:homestuck-gaiden]], and moved albums there from [[group:unofficial-mspa-fans]]
  447. <h3>listings</h3>
  448. - as detailed in "site change" section, removed the "All Commentary" listing, replacing it with individual per-album commentary pages
  449. - there is a new and refined [[site:commentary/|Commentary]] index though!
  450. <h3>data changes</h3>
  451. - added wallpapers to many albums:
  452. - official: [[album:homestuck-vol-5]], [[album:alternia]], [[album:squiddles]], [[album:the-felt]], [[album:homestuck-vol-6]], [[album:alterniabound]], [[album:medium]], [[album:homestuck-vol-7]], [[album:the-wanderers]], [[album:homestuck-vol-8]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-b]], [[album:homestuck-vol-9]], [[album:symphony-impossible-to-play]], [[album:one-year-older]], [[album:genesis-frog]], [[album:s-collide]], [[album:hiveswap-act-1-ost]], [[album:hiveswap-friendsim]], [[album:hiveswap-act-2-ost]]
  453. - fandom: [[album:archive]], [[album:lofam4]], [[album:gristmas-carols]], [[album:cosmic-caretakers]], [[album:look-on-my-works-ye-mighty-and-despair]], [[album:moons-of-theseus]], [[album:friendsymphony]]
  454. - went through all existing warnings for misspelled tracks and fixed 'em:
  455. - [[track:let-me-dance-let-me-glisten]] now featured in [[track:the-light-forms-us]]
  456. - [[track:giorgio-by-moroder]] now featured in [[track:the-dave-strider-experience]]
  457. - [[track:what-is-a-juggalo]] now featured in [[track:the-dave-strider-experience]]
  458. - [[track:verdancy-bassline]] now featured in [[track:study-for-eclectic-bass-1984-1]]
  459. - [[track:virgin-orb]] now featured in [[track:recordare-virgo-mater]]
  460. - [[track:dissension-original]] now featured in [[track:the-puppet-master]]
  461. - [[track:nova-solis]] now featured in [[track:singularity]]
  462. - [[track:showtime-original-mix]] now featured in [[track:skaian-dreams-remix]]
  463. - [[track:skies-of-skaia]] now featured in [[track:skaian-dreams-remix]]
  464. - [[track:softbit-original-version]] now featured in [[track:softbit]]
  465. - [[track:outer-reaches]] now featured in [[track:emissary-of-dance]]
  466. - [[track:layers-upon-layers]] now featured in [[track:emissary-of-dance]]
  467. - [[track:cumuloseerus]] now featured in [[track:emissary-of-dance]]
  468. - [[track:on-golden-dreams]] now featured in [[track:emissary-of-dance]]
  469. - [[track:metamorphic-choices]] now featured in [[track:horizontal-headshot]]
  470. - [[track:gods-of-the-new-world]] now featured in [[track:dance-of-the-dead]]
  471. - [[track:the-mituna-method]] now featured in [[track:the-gemoni-mustard-blood]]
  472. - [[track:upward-movement-dave-owns]] now featured in [[track:collision-course-davepetas-movement]]
  473. - [[track:frost-vol6]] now featured in [[track:a-farewell-to-arms]]
  474. - [[track:dissension-original]] now featured in [[track:a-farewell-to-arms]]
  475. - [[track:beatdown-strider-style]] now featured in [[track:a-farewell-to-arms]]
  476. - [[track:lulling-lutescent]] now featured in [[track:on-golden-dreams]]
  477. - did the same for altogether missing tracks, too:
  478. - [[track:brobot-scrimmage]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  479. - [[track:character-theme-for-dirk-strider]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  480. - [[track:chucklevoodoo-waltz]] now featured in [[track:phantasmagoria]]
  481. - [[track:contact]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  482. - [[track:contra]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  483. - [[track:dave-striders-cool-mixtape]] now featured in [[track:the-lights-rebellion]]
  484. - [[track:s-dirk-unite-synchronization-with-lyrics]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  485. - [[track:distortion-navigator]] now featured in [[track:optic-duelist]]
  486. - [[track:fate-of-the-heir]] now featured in [[track:optic-duelist]]
  487. - [[track:four-kids-and-a-game-they-play-together]] now featured in [[track:four-kids-and-a-game-they-played-together]]
  488. - [[track:good-morning-dirk]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  489. - [[track:heart-beat]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  490. - [[track:i-am-an-island]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  491. - [[track:intro-canwave2]] now featured in [[track:omega-timeline]]
  492. - [[track:intro-canwave2]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  493. - [[track:isnt-this-is-this-the-end-again]] now featured in [[track:is-this-the-end]]
  494. - [[track:lord-spanish]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  495. - [[track:midnight-suffer]] now featured in [[track:midnight]]
  496. - [[track:muse-of-nanchos]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  497. - [[track:moshi-moshi]] now featured in [[track:while-the-irons-hot]]
  498. - [[track:moshi-moshi]] now featured in [[track:horizontal-headshot]]
  499. - [[track:moshi-moshi]] now featured in [[track:one-and-a-half-midnight]]
  500. - [[track:moshi-moshi]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  501. - [[track:rematch]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  502. - [[track:sburban-resolution]] now featured in [[track:horizontal-headshot]]
  503. - [[track:shut-me-down]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  504. - [[track:stay-in-touch]] now featured in [[track:horizontal-headshot]]
  505. - [[track:smackdown]] now featured in [[track:thyme-on-my-fries]]
  506. - [[track:synchronize-fansong]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  507. - [[track:the-engineer]] now featured in [[track:constituent-hearts]]
  508. - [[track:tick]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  509. - [[track:unintentional-touhou]] now featured in [[track:revisit-rewind]]
  510. - [[track:celestial-fantasia]] now featured in [[track:raise-of-the-conductors-baton]]
  511. - [[track:thunderhead]] now featured in [[track:infinitys-lament]]
  512. - we will thankfully never have to do either of the above again
  513. - added and updated lyrics for a bunch of tracks from [[group:homestuck-gaiden]], courtesy as ever of [[artist:niklink]]:
  514. - from [[album:homestuck-for-the-holidays]]: [[track:time-for-a-story]], [[track:the-more-you-know]], [[track:the-squiddles-save-christmas]], [[track:billy-the-bellsuit-diver-has-something-to-say]], [[track:squiddly-night]], [[track:the-santa-claus-interdimensional-travel-sleigh]], [[track:candlelight]], [[track:oh-no-its-the-midnight-crew]], [[track:hella-sweet]], [[track:shit-lets-be-santa]], [[track:choo-choo]], [[track:oh-god-christmas]], [[track:a-very-special-time]]
  515. - from [[album:jailbreak]]: [[track:drillgorg]], [[track:retrobution]], [[track:a-common-occurrance-every-night-to-be-exact]]
  516. - from [[album:lofam]]: [[track:sadomasopedorobonecrobestiality]], [[track:nakkadile]], [[track:jack-and-black-queen]], [[track:sweet-bro-and-hella-jeff-show]]
  517. - from [[album:tomb-of-the-ancestors]]: [[track:eternal-suffering]], [[track:spider8ite]]
  518. - updated a bunch of references in [[album:undertale-soundtrack]] and [[album:deltarune-ch1-ost]], courtesy of [[artist:foreverflummoxed]]:
  519. - [[track:snowy]] now featured in [[track:snowdin-town]]
  520. - [[track:core]] now featured in [[track:death-by-glamour]] (and [[track:its-showtime]] moved to end of reference list)
  521. - [[track:undertale]] now featured in [[track:the-choice]] (<a href="">slowed down 666%</a>)
