Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Weenink 1e283eeb3c VEC: Graphics_quantileQuantilePlot 5 years ago
  Paul Boersma 04158fde14 conststring32 6 years ago
  David Weenink 11256d48fe bool, integer, require 6 years ago
  Paul Boersma dfb13c267a enum class 6 years ago
  Paul Boersma cc50269ec4 Windows-compatible 6 years ago
  Paul Boersma 969558dc0d some 64-bit integers on Windows 7 years ago
  Paul Boersma 0160d0ceec forgotten const 7 years ago
  David Weenink ecf579a319 Table creations interface more consistent 7 years ago
  Paul Boersma ff020e2972 removed font size bug when drawing ellipses 7 years ago
  David Weenink c5b5626078 rename Pattern and Activation to PatternList and ActivationList (2) 8 years ago
  Paul Boersma 649045c733 license text: program -> code 8 years ago
  Paul Boersma 58eb329c3d replaced FSF address with their website 8 years ago
  David Weenink 01e4fc0c1b Consistent interface for return values 8 years ago
  Paul Boersma 4e58f4c66a got rid of implicit conversion of ptr to auto 8 years ago
  Paul Boersma 1a6658d684 rid of all autoThing::transfer() and reset(xx) 8 years ago
  David Weenink f7b127f8b9 autoptr and better types 8 years ago
  David Weenink 8526b50cc0 more autoptr 8 years ago
  ppgb dd6dc99610 5.4.10 9 years ago
  ppgb 3c52c9d3ed 5.3.81 10 years ago
  ppgb f7dab9e0d8 5.3.62 10 years ago
  ppgb e23df9efcf 5.3.53 11 years ago
  ppgb 65c84a2cf1 5.3.33 11 years ago
  ppgb 1107fe9e2c 5.3.32 11 years ago
  ppgb 1a7a3455f6 5.3.24 11 years ago
  ppgb 8bac453853 5.3.14 12 years ago
  ppgb 4873e1a3bd 5.2.31 13 years ago
  ppgb d53b129626 5.2.18 13 years ago
  ppgb 8279232527 4.6.36 16 years ago
  ppgb eba0154985 4.3.01 19 years ago