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  1. Category: HSMusic
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  4. Group: Official
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  8. Albums released on Homestuck's official Bandcamp: the canon foundational to and long inspiring its massive fan community.
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  10. Coinciding (probably coincidentally) with the launch of <a href="">Homestuck^2</a>, on 25 October 2019 (10/25, a.k.a. [[flash:4109]] Day), the majority of then-released Homestuck albums were combined and re-released as compilation albums. (<a href="">Source!</a>)
  11. Undeniably, this was a practical move for those new to the discography, or looking to complete a collection, since the compiled albums were also considerably reduced in price. However, much was lost in terms of presentation: besides the cover arts of merged album releases being dropped due to the nature of the format, much more mysteriously vanished were <i>all</i> track art!
  12. No official word was given regarding purposes for this distancing, but the consequences were clear: these compilations were the future; fan-contributed track art would be left in the past.
  13. With no ill intent towards those in charge of managing the Bandcamp, we (alongside many fans) found this disheartening, and more than a little disrespectful towards the effort and creativity of the fans responsible for the wonderful gallery of art created for Homestuck's expansive discography. So, when official decisions baffled, fans took action and tried something different; <a href="">we released the Homestuck Music Wiki for the first time</a> on 15 November 2019, just three weeks after the Bandcamp restructure.
  14. Since then, we've been working with a variety of community members (listeners and musicians alike!) to improve and expand the wiki ever further; today, we hope it stands both a practical resource and a celebratory testament to the history - and future - of Homestuck music!
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  16. Group: Fandom
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  18. Albums created by the Homestuck fan community, released independently.
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  20. The fandom of Homestuck has been creating music since before Homestuck's own conception ([[track:problem-sleuth-theme|yes, really!]]); originally sharing music around the (now-defunct) MSPA Forums via Tindeck (also defunct), learning musicians would practice their skills writing tunes and sharing them with community members. Andrew Hussie would call for contributors to an official soundtrack for the comic (which would, of course, set the stage for Homestuck's [[site:flash/|revered Flash animations]]); musicians would share their work, and the best were picked to join a group known as the Homestuck Music Team. And all the while, fans kept writing, collaborating, and sharing their own music.
  21. The first album to find a distinctly <i>unofficial</i> album release was [[album:homestuck-for-the-holidays]]; it was a Christmas-themed album put together by members of the Homestuck Music Team, released to a new Bandcamp, <a href="">Homestuck Gaiden</a>, on 25 December 2010. Half a year later, this would become the home for an altogether new idea, pioneered by [[artist:elaine-wang]]: the Homestuck <i>fan-album</i>.
  22. (That story is really hers to tell, and that she did in the introduction to the [[album:lofam]] booklet. Give it a visit!)
  23. With the ball now rolling, fan musicians were creating and collaborating more than ever before; now they weren't just making music for themselves and for each other, to be shared on only a single colossal forum thread - their music would have a home!
  24. The community grew ever stronger and larger from there, and the albums below are just a portion of the result. With a fair amount of luck, this wiki has come to be a second home for the albums we share; we encourage you to explore: delve deep, find yourself lost, and discover something new!
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  26. Group: Beyond
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  28. Albums from a musical landscape beyond Homestuck, by artists with roots in the comic's own community.
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  30. Countless artists together made an early abode in the community around Homestuck, expanding their sound as they shared their music with other artists and listeners alike; many, in turn, would put their experience into works beyond the webcomic. Some began personal discographies; some scored games and other new projects, finding followings altogether anew; some joined together, collaboratively creating in a spirit inspired by the comic community's own fan-groups.
  31. Each of these musicians found roots in Homestuck, in time branching out beyond; the albums in this area of the wiki are a small selection of what they've gone on to create. We encourage you to delve in and explore; every album is its own unique work, and many familiar faces await within!
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  33. Category: Fan-musician groups
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  36. Group: Casual Sunday
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  40. <i>"people who have made music by themselves and who are just now figuring out how to do it with other people.<br>we're still learning"</i>
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  42. Artists primarily from the Homestuck Music Team, now doing their own thing as a collaborative group.
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  44. Group: Homestuck Gaiden
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  48. Sharing some of the first unofficial albums, the Homestuck Gaiden was a home for albums not accepted or marked for [[group:official]] release.
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  50. Group: Unofficial MSPA Fans
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  54. The eventual merger of a variety of earlier groups, the Unofficial MSPA Fans (UMSPAF) are the musicians behind a diverse selection of Homestuck fan albums.