  522. - [[track:undertale]] now featured in [[track:hopes-and-dreams]]
  523. - [[track:hopes-and-dreams]] now featured in [[track:save-the-world]]
  524. - [[track:hopes-and-dreams]] now featured in [[track:final-power]]
  525. - [[track:start-menu]] now featured in [[track:menu-full]]
  526. - [[track:save-the-world]] now featured in [[track:last-goodbye]]
  527. - [[track:once-upon-a-time]] now featured in [[track:beginning-deltarune]] (instead of featuring [[track:beginning]], which was a typo)
  528. - [[track:nightmare-knight]] now featured in [[track:the-door]]
  529. - [[track:one-fateful-night]] now featured in [[track:weird-birds]]
  530. - [[track:another-him]] now featured in [[track:darkness-falls]]
  531. - [[track:determination]] now featured in [[track:the-holy]]
  532. - added lyrics to [[track:carefree-victory-remix]], courtesy of [[artist:foreverflummoxed]] and nata
  533. - added missing bonus tracks to [[album:jailbreak]]
  534. - added [[flash:namco-high]] and its tracks as part of [[album:unreleased-tracks]]
  535. - moved [[track:a-baby-legend]] to [[album:unreleased-tracks]], since it's not actually part of the original [[album:the-baby-is-you]] release
  536. - added [[track:a-history-of-babies]] to the reference list of [[track:a-baby-legend]]
  537. - added [[track:english]] to the reference list of [[track:the-puppetmaster]]
  538. - added [[track:flare-cascade]] and [[track:savior-of-the-dreaming-dead-cascade-cut]] to the reference list of [[track:cascade]]
  539. - added art content warnings for [[track:black]], [[track:blackest-heart]], [[track:clockwork-reversal]], [[track:trails]], [[track:temporal-piano]], [[track:time-paradox]], [[track:english]]
  540. - credited original track art of [[track:killed-by-br8k-spider]] to [[artist:lexxy]] instead of [[artist:homestuck]]
  541. - credited original track art of [[track:the-blind-prophet]] to [[artist:hanni-brosh]] instead of [[artist:homestuck]]
  542. - changed the youtube playlist link for [[album:jailbreak]]
  543. - fixed description of [[group:the-genesis-project]] missing correctly formatted split
  544. - removed bandcamp links for [[album:labyrinths-heart]]
  545. - removed wikipedia links across the site, replacing with youtube video links where relevant
  546. - updated flash credits for [[flash:8127]] and [[flash:8130]]
  547. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  548. - fixed certain tracks [[root:media/misc/changelog/duplicate-contribs.png|showing up twice]] in artist track lists
  549. <h2 id="12-jan-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-jan-2021">[[date:12 January 2021]] - traversing fandom</a></h2>
  550. (news entry: [[news-entry:traversing-fandom]])
  551. <h3>site changes</h3>
  552. - added wallpaper and refined site layout
  553. - [[root:media/misc/changelog/bg-january.jpg|the current wallpaper]] is pulled from <a href="">More from Homestuck</a> and might be changed or expanded upon in future updates
  554. - a margin has been applied to the whole site layout, centering content to better visually balance it
  555. - "skip to content" and "skip to sidebar" buttons have been added, and show up when navigating using the tab key
  556. - tweaked the homepage with updated links, e.g. to new [[static:discord|Discord]] and [[static:donate|Donate]] pages, and updated wording across existing info pages
  557. <h3>albums</h3>
  558. - added a wide variety of new albums, summarized below
  559. - from [[group:unofficial-mspa-fans]]:
  560. - [[album:weird-puzzle-tunes]]
  561. - [[album:vaporwave-2016]]
  562. - [[album:xenoplanetarium]]
  563. - [[album:gristmas-carols]]
  564. - [[album:cosmic-caretakers]]
  565. - [[album:moons-of-theseus]]
  566. - [[album:friendsymphony]]
  567. - from [[group:oceanfalls]]:
  568. - [[album:oceanfalls-vol-1]]
  569. - [[album:oceanfalls-vol-2]]
  570. - [[album:contritum]]
  571. - from [[artist:tee-vee]]:
  572. - [[album:theres-no-place-like-home]]
  573. - from [[artist:toby-fox]]:
  574. - [[album:undertale-soundtrack]]
  575. - [[album:deltarune-ch1-ost]]
  576. - [[album:the-baby-is-you]]
  577. - from [[artist:nuclear333]]:
  578. - [[album:inhospitable-delisted]]
  579. <h3>groups</h3>
  580. - new feature! groups are collections of fan albums, organized under a dedicated page for an external group or project.
  581. - groups exist in three categories: <i>HSMusic</i>, <i>Fan-musician groups</i>, and <i>Projects beyond Homestuck</i>
  582. - HSMusic: overall structure for the wiki, containing [[group:official]] and [[group:fandom]], into which nearly all albums are categorized
  583. - Fan-musician groups: collaborative groups of fan-musicians releasing music under a single name, e.g. [[group:casual-sunday]] and [[group:unofficial-mspa-fans]]
  584. - Projects beyond Homestuck: groups centered around a particular work, usually inspired by Homestuck, e.g. [[group:undertale-and-deltarune]] and [[group:oceanfalls]]
  585. - groups each have two "tabs" or views: Info and Gallery
  586. - Info: this displays the full description for a group, and then a chronological list of albums (and their years of release)
  587. - Gallery: replacing the previously dedicated pages for official and fandom albums, this displays a list of albums organized with their latest first, and has a short info line summarizing stats about the group
  588. - miniature group "infoboxes" are displayed on the right side of album and track pages
  589. - this design (alongside much of this update's layout changes) is inspired by the site layout of Bandcamp
  590. - contains a short catchline introducing the group, links to visit the external homes of the group (e.g. its own Bandcamp or project links), and chronology links to navigate the previous and next albums within the group
  591. - displayed at the bottom of the page in compact layout (e.g. when on a mobile device)
  592. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  593. - every artist who has contributed track or album cover art, e.g. [[artist:elanor-pam]], now has a gallery page; these are much the same as tag gallery pages but for artists
  594. <h3>track pages</h3>
  595. - YouTube links for individual tracks no longer attach their playlist, because this was deemed Mostly Just Impractical in discussion
  596. <h3>listings</h3>
  597. - added six new listings, for the new groups feature:
  598. - [[listing:groups/by-name|Groups - by Name]]
  599. - [[listing:groups/by-category|Groups - by Category]]
  600. - [[listing:groups/by-albums|Groups - by Albums]]
  601. - [[listing:groups/by-tracks|Groups - by Tracks]]
  602. - [[listing:groups/by-duration|Groups - by Duration]]
  603. - [[listing:groups/by-latest-album|Groups - by Latest Album]]
  604. - adjusted the order of existing listings, to make them hopefully a little easier to navigate
  605. - renamed the "Tracks - in Flashes &amp; Games (by First Feature)" listing to "... (by Flash)" and [[site:list/tracks/in-flashes/by-flash/|considerably restructured it]], effectively making it into a compact summary of the [[site:flash/|Flashes &amp; Games]] portion of the site
  606. <h3>data changes</h3>
  607. - removed ?list parts from all track links
  608. - added new album and group data (see respective above changelog sections)
  609. - miscellaneous changes to [[album:unreleased-tracks]] (thanks for PQ and Hiveswap changes go to foreverFlummoxed, Niklink, and nuclear333!)
