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The code for building my homepage.

Updated 3 days ago

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Configuration files for git, GNU nano and screen.

Updated 1 week ago

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Libreboot is a free boot fimware implementation, to replace the non-free BIOS/UEFI firmware found on most systems. It initializes the hardware and starts a bootloader for your operating system.

Updated 3 months ago

These Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript files make long mathematical texts such as articles, books or essays easier to read in a web browser. MathJax is used for the formulas. The goal is to produce LaTeX for the web.

Updated 6 months ago

Solve the Maxwell equation in 2D using a finite domain time difference algorithm. Fields are constant in third direction.

Updated 7 months ago

This is a mirror of and for own development.

Updated 1 year ago

A reasearch project in mathematical scattering theory. What is the relation between time-domain and frequency-domain scattering in general?

Updated 1 year ago