A fork of Python robocode which is written by Charlie Lutaud(turkishviking) and ported to Python 3 by Hajime Murao(hjmr)

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A Fork of Robocode for python programming

This is the new and maintained version developed with PyQt

Need help to start? Check the wiki

Any help is welcome! This is a beta version, tell me if you notice any bugs

If you want to contribute, I do not have the time yet for developing some base robot( wall runner, coins camper, random move etc...). If you do this, I will be happy to include it into the source code. (Post an issue or make a pull request in this case).

What's New & Task list:

  • move()
  • turn()
  • gunTurn()
  • radarTurn()
  • getPostion
  • radarDetection()
  • getTargetPosition()
  • getTargetName()
  • bulletPower
  • on_hit_by_bullet()
  • bulletSize
  • WallCollision
  • MapSize
  • Number_Of_Enmies_Left()
  • GameSpeed
  • on_Robot_Death()
  • reset() --> too stop all move at any time
  • stop() --> too allow to make moves sequences
  • RobotPrint() --> too allow the robot to print in a textBox
  • RobotMenu with lifeBar
  • Battle Series
  • Batlles Statistics
  • .exe
  • .deb
  • Qt Integration
  • Qt IDE (syntax highlighter, auto completion, Base Robot) --> Not Done but I have an old project of IDE to do it
  • Add Classe Reference in the wiki
  • To prevent bot's to use Sockets, urllib2, and Sub/Multi Processing Module (more safe for users)
  • Window resizable
  • Write Calculus in cython (to speed up the code)