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  Emilia Blåsten a281de9bcc Give a short description of the centroid in the readme 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten ba645b6ee1 Add command-line parameter for toggling drawing the centroid line 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten 8305e124a0 Add description for command line option -f and -v 4 years ago
  Emilia Blåsten f2e9bb8a03 Update readme about -sf option 4 years ago
  Emily 852e1678c0 Make sure the code-segment in markdown won't be highlighted wrongly 5 years ago
  Emily dccff30a25 Completely rewire the readme 5 years ago
  Emily 60db65bc59 Rename project Simple Spectrogram, or sspect 5 years ago
  Emily c41d6a2e61 Allow changing the input device number from the command line 5 years ago
  Emily 0dbe0abe7d De-Alexify the documentation 5 years ago
  Emily 6a8736de11 Remove glscope from project 5 years ago
  ahbarnett 9d8d80a723 bundled glscope 6 years ago
  ahbarnett fe291e8724 all working, screenshot 6 years ago
  ahbarnett d606c744cc initial commit, not updated libraries 6 years ago
  Alex Barnett ac18d44aa4 Initial commit 6 years ago