801 B


  • Add line?/path? functions
  • Add support for hex colors
  • Add line-join/line-cap properties
  • Add closed paths (with path->cpath and related functions)
  • Add rect->rectss function
  • Add rect-lerp function
  • Add poly-scale function
  • Add support for rendering thunks
  • Add support for setting antialias modes

1.1, released 2018-04-17

  • Add vec-dot for dot products
  • Add triangle-contains function
  • Allow single-point paths to render properly
  • Add make-rect and rect-{u,d,l,r,ul,dr} functions for rectangle manipulation
  • Add poly-bounds function
  • Fix hsl->rgb etc not preserving the alpha value of colors
  • Add lerp function


  • Start changelog
  • Change rectangle type from two arguments to a list of two vectors
  • Added rectangle manipulation functions rect->path and rect-contains