  610. - added new tracks [[track:phat1]] through [[track:phat16]], [[track:flute-performance]], [[track:miracles-icp]], and [[track:goat-foley]], and moved existing tracks [[track:cpclosemp3]], [[track:ghostbusters]], [[track:i-dont-want-to-miss-a-thing-aerosmith]], and [[track:heros-growth]], to the <i>Tracks featured in Homestuck</i> section
  611. - added new tracks [[track:friendvangelion-rebuild]], [[track:its-a-cover-of-made-of-time]], and [[track:its-nothing]] to the <i>Tracks featured in Pesterquest</i> section
  612. - added [[track:its-a-cover-of-made-of-time]] to the reference list of [[track:yeah-it-is]]
  613. - moved [[track:seer-of-same-color-scalemate-combos]] from <i>Other tracks originating outside of Homestuck</i> to <i>Other Homestuck tracks</i>
  614. - renamed "DRONE_PQ" to [[track:drone-pq]] and gave it track art from [[artist:nuclear333]]'s <a href="">PESTERQUEST OST</a> collection
  615. - renamed "THIS TIME ITS ERIDAN (I FORGOT WHAT I NAMED THIS)" to [[track:buskers-theme-mk-ii]] and added commentary from James Roach's tumblr
  616. - removed a bunch of tracks that were moved into [[album:undertale-soundtrack]]
  617. - miscellaneous changes to data for [[site:flash/|Flashes &amp; Games]]
  618. - added new "flash" page [[flash:2672]], featuring [[track:how-do-i-live]]
  619. - added new "flash" page [[flash:2818]], featuring [[track:miracles-icp]]
  620. - added [[track:2chords]] to [[flash:pq-vol5]], [[flash:pq-vol7]], [[flash:pq-vol9]], [[flash:pq-vol10]], [[flash:pq-vol11]], [[flash:pq-vol12]], [[flash:pq-vol13]], and [[flash:pq-vol14]]
  621. - added [[track:its-a-cover-of-made-of-time]], [[track:its-nothing]], and [[track:end-of-friendvangelion]] to [[flash:pq-vol8]]
  622. - replaced [[track:sburban-jungle]] with [[track:sburban-jungle-brief-mix]] in [[flash:137]]
  623. - replaced "pseudo-tracks" with actual, credited tracks in [[flash:338]], [[flash:769]], [[flash:3438]], and [[flash:4113]]
  624. - replaced the individual component tracks with [[track:cascade]] in [[flash:4109]]
  625. - removed "Loading..." easter egg from [[flash:5426]], but not before <a href="">archiving it</a> for you, personally
  626. - interweaved tracks in [[flash:hiveswap-act2]] according to their position in the game (thanks, FF!)
  627. - added [[track:austin-atlantis]] to the reference list of [[track:the-rarest-and-most-interpretive-dance-meatcabre]]
  628. - added [[track:limelight]], [[track:canwave3-track6]], and [[track:glide]] to the reference list of [[track:come]]
  629. - added [[track:cross-examination]] to the reference list of [[track:ticket-to-ride-down-with-the-clown]]
  630. - added [[track:ticket-to-ride-rusty]] to the reference list of [[track:service-car]] (reflecting it already being in the re-release track [[track:shell-game]])
  631. - added [[track:amen-brother]] and [[track:your-best-nightmare]] to the reference list of [[track:galactic-princess-selene-opening-1]]
  632. - added link to the <a href="">Vol. 5 Anthology Presentation</a> to commentary of [[album:homestuck-vol-5]]
  633. - added art tags for the cover of [[album:hiveswap-friendsim]]
  634. - added blood content warning for the cover of [[track:game-over]]
  635. - attributed cover of [[album:homestuck-vol-6]] to [[artist:andrew-hussie]] rather than [[artist:homestuck]]
  636. - updated the playlist link for [[album:hiveswap-friendsim]] to better reflect its official track listing, and added youtube links to [[track:yall-know-i-just-do-the-music-right]] and later tracks
  637. - updated the link for [[track:problem-sleuth-theme]], since the original upload went offline (thanks to the uploader for messaging me about this!)
  638. - fixed the lyrics of [[track:ascend]] mistakenly showing up in [[track:starfall]] instead
  639. - miscellaneous artist name fixes
  640. - added [[tag:shrek]]
  641. <h2 id="12-dec-2020" class="major-release"><a href="#12-dec-2020">[[date:12 December 2020]] - launch of</a></h2>
  642. (news entry: [[news-entry:hsmusicwiki]])
  643. <h3>site changes</h3>
  644. - redesigned the homepage from the ground up to be a better landing page for the wiki!
  645. - three groupings for the wiki index: New Releases, Fandom, Official, showing just a few so it's easy to navigate, with new buttons to view a complete grid listing
  646. - moved the "Explore the site!" links over to the newly wiki-wide header, placing albums front and center while leaving navigation links readily accessible
  647. - added a sidebar to the homepage, listing recent [[site:news/|news entries]] parallel with albums
  648. - improved navigation all around the site, making the wiki as a whole more consistent
  649. - cover art displayed in grid items is smaller across the site, fitting more items on a screen at once and emphasizing the name more than before
  650. - on the new [[root:albums/official/|Official]] and [[root:albums/fandom/|Fandom]] album indexes, the number of tracks and length of the album is displayed as well
  651. - added lazy loading for images, so landing pages shouldn't take up nearly as much data, and will load quicker (especially noticeable for the [[site:flash/|Flashes &amp; Games]] index!)
  652. - adjusted the styling for grouped listings (previously used only for [[album:unreleased-tracks]]) as they become more common (see data changes section)
  653. - made links which require JavaScript only show up if JS is actually enabled
  654. <h3>tags</h3>
  655. - new feature! tags are used for two things: categorizing track art by character, and displaying content warnings.
  656. - added a tag list beneath most track and album arts describing characters in the image and linking to their gallery pages
  657. - added tag gallery pages under the Listings section, showing a grid of all the track and album covers which are tagged with that character
  658. - added content warnings for common triggers (alcohol, body horror, etc), blurring out the image and showing warning tags until it is clicked and revealed
  659. <h3>listings</h3>
  660. - some extra wiki-wide stats are displayed on the [[site:list/|Listings index]]!