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  56. Their group page on HSMusic also contains releases from <a href="">Homestuck Gaiden</a>, an early home on Bandcamp for albums not officially associated with Homestuck by the webcomic's author.
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  58. Category: Solo musicians
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  61. Group: Clark Powell
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  66. Composer of [[album:medium]] and [[album:symphony-impossible-to-play]] as well as dozens of tracks across the Homestuck discography, and artist behind several independent albums whose tracks were recompiled and featured as the soundtrack for [[group:psycholonials]].
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  68. Group: Cristata
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  72. Artist behind [[album:perfectly-generic-album]] and more, and creator of crossover fanventure <a href="">Deltastuck</a>. Releases under a number of aliases.
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  74. Group: Funk McLovin
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  79. <i>"Funk McLovin, AKA Jojo Raber, is some kind of entity. We don't know more than this."</i>
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  81. Group: Michael Guy Bowman
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  85. Renowned for [[track:sburban-jungle]], his official solo album [[album:mobius-trip-and-hadron-kaleido]] and many other hit Homestuck releases, Bowman has gone on to create his own expansive personal discography since.
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  87. Group: Nasqueron
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  91. Artist behind tracks across a wide variety of fan albums (where she's credited as [[artist:kal-la-kal-la]]), with two experimental noise-poetry albums by her own solo release.
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  93. Group: nuclear333
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  97. Co-creator of the webcomic <a href="">INHOSPITABLE</a>, and musician with a history spanning half a decade. Plural internet artist.
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  99. Group: Tensei
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  103. Rock composer behind hit 2011 release [[album:strife]] and overall guitarist and musician behind a whole host of memorable tracks. He's gone on to release the 2017 sequel [[album:strife-2]] and a variety of other collaborative tracks since Homestuck!
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  105. Group: Toby Fox
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  109. Artist of well over 100 tracks in Homestuck's musical canon (including the elusive [[track:penumbra-phantasm]]), Toby Fox went on to compose the much-renowned soundtracks to his games [[group:undertale-and-deltarune]], firmly planting his place in modern game and internet history.
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  111. Group: what is lost in the mines?
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  115. <i>"we're all simply fluttering away"</i>
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  117. Category: Fandom projects
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  120. Group: Desynced
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  126. A fanventure by a talented team of authors, artists and musicians, in the works since 2017 and updating since early 2020!
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  128. Group: The Genesis Project
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  134. A Unity-based game project made by a team of Homestuck fans to replicate Sburb.
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  136. Quoting its official site, The Genesis Project is...
  137. <blockquote>...from a 2.5d perspective, with RPG mechanics. There’s a big focus on character customization, short play sessions that allow you to explore all options in game, and playing with others through a multiplayer system.</blockquote>
  138. While still in development, it's completely free to <a href="">download</a> and play on any common OS!
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  140. Category: Projects beyond Homestuck
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  143. Group: INHOSPITABLE
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  147. Description:
  148. <i>"Into the static. Look beyond yourself."</i>
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  150. The multi-media creative hub for the collaborative works of Secily A. Iopara, aka "[[group:nuclear333|{nuclear333}]]", and Valerie Haswrites.
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  152. Group: Oceanfalls
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  158. A scrapped game project turned into a webcomic, created by [[artist:nights]].
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  160. One of many webcomics drawing early inspiration from Homestuck and the MSPA format, Oceanfalls stands out for being a totally distinct story from the world of Homestuck and SBURB, and it has its own community of fan musicians and artists contributing to its album-spanning soundtrack!
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  162. Group: Psycholonials
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  166. Description:
  167. <i>Psycholonials.</i>
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  169. "All chapters of Psycholonials will be released along with an EP album. If a song from the current chapter doesn't appear in the latest EP, it will appear in a future EP."
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  176. Description:
  177. <i>"The role-playing game where you don't have to kill anyone!"</i>
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  179. Besides being an acclaimed game with its own much-deserved passionate fanbase, the soundtrack of UNDERTALE - single-handedly composed by [[artist:toby-fox]], who also developed the game largely on his own - is well recognized for its extensive use of leitmotifs. Musical themes are reused all throughout the soundtrack; several have even made their way beyond their original context and been referenced by fan musicians in their own Homestuck tracks!
  180. DELTARUNE is Toby Fox's current project, a continuation of sorts set in an alternate reality; the first chapter has been released for free, and the remaining chapters (and their soundtrack) will be released as a set when the game is complete.
  181. Much as Homestuck's discography helped foster a community of creation and collaboration, the music and reach of UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE have inspired countless up-and-coming musicians to create remixes and delve into music creation with their own talents and ideas.