A script for Iranian university students that send the latest news of the Golestan system via email

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Golestan reporter

license: GPL3.0

This project is a simple python3 script that helps Iranian university students and sends the latest news of their university Golestan system news via email


first install requirements. you can install them by:

python3 -m pip install -r requerments.txt

then creat a file named as "mailconfig.py" contains your email address and password:

sender_email = 'yourname@example.com'
password = 'yourpassword'

Notice: if you're using gmail remember that alow low secure apps from google acount manager

you can change common configuration from "config.py" file. change golestan_news_source to your university news source. keep mind that you must read source of golestan pages to find news source. try using "curl". you can ask me for help on this one.

and at end add a mail-list. create "mail_list.txt" and add mails address (one per line). like this:


then just run main.py with python3 on your server.