  661. - divided the [[site:list/artists/by-contribs/|Artists - by Contributions]] and [[site:list/artists/by-latest/|Artists - by Latest Contribution]] listings into two columns for easier exploring: "Track Contributors" and "Track &amp; Flash Contributors"
  662. - added two new listings, for the new tags feature:
  663. - [[site:list/tags/by-name|Tags - by Name]]
  664. - [[site:list/tags/by-uses|Tags - by Uses]]
  665. <h3>track pages</h3>
  666. - made the index of the current track show next to the track name in the navbar
  667. - made the start and end indexes of each group show next to group names in the sidebar
  668. - divided the sidebar into groups for a bunch of albums (see data changes section)
  669. <h3>bug fixes</h3>
  670. - fixed a bug where chronology links (e.g "413th track by Toby Fox") for track artists weren't being displayed anymore
  671. - fixed a bug where artists with zero contributions (e.g. only commentary) would display as "( c.)" instead of "(0 c.)" in artist listings
  672. - fixed a bug where flash names would <i>always</i> have the dot at the end of the name removed, instead of only when punctuation follows
  673. - fixed some bugs with release date code where the [[site:list/artists/by-latest/|Artists - by Latest]] listing would not count unique dates of cover art contributions (e.g. in anthology projects where fanart is added after the release of the album), and where the cover art release date displayed on album pages was ambiguous (previously it displayed the date of track art for the whole album; now it displays - or, if it is the same as album release, does not display - the date of cover art for the album itself)
  674. - fixed a bug on artist pages where tracks that are featured in more than one flash would display flashes past the first feature as "1", "2", "3", etc, instead of the actual flash names
  675. - fixed a bug on artist pages where co-artists of tracks (but not track art) weren't being displayed anymore
  676. - fixed a bug where the random official album link in the [[site:list/random/|Random Pages]] listing would instead open a random track across the whole site
  677. - made all the links on the [[site:list/random/|Random Pages]] listing behave more like regular links (ctrl-click works for example)
  678. <h3>data changes</h3>
  679. - five new albums archived: [[album:hiveswap-act-2-ost]], [[album:homestuck-for-the-holidays]], [[album:tomb-of-the-ancestors]], [[album:the-genesis-project-vol-1]], [[album:oceanfalls-vol-3]]; plus the track [[album:perfectly-generic-object]]
  680. - grouped tracks in a bunch of releases: [[album:alternia]], [[album:squiddles]], [[album:strife]], [[album:alterniabound]], [[album:homestuck-vol-7]], [[album:the-wanderers]], [[album:homestuck-vol-1-4]], [[album:homestuck-vol-8]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]], [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-b]], [[album:homestuck-vol-9]], [[album:one-year-older]], [[album:genesis-frog]], [[album:sburb-ost]], [[album:lofam2]], [[album:lofam3]], [[album:beforus]], [[album:ancestral]], [[album:lofam4]], and [[album:hiveswap-act-1-ost]]
  681. - a bunch of additions to [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]] and various credited artists, working with help from [[artist:nuclear333]] and <a href="">Bambosh</a>:
  682. - added bonus art by [[artist:astrom]] to [[track:olive-rogue]]
  683. - added lyrics to [[track:iron-infidel]] and [[track:bronze-page]]
  684. - added commentary to [[track:fuchsia-ruler]] and [[track:gold-mage]]
  685. - added some remastered/remixed released of tracks: [[track:boy-skylark]], [[track:gold-mage-playtime-is-over-mix]], [[track:rags-of-rust]], [[track:teal-wings-and-scales]], and [[track:violet-sea-breeze]]
  686. - fixed mis-double-crediting...
  687. - [[artist:magnum]] for the track art of [[track:olive-scribe]] (it's actually by [[artist:wp]])
  688. - [[artist:elisa-mccabe]] for the track art of [[track:emerald-terror]] (it's actually by [[artist:hamsterparade]])
  689. - [[artist:tristan-scroggins]] for the track art of [[track:phantasmic-youngsters]] (it's actually by [[artist:ari-hunt]])
  690. - updated the youtube link for [[track:purple-tyrant]] to be the official upload
  691. - a bunch of tweaks and reference fixes thanks to an emailer:
  692. - added to reference lists...
  693. - [[track:crustacean]] and [[track:sunsetter]] (to [[track:the-broken-clock]])
  694. - [[track:showtime-piano-refrain]] (to [[track:farewell]])
  695. - [[track:sburban-jungle]] (to [[track:waiting-for-adventure]])
  696. - [[track:skaian-skuffle]] (to [[track:skaian-shuffle]])
  697. - [[track:terra]] (to [[track:terraform]])
  698. - [[track:hawkeye]] (to [[track:davesprite]])
  699. - [[track:janes-dragon]] (to [[track:jane-dargason]])
  700. - [[track:before-before-the-beginning]] (to [[track:before-the-beginning-and-after-the-end]])
  701. - [[track:im-a-member-of-the-midnight-crew]] (to [[track:im-a-member-of-the-midnight-crew-post-punk-version]] - this was a typo fix in the data)
  702. - added [[artist:tavia-morra]] to [[track:ocean-stars-falling]]'s contributor list (per M.J.B's commentary)
  703. - added more commentary for [[track:eternity-served-cold]]
  704. - fixed a typo in the commentary credits for [[track:flare-with-vocals]] (which left it missing on [[artist:horizon]]'s page)
  705. - fixed some typos in the commentary for [[track:thought-and-flow]] and [[track:minihoofs-adventure]]
  706. - attributed [[track:skaia-voyages]] to [[artist:seth-peelle]] instead of [[artist:clark-powell]], per <a href="">Vol. 10 listening stream</a>
  707. - tweaked the [[album:unreleased-tracks]] album layout once again!
  708. - before:
  709. - Tracks featured in Homestuck
  710. - Unreleased Homestuck tracks
  711. - Tracks featured in Pesterquest
  712. - Tracks originating outside of Homestuck
  713. - after:
  714. - Tracks featured in Homestuck
  715. - Tracks featured in Hiveswap Friendsim
  716. - Tracks featured in Pesterquest
  717. - Other Homestuck tracks
  718. - Other tracks originating outside of Homestuck
  719. - a bunch of tweaks and updates for lyrics, working with emailer Niklink: [[track:dawn-of-man]], [[track:no-release]], [[track:fly]], [[track:lies-with-the-sea]], [[track:chain-of-prospit]], [[track:pumpkin-tide]], [[track:black]], [[track:octoroon-rangoon]], [[track:how-do-i-live-bunny-back-in-the-box-version]], [[track:dupliblaze-comagma]], [[track:miracles]], [[track:squiddles]], [[track:tentacles]], [[track:squiddles-in-paradise]], [[track:catchyegrabber-skipper-plumbthroats-song]], [[track:plumbthroat-gives-chase]], [[track:squiddles-the-movie-trailer-the-day-the-unicorns-couldnt-play]], [[track:carefree-princess-berryboo]], [[track:mister-bowman-tells-you-about-the-squiddles]], [[track:let-the-squiddles-sleep-end-theme]], [[track:friendship-aneurysm]], [[track:gamebro-original-1990-mix]], [[track:i-dont-want-to-miss-a-thing]], [[track:gaia-queen]], [[track:nic-cage-song]], [[track:arisen-anew]], [[track:chaotic-strength]], [[track:the-blind-prophet]], [[track:cobalt-thief]], [[track:your-universe]], [[track:temporal-shenanigans]], [[track:squiddle-song]], [[track:battle-brotocol]], [[track:busting-makes-me-feel-good]], [[track:im-a-member-of-the-midnight-crew-post-punk-version]], [[track:frustracean]], [[track:creata]], [[track:you-killed-my-father-prepare-to-die]], [[track:ascend]], [[track:renewed-return]], [[track:broom-temperature]], [[track:frondly-warning]], [[track:exclusion-zone]], [[track:the-leaving]], and [[track:four-kids-and-a-game-they-played-together]]
  720. - added the unlisted bonus track [[track:its-good-to-see-you-again]] to [[album:one-year-older]]!
  721. - added commentary flavor texts based on original bandcamp pages (also courtesy Niklink) to these albums: [[album:mobius-trip-and-hadron-kaleido]], [[album:the-wanderers]], [[album:prospit-and-derse]], [[album:cherubim]], and [[album:hiveswap-friendsim]]
  722. - added full commentary for [[track:rise-of-the-denizens]] from [[album:lofam2]]!
  723. - added better resolution track art for [[track:vagabounce-remix]] (leaving [[album:the-wanderers]] with complete high-resolution track art!)
