A fork of 2048.c with high scores table

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Console version of the game "2048" for Unix-likes(including Linux, BSDs, ...)

This project is a fork of 2048.c with a high scores table. It is under the MIT/X11 license(see source code or LICENSE)


You can move the tiles in four directions using the arrow keys: up, down, left, and right. All numbers on the board will slide into that direction until they hit the wall and if they bump into each other then two numbers will be combined into one if they have the same value. Each number will only be combined once per move. Every move a new number 2 or 4 appears. If you have a 2048 on the board you have won, but you lose once the board is full and you cannot make a move.


  • C compiler
  • GNU/Linux or BSD or OS X


Clone the repository, then make it:

git clone https://notabug.org/farooqkz/2049.c
cd 2049.c

To see scores and exit:

./2049 scores

The game supports different color schemes. This depends on ANSI support for 88 or 256 colors. If there are not enough colors supported the game will fallback to black and white (still very much playable). For the original color scheme run:


For the black-to-white color scheme (requires 256 colors):

./2049 blackwhite

For the blue-to-red color scheme (requires 256 colors):

./2049 bluered


Contributions are very welcome. Always run the tests before committing using:

$ ./2049 test
All 13 tests executed successfully