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Fugly changes

  • Enabled sound
  • Enabled basic user input
  • Null AI to not interfere with user input
  • license is now GPL 3, sorry proprietary bots
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BWAPI for OpenBW

This is a fork of BWAPI which allows the use of OpenBW as a backend for BWAPI. The BWAPI version is 4.2.0.

This fork has significant changes and it no longer works with regular StarCraft: Brood War. Support for OpenBW should eventually be merged into the official BWAPI, but this fork will exist until then.

This is a development version, and breaking changes can occur at any time (that goes for OpenBW itself too).

build & install


The UI can be disabled either by setting environment variable OPENBW_ENABLE_UI=0 or calling Broodwar->setGUI(false).

Compiling/linking your bot

If you installed, BWAPI.h (and the rest) will be in the include folder, otherwise they're found in bwapi/bwapi/include in the source tree.

On Windows, you should link to BWAPILIB.lib (not BWAPI.lib, this is different from regular BWAPI).

On Linux, you don't really need to link to anything, but you can -lBWAPILIB if you want.


The main executable is BWAPILauncher. Running BWAPILauncher is the functional equivalent of starting StarCraft & BWAPI via an injector on Windows.

OpenBW needs the usual 3 mpq files in the working directory when it starts (Stardat.mpq, Broodat.mpq and Patch_rt.mpq). These can be copied from StarCraft: BroodWar 1.16.1 or 1.18, or you can just start BWAPILauncher from the StarCraft directory.

BWAPI loads its configuration from bwapi-data/bwapi.ini as usual. See

the image below outlines the directory structure and required files to run OpenBW:

directory structure

OpenBW has no built-in computer player, so in single player games the opponent does not peform any actions.

Keep in mind that BWAPI configuration settings can be set through environment variables, so one can for instance run


In general BWAPILauncher has no console output unless there is an error.


Multiplayer games are supported, but playing together with StarCraft: Brood War clients is currently not possible.

Only 1v1 games are supported. More than two clients can not connect together.

The map (in bwapi.ini) must be the same on both clients, otherwise each player will load a different map and things will break.

Multiplayer is enabled as usual by setting auto_menu=LAN in bwapi.ini (or through environment variable), but the lan_mode setting is not used. Instead, the OPENBW_LAN_MODE environment variable is read.

The possible settings for OPENBW_LAN_MODE is TCP, LOCAL, LOCAL_AUTO, FILE or FD. On Windows only TCP is supported, though :)

The default is LOCAL_AUTO (except on Windows, where it is TCP)

The variables mentioned below are environment variables.


Uses TCP/IP for networking. By default it will bind to and listen on port 6112, and connect to on the same port.

OPENBW_TCP_LISTEN_HOSTNAME and OPENBW_TCP_LISTEN_PORT can be set to change the interface and port that it listens on. OPENBW_TCP_CONNECT_HOSTNAME and OPENBW_TCP_CONNECT_PORT can be set to change the hostname and port that it tries to connect to.

There are no errors if it fails to bind or connect.


Uses local sockets for interprocess communication.

OPENBW_LOCAL_PATH - the path to the socket file to use. If it exists, then it attempts to connect, otherwise it will create the file and listen on it. One of the clients has to listen, so when starting two clients, the file should not already exist.


Listens on a unique socket file in /tmp/openbw and tries to connect to other sockets in that directory. It will automatically remove any unused sockets.

OPENBW_LOCAL_AUTO_DIRECTORY can be used to change the directory that it uses.


OPENBW_FILE_READ is the file to read from, and OPENBW_FILE_WRITE is the file to write to. The files should be pipe (FIFO) files or something like that.


Same as FILE, but OPENBW_FD_READ and OPENBW_FD_WRITE can be used to specify file descriptors instead of file paths.