  724. - added [[track:i-dont-want-to-miss-a-thing-aerosmith]] to the feature list of [[flash:338]]
  725. - added tracks from [[album:hiveswap-act-1-ost]] and [[album:hiveswap-act-2-ost]] to the new flash pages [[flash:hiveswap-act1]] and [[flash:hiveswap-act2]], which also include contributor credits (art, animation, etc)
  726. - changed the color of the [[album:hiveswap-friendsim]] album to match the Flashes &amp; Games section for that game
  727. - gave the Hiveswap Friendsim flash thumbnails a fresh coat of paint to match Pesterquest, and added unofficial track art for tracks featured in Pesterquest courtesy of nuclear333
  728. - fixed the bandcamp link for [[album:hiveswap-act-1-ost]] and added the missing bandcamp link for [[album:homestuck-vol-10]]
  729. - fixed the missing track art for [[track:the-mechanism]]
  730. - fixed a bunch more typos in commentary, particularly for albums [[album:one-year-older]], [[album:lofam2]], and [[album:homestuck-vol-10]]
  731. - fixed a typo which was keeping [[track:toccata-and-fugue-in-d-minor]] from showing up in the reference list of [[track:pipeorgankind]]
  732. - fixed a typo which was keeping [[track:tfw-another-james-roach-track]] from showing up in the feature list of [[flash:fs-vol6]]
  733. - fixed typos which were messing up the durations of [[track:elegy-for-a-thief-dreamscape-remix]] and [[track:i-dont-want-to-miss-a-thing]]
  734. - removed a duplicate youtube link for [[track:split-reality]]
  735. - added credit links to these artists: [[artist:asiul]], [[artist:dallas-ross-hicks]], [[artist:david-decou]], [[artist:david-dycus]], [[artist:dawn-davis]], [[artist:digidigi66]], [[artist:dodostad]], [[artist:elanor-pam]], [[artist:erik-scheele]], [[artist:fenkko]], [[artist:first-turn-fold]], [[artist:gabe-stilez]], [[artist:hanni-brosh]], [[artist:ian-white]], [[artist:infiniteknife]], [[artist:james-roach]], [[artist:jn-wiedle]], [[artist:kevin-grant]], [[artist:kitsu]], [[artist:kurimja]], [[artist:koukouvayia]], [[artist:leslie-hung]], [[artist:lynnai-hicks]], [[artist:marcus-carline]], [[artist:mark-hadley]], [[artist:max-wright]], [[artist:michael-guy-bowman]], [[artist:molly-gur]], [[artist:plumegeist]], [[artist:rah-bop]], [[artist:seth-peelle]], [[artist:shannon]], [[artist:soju]], [[artist:sukka]], [[artist:tavia-morra]], [[artist:temmie-chang]], [[artist:tensei]], [[artist:the-everlasting-ash]], [[artist:thomas-ferkol]], [[artist:toastyglow]], [[artist:will-kommor]], [[artist:willow-ascenzo]], [[artist:viasatellite]], [[artist:vivian-ng]], [[artist:willow-ascenzo]], [[artist:zilon]], [[artist:zowerlemon]]
  736. - added a bunch of new artist pages for those whose contributions are showing up on the wiki for the first time (e.g. several contributors to [[flash:hiveswap-act1]])
  737. <h2 id="10-oct-2020" class="major-release"><a href="#10-oct-2020">[[date:10 October 2020]] - autumnal polish haul</a></h2>
  738. <h3>new features</h3>
  739. - artist links will now have icons to jump directly to their personal websites most places they're linked
  740. <h3>flash pages</h3>
  741. - moved the "tracks featured in" section above the "contributors" section, since the contributor list gets quite long in some cases
  742. - plus a variety of additions, see data changes section
  743. <h3>data changes</h3>
  744. - three new solo albums archived: [[album:Labyrinth's Heart]], [[album:I Am Writing Myself A Dream In A Letter]], [[album:Exceptis Excipiendis]]; plus the 2011 collaborative album [[album:jailbreak]]
  745. - added track art for [[album:alternia]] and [[album:alterniabound]], brought over from the <a href="">Alternia/Bound</a> track art anthology projects!
  746. - added album links to the index pages for [[album:Shortcuts]] and [[album:p-s]], since i forgot them last time (oops!)
  747. - added bandcamp links to the rereleased album [[album:prospit-and-derse]], plus remastered track art for [[track:hallowed-halls]]!
  748. - added thumbnail art for [[flash:pony2]]
  749. - added a bunch of pages for artists/contributors that were previously left linkless
  750. - added new flash pages for [[flash:7635]] and [[flash:2070]] (sorry, <a href="">[S??????] ==&gt;</a> isn't getting the same treatment! :P)
  751. - added missing durations on [[track:galaxy-hearts]], [[track:fighting-spirit]], [[track:joy-and-dreams-eternal]], [[track:master-of-puppets]], and Bill Bolin's removed tracks (thanks, foreverFlummoxed!)
  752. - added better resolution track art for [[track:tomahawk-head]]
  753. - copied flash art credits info from <a href="">Homestuck's Art Credits page</a>
  754. - fixed [[flash:pq-vol9]] featuring [[Requiem]] (from [[album:Sburb]]) instead of [[track:requiem-labyrinths-heart]] (from [[album:Labyrinth's Heart]])
  755. - fixed [[flash:644]] and [[flash:651]] featuring "John Sleeps - Skaian Magicant" instead of [[track:john-sleeps-skaian-magicant]]
  756. - fixed contributor credits for [[track:minihoofs-adventure]] to correctly attribute vocals to [[artist:tavia-morra]] (was crediting "Tavio Morra")
  757. - fixed contributor credits for [[track:renewed-return]] to correctly attribute percussion to [[artist:jamie-paige-stanley]] (was crediting "Jamie Paige Stanely")
  758. - fixed contributor credits for [[track:spiders-eclipse]] to consistently capitalize [[artist:magnoliajades]]
  759. - fixed missing track art credits on [[track:meta-choices]]
  760. - fixed loads of typos made while transcribing commentary booklets for [[album:alterniabound]], [[album:lofam]], and [[album:homestuck-vol-10]], plus a few stray tracks throughout the rest of the discography (going to get to the rest of the albums too, but didn't have time before release!)
  761. - renamed the track [[track:lavender-lullaby]] (it used to be spelled "Lullably")
  762. - renamed the track [[track:additional-mayhem-universe-a]] (it used to be spelled "aditional")
  763. - renamed the artist saffronScarf to [[artist:hanni-brosh]] and fixed their DeviantArt link
  764. - renamed the artist Shad to [[artist:shad-andrews]]
  765. - renamed the ambiguous artist "Kat" to [[artist:kato]] in [[track:the-obsidian-towers]], and to [[artist:nyanface]] in [[track:gilded-sands]], [[track:cumulating-dreams]], [[track:buy-NAK-sell-DOOF]], [[track:Nakkadile]], [[track:planet-in-shadow]], and [[track:paradoxical-meteor-shower]]
  766. - added artist links for [[artist:bea]], [[artist:pride]], [[artist:kato]], and [[artist:shad-andrews]] (per credits in [[album:prospit-and-derse]] Bandcamp release)
  767. <h2 id="24-july-2020" class="major-release"><a href="#24-july-2020">[[date:24 July 2020]] - recompose, refine</a></h2>
  768. <h3>new features</h3>
  769. - two new albums archived, both from <a href="">Casual Sunday</a> (a group of the artists behind countless homestuck tracks): [[album:Shortcuts]] and [[album:p-s]]
  770. - added durations to every track, and rough total sums to album and artist pages
  771. - added keybindings (shift+N, shift+P, shift+R) for common navigation (respectively next, previous, random) on track, album, and flash pages
  772. - six new listings:
  773. - [[site:list/albums/by-duration/|Albums - by Duration]]
  774. - [[site:list/artists/by-duration/|Artists - by Duration]]
  775. - [[site:list/tracks/by-duration/|Tracks - by Duration]]
  776. - [[site:list/tracks/by-duration-in-album/|Tracks - by Duration (in Album)]]
  777. - [[site:list/tracks/in-flashes/by-album/|Tracks - in Flashes &amp; Games (by Album)]]
  778. - [[site:list/tracks/in-flashes/by-flash/|Tracks - in Flashes &amp; Games (by First Feature)]]
  779. - restructured the [[album:Unreleased Tracks]] album to be broken into four reorganized sections
  780. <h3>data changes</h3>
  781. - added the track [[Friendship Aneurysm]] to the [[album:Squiddles!]] album
  782. - added some unreleased tracks by artists from the music team: [[Arisen Anew (Remaster)]], [[Cascade (Director's Cut)]]
  783. - added a bunch of commentary for [[Narrative Command]]
  784. - added lyrics for [[GameBro (Original 1990 Mix)]], [[GameGrl (Original 1993 Mix)]], [[Remember Me When I Am Gone Away]], [[Magical Hopalong Cassidy Station]], and [[An Apple Disaster!!]]
  785. - renamed the track [[John Sleeps / Skaian Magicant]] (it used to contain a dash)
  786. - renamed the track [[The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny]] (there used to be a typo)
  787. - added links to youtube pages for tracks, not just albums
  788. - added playlist links for [[album:[S] Collide.]] and [[album:Prospit & Derse]]
  789. - added contribution credits to [[Buy NAK Sell DOOF]]
  790. - tweaked the reference data for [[FIDUSPAWN, GO!]], [[The Blind Prophet]], [[Highland Thunder]], [[Irrelevance Event Horizon]], [[Hero's Growth]], and [[The Brave and the Bronze]] to show more referenced tracks
  791. - fixed the bandcamp link for [[Another Jungle]] (it was previously linking to <a href="">Skaianet</a>)
  792. - fixed the commentary for [[Princess of Helium]] being attributed to Clark Powell instead of Tavia Morra
  793. - fixed the commentary for [[Violet Mariner]] being attributed to... "Violet Mariner" instead of Willow Ascenzo
  794. - fixed the commentary for [[Despot]] not showing up at all
  795. - fixed the link formatting in [[album:One Year Older]] commentary, so that they are automatically color-coded
  796. - fixed a typo in the commentary attribution for [[Another Chance]]
  797. - fixed the flash [[flash:5308]] incorrectly referencing "G4M3BL0RG" instead of [[G4M38L0RG]]
  798. - fixed the flash [[flash:5776]] incorrectly being named "[S] WHddddddEEEEE!" and referencing "A Very Trickster Mode Christmas (WHddddddEEEEE!)" instead of [[A Very Trickster Mode Christmas (WHEEEEEEEEEEE!)]]
  799. - fixed the flash [[flash:7101]] incorrectly referencing [[Elevatorstuck]] and "with Meows" instead of [[Elevatorstuck, with Meows]]
  800. - changed the playlist links for a few albums (to official or better organized playlists)
  801. - changed existing youtube links to include the album playlist
  802. - generally aimed to include links to as many official releases as possible, including making new playlists which include these and can be updated as more are found (feel free to drop [[static:feedback|a contact]]! much thanks to an emailer for helping out with this part of the update)
  803. - changed the links of theese tracks to not be extended releases: [[108 Stars of Density]], [[Crab Waltz]], [[Darling Dolorosa]], [[Elevatorstuck, with Meows]], [[G4M38L0RG]], [[GameGlr]], [[Hero's Growth]], [[The Brave and the Bronze]]
  804. - fixed the YouTube link for [[Trickster Mode (Blast Off)]] (it was linking to the video for [[Trickster Mode (Engage)]])
  805. <h3>miscellaneous</h3>
  806. - reworked the way pages are generated to fix random buttons not working
  807. - changed the date format from "YYYY-MM-DD" (e.g. 2009-04-13) to "day, month name, year" (13 April 2009), as i meant to last update
  808. - changed the "and more to be added soon" text at the bottom of the fandom album list to "and more to be added at your request", and linked it to the feedback page
  809. - made track links on the changelog page color-coded
  810. - made album links <i>everywhere</i> color-coded, too
  811. - tweaked some margin styling so grouped lists should look better all around the site
  812. <h3><i>later-in-day patch</i></h3>
  813. - added two new flashes, both featuring [[Fear of the Heavens]]: [[flash:3952]] and [[flash:7086]]
  814. - added another "flash", this one (indirectly) featuring [[Problem Sleuth Theme]]: [[flash:31]]
  815. - added [[Nic Cage Romance]] to the list of tracks featured in [[flash:2792]]
  816. - moved those last two tracks ([[Problem Sleuth Theme]], [[Nic Cage Romance]]) over to the "Tracks featured in Homestuck" section of [[album:Unreleased Tracks]]
  817. - added a new track [[Onett Theme]] to the list of tracks referenced in [[Secret ROM]]
  818. - hid [[album:Unreleased Tracks]] from the [[site:list/albums/by-date/|Albums - by Date]] and [[site:list/tracks/by-date/|Tracks - by Date]] listings
  819. <h2 id="12-jun-20" class="major-release"><a href="#12-jun-20">[[date:12 June 2020]] - happy birthday karkat</a></h2>
  820. <h3>homepage</h3>
  821. - a new [[static:changelog|Changelog]] page! you are probably reading it now.
  822. - two new albums: [[album:Rust Apocalypse]] by Willow Ascenzo, and the follow-up to [[album:Beforus]], [[album:Ancestral]]!
  823. <h3>flash pages</h3>
  824. - flash pages now have links at which they can be listened, besides just on! most importantly: links to HD recordings, so they can be watched at good resolution on any device
  825. <h3>track pages</h3>
  826. - previously, all tracks required a URL to be added to the wiki; now, for tracks which don't have any links to be listened at online (but are still referenced by other tracks), they have been added alongside a message saying there aren't any listening links
  827. - as such, another full pass through <a href="">NSND</a> has been completed, and many tracks which weren't present on the wiki before have been added to the newly reorganized [[album:Unreleased Tracks]] album!
  828. <h3>listings</h3>
  829. - the [[site:list/all-commentary/|All Commentary]] listing page has been tweaked so that links in commentary will follow the color of the album the commentary is from
  830. - the [[site:list/|listing index]] shows its list in the main content area now too, for when the sidebar is collapsed (see below!)
  831. <h3>miscellaneous</h3>
  832. - a new navigation header added to every album, track, flash, and listing page, making the site considerably more usable on any device
  833. - the header has links to the previous and next (or random) track/flash, and chronology links have been moved into the header too, so you don't need to scroll to the bottom of the page to access them
  834. - on top of redoing the sidebar-header layout, changes to styling (collapsing the sidebar when the screen isn't very wide, for example) have made the site usable on mobile devices now!
  835. - also, some changes to the way pages are generated, to make the site usable from hit command-line web browser <a href="">Lynx</a>
  836. <h2 id="2-jun-20"><a href="#2-jun-20">[[date:2 June 2020]] - track art for beyond canon</h2>
  837. - thanks to the folx who contributed art to and organized the <a href="">Beyond Canon Track Art Anthology</a>, the [[album:Beyond Canon]] album now has track art!
  838. - this anthology also came with a commentary booklet, and that (alongside the sketches contained!) has been transcribed into the wiki!
  839. <h2 id="25-may-20" class="major-release"><a href="#25-may-20">[[date:25 May 2020]] - albums, artists, and urls</a></h2>
  840. <h3>homepage</h3>
  841. - another four new fandom albums! [[album:Sburb OST]], [[album:Beforus]], [[album:Strife 2]], [[album:Perfectly Generic Album]]
  842. - the entire homepage has been restructured, placing official albums from the music team for <i>Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon</i> front and center, and generally adding flare to the rest of the page too
  843. - a &lt;meta&gt; tag has been added to the homepage, so hsmusic's search result that comes up when you look up "homestuck music wiki" is a lot prettier
  844. <h3>album pages</h3>
  845. - links to listen to the full album have <i>finally</i> been added to album pages, including bandcamp as well as youtube links (both full album and playlist) wherever available
  846. - chronology links now contain credits for cover artists, so they'll show up on album pages too
  847. <h3>track pages</h3>
  848. - chronology links for contributors to tracks as well as the main musicians! check out [[You Killed My Father (Prepare To Die)]] by team dogfight, for example
  849. <h3>flash pages</h3>
  850. - chronology links have been added to flash pages too!
  851. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  852. - artist pages - both musicians and cover artists - now have links to explore their work outside of homestuck
  853. - many, many artists whose names are either typo'd or out of date or otherwise duplicate have been updated, making artist pages a considerably more reliable resource than they were before
  854. - behind the scenes, lots of code changes to make accidentally typo'd or duplicate artist names much more difficult
  855. <h2 id="15-apr-20"><a href="#15-apr-20">[[date:15 April 2020]] - chronology links</a></h2>
  856. - "chronology links" have been added to the bottom of the sidebar on track pages
  857. - these let you follow through the history of an artist's contributions without having to navigate back and forth between their own artist page
  858. <h2 id="13-apr-20"><a href="#13-apr-20">[[date:13 April 2020]] - beyond canon</a></h2>
  859. - the new official album [[album:Beyond Canon]] has been transcribed! pretty minimal commentary and no track art, as yet.
  860. - pages for the routes of Hiveswap: Friendsim and Pesterquest were added to the [[site:flash/|Flashes]] page!
  861. - the new "flash" pages contain full credits for their authors and asset artists, and these can be explored like any other link
  862. <h2 id="31-mar-20"><a href="#31-mar-20">[[date:31 March 2020]] - typo fixes from foreverFlummoxed</a></h2>
  863. - per foreverFlummoxed's <a href="">excellent page-checking</a>, a bunch of typos and missing track art around the site have been fixed!
  864. <h2 id="18-mar-20"><a href="#18-mar-20">[[date:18 March 2020]] - more sburb commentary</a></h2>
  865. - the [[album:Sburb]] solo album was rereleased by its artist, so Bandcamp links have been copied to its track pages, as have the new commentary released with it
  866. <h2 id="16-mar-20" class="major-release"><a href="#16-mar-20">[[date:16 March 2020]] - Land of Fans and Music <small>(and References and Randomness and Art and Also Some Other Stuff)</small></a></h2>
  867. <h3>homepage</h3>
  868. - four new albums archived (and their booklets transcribed): [[album:Land of Fans and Music]], [[album:Land of Fans and Music 2]], [[album:Land of Fans and Music 3]], and [[album:Land of Fans and Music 4]]
  869. - (the commentary booklets transcribed here are hilarious and very insightful and there are a bunch of easter eggs - check them out!)
  870. - another new "album", [[album:Unreleased Tracks]], containing tracks which were never released but were either referenced in released tracks or included in flash animations
  871. - the text of the link to the feedback page has been changed from "Feedback" to "Feedback &amp; Suggestions"
  872. <h3>listings</h3>
  873. - two new listings: [[site:list/tracks/by-times-referenced/|Tracks - by Times Referenced]] and [[site:list/random/|Random Pages]]
  874. - if you're bored and don't know here to start exploring, the Random Pages listing has a bunch of links that will decide for you! (it does require JavaScript, though)
  875. <h3>album/track pages</h3>
  876. - these got their share of randomness too, in the form of a new "Random Track" link at the bottom of the sidebar
  877. - cover art can now have a distinct release date from the album, which is the case for anthology projects that organize art for an album after it has been released
  878. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  879. - track credit listings already showed collaborators in contribution lines; now cover art credits do too, e.g. the page for [[artist:mika-b]].</a>
  880. <h3>miscellaneous</h3>
  881. - the <a href="">Homestuck Vol. 5 Anthology</a> has been mirrored in the [[album:Homestuck Vol. 5]] album page
  882. - a new feature acknowledgements section has been added to the [[static:about|About &amp; Credits]] page
  883. - a bunch of code changes to make expanding the wiki a fair bit less difficult
  884. <h2 id="1-mar-20" class="major-release"><a href="#1-mar-20">[[date:1 March 2020]] - embracing fanon</a></h2>
  885. <h3>homepage</h3>
  886. - the homepage is now split into two sections: "Fandom" and "Official"
  887. - only one fandom album now, [[album:Diverging Delicacies]], but more to come soon
  888. - the official album grid listing was changed to sort the newest releases closest to the top of the page, as bandcamp orders releases, to keep consistent with the fandom grid listing (where we want new releases to stand out right away)
  889. <h3>track pages</h3>
  890. - the "tracks that referenced" list is now grouped into two sections: official and fandom
  891. <h3>flashes</h3>
  892. - a CSS change targeting the homepage inadvertently made the headings on the flash index look very fancy, and i kept this because it looks cool
  893. <h2 id="7-feb-20" class="major-release"><a href="#7-feb-20">[[date:7 February 2020]] - flash pages</a></h2>
  894. <h3>homepage</h3>
  895. - link to the new [[site:flash/|Flashes]] index page
  896. <h3>flash pages</h3>
  897. - an individual page for each flash, and a new grid-style index (like the homepage) to collect them all, grouped by act
  898. - each flash gets its own unique thumbnail (except A6I4 flashes, please forgive me troll clown jegus)
  899. - every flash page has a link to play the flash on, its page number, release date, and a list of the tracks featured in it
  900. - the code to generate sidebar was absolute hell to write
  901. - <a href="">jadevris</a>
  902. <h3>track pages</h3>
  903. - a track's page will list the flashes in which it's been referenced, e.g. [[Elevatorstuck]]
  904. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  905. - within the list of tracks an artist has contributed music to, if that track has been featured in any flashes, those will be listed on the track's contribution line
  906. <h3>miscellaneous</h3>
  907. - switched a couple artist names around, for consistency with credits in the latest release ([[album:Homestuck Vol. 10]])</a>
  908. - added a new [[static:feedback|Feedback]] page, with links to contact me; this is also linked from the homepage
  909. <h2 id="14-jan-20"><a href="#14-jan-20">[[date:14 January 2020]] - commentary for Sburb</a></h2>
  910. - copied commentary for the [[album:Sburb]] album, per descriptions of the YouTube videos
  911. <h2 id="6-dec-19"><a href="#6-dec-19">[[date:6 December 2019]] - commentary for [S] Collide.</a></h2>
  912. - copied commentary from James Roach on twitter about his contributions to the [[album:[S] Collide.]] album
  913. <h2 id="3-dec-19"><a href="#3-dec-19">[[date:3 December 2019]] - commentary &amp; lyrics</a></h2>
  914. - copied over official commentary booklets for three official albums - [[album:AlterniaBound]], [[album:One Year Older]], [[album:Homestuck Vol. 10]] - beginning a long tale of booklet transcription going forward
  915. - added a new section to track pages for lyrics, e.g. on [[Temporal Shenanigans]]
  916. - added two new listing pages: [[site:list/tracks/with-lyrics/|Tracks - with Lyrics]] and [[site:list/all-commentary/|All Commentary]]
  917. <h2 id="24-nov-19" class="major-release"><a href="#24-nov-19">[[date:24 November 2019]] - so many new pages</a></h2>
  918. <h3>homepage / "About &amp; Credits"</h3>
  919. - moved the intro message to a new [[static:about|About &amp; Credits]] page
  920. - structured the site credits list more nicely there
  921. - added a new "Explore the site!" box on the homepage, linking to the about page as well as the new [[site:list/|listings index]]
  922. <h3>listings</h3>
  923. - completely new pages for exploring the wiki in completely new ways; they serve as an alternative to writing a dynamic search engine, because github doesn't let us write a custom backend and client-side javascript sucks
  924. - all linked from [[site:list/|listings index]], accessible through the sidebar
  925. - there are nine of these but if you doubt i'm going to list them all, you're wrong
  926. - [[site:list/albums/by-name/|Albums - by Name]]: every album, sorted alphabetically
  927. - [[site:list/albums/by-date/|Albums - by Date]]: every album, sorted chronologically (at the time this was no different than the homepage grid listing's sort, but today it contains fandom albums interweaved with official ones)
  928. - [[site:list/albums/by-tracks/|Albums - by Tracks]]: every album, sorted by number of tracks
  929. - [[site:list/artists/by-name/|Artists - by Name]]: every artist, sorted by name (this also shows the number of contributions each artist has made next to their name)
  930. - [[site:list/artists/by-commentary/|Artists - by Commentary]]: every artist, sorted by number of commentary entries
  931. - [[site:list/artists/by-contribs/|Artists - by Contributions]]: every artist, sorted by number of contributions (times credited as a contributor, to music or art, on any track or album)
  932. - [[site:list/tracks/by-name/|Tracks - by Name]]: every track, sorted alphabetically
  933. - [[site:list/tracks/by-album/|Tracks - by Album]]: every track, grouped by album
  934. - [[site:list/tracks/by-date/|Tracks - by Date]]: every track, grouped by release date
  935. <h2 id="19-nov-19"><a href="#19-nov-19">[[date:19 November 2019]] - grouped artist listings</a></h2>
  936. - artist page credit listings have been sigificantly restructured ([[root:media/misc/changelog/old-artist-page.png|before]], [[root:media/misc/changelog/new-artist-page.png|after]])
  937. - contributions are now grouped by album (or more specifically, by release date, which is noteworthy in the case of [[album:Homestuck Vol. 1-4]], which was originally released over a period of four distinct dates, plus one for the final compiled album release)
  938. - because it's easy to see where tracks are referenced now, dim contribution lines (showing tracks which reference a track by the specific artist, but were not otherwise contributed to by them) have been removed
  939. - the lists aren't numbered anymore because, with this grouping, it was sort of ambiguous whether that referred to a track's position in the album or if it was a continuous counter of the artist's contributions (it was the latter); both such counters can now be displayed by holding still the cursor over a contribution line for a moment
  940. - removed a few referenced-track contributions i'd missed switching to the new format (distinct reference lists) earlier
  941. <h2 id="18-nov-19"><a href="#18-nov-19">[[date:18 November 2019]] - high-res cover art</a></h2>
  942. - copied cover art from <a href="">this archive</a>, which was originally compiled by clicking each cover art off the bandcamp to get a higher-resolution cover art (it is intentionally still less than the resolution gotten in purchased album downloads, for particularly high-res art)
  943. - commentary for [[album:Hiveswap Act 1 OST]]
  944. <h2 id="16-nov-19" class="major-release"><a href="#16-nov-19">[[date:16 November 2019]] - track references &amp; commentary</a></h2>
  945. <h3>homepage</h3>
  946. - got rid of the twitter link on my name and added two links in its place - my twitter and reddit accounts - as well as a note that suggestions and feedback are welcome
  947. <h3>track pages</h3>
  948. - track references show up in a dedicated list now
  949. - forward-facing reference links: track pages list not just the tracks they reference, but the tracks <i>which reference them</i>
  950. - reference data is from <a href=""><dfn title="nobody knows what NSND stands for">NSND</dfn></a> (credited on the homepage)
  951. - "listen on" links show up before the contributor list instead of after; reference list after contributor list
  952. - at the very bottom, a new section for artist commentary, largely copied from <a href="">this pastebin</a>
  953. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  954. - added a message describing dim contribution lines: "Dim tracks are tracks that this artist contributed only a based-upon song to."
  955. - for tracks with multiple contributors, those are listed as well, e.g. "(with Michael Guy Bowman)"
  956. - note that this doesn't include "contributors" who only provided a referenced track, since those are now stored in a list separate from the contributors list
  957. - a new section for commentary
  958. - a "jump to" paragraph at the top, to quickly scroll to any of the track/art/commentary sections
  959. <h2 class="major-release" id="15-nov-19"><a href="#15-nov-19">[[date:15 November 2019]] - initial release</a></h2>
  960. <h3>initial release of the website</h3>
  961. - published <a href="">on github</a> with code under the GPL; hosted on
  962. - advertised exclusively <a href="">on reddit</a>
  963. - (and maybe twitter but my account has long been deleted)
  964. <h3>homepage</h3>
  965. - an intro message which has since been moved to [[static:about|About &amp; Credits]]
  966. - a grid listing for the albums: all official releases, from [[album:Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead]] through [[album:Hiveswap Friendsim]]
  967. <h3>album pages</h3>
  968. - album name, release date, track listing, cover art &amp; art credits
  969. - solo albums also show their artist
  970. <h3>track pages</h3>
  971. - track name, release date, artists (musicians), cover art &amp; art credits
  972. - links to listen to the track too (and code to convert URLs into human-readable site names, e.g. "YouTube" or "Bandcamp" or "(External)")
  973. - rudimentary leitmotif reference credits in the form of "Contributors" list
  974. - contributors list also contains credited collaborators on the track, e.g. producers, vocalists
  975. <h3>artist pages</h3>
  976. - name, track and art credits
  977. - artist pages look quite different from today but serve the same purpose of listing their contributions
  978. - [[root:media/misc/changelog/old-artist-page.png|here's an example]]
  979. - credits are all in one numbered list; most are just the name of the track contributed to and the album it's from
  980. - for tracks where an artist made a specific contribution, that's mentioned too, e.g. "Sburban Countdown (arrangement)"
  981. - if a musician's contribution is simply a track which was referenced, the line for that contribution is slightly dim (it still contributes to the counter)
  982. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  983. Name: Donate
  984. Directory: donate
  985. Content:
  986. Donations for the wiki are now closed. Thank you to everyone who donated over the course of wiki development, including:
  987. - Nights
  988. - enchantingHunter
  989. - leo homestuck
  990. - Gradis
  991. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  992. Name: HSMusic Community Discord Server
  993. Short Name: Discord
  994. Directory: discord
  995. Listed: no
  996. Content:
  997. We have a public Discord server - <a href="">you're welcomed to join!</a>
  998. We mostly discuss work-in-progress site updates here, sharing feedback and suggestions before (and after!) releases go online.
  999. There are a few rules you'll have to read and accept before being let in, and we take moderation seriously - but the server is a pretty chill space in general! The rules are just there to ensure it <i>can</i> be safe and relaxed for everyone.
  1000. (Discord not your style? [[static:feedback|Check our other links!]])