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Dayalan Saravanan 8ff97800f2 change backend in matplotlib 1 day ago
How_to_Deploy_and_Manage_MongoDB_with_Docker.html c67c759930 deploy and manage mongodb with docker 3 months ago
How_to_Install_Java_on_Debian_10_Linux.html 4276fcbebe html file for install java on debian 10 linux 7 months ago
How_to_Install_Latest_MySQL_on_Debian10.html bee5de89f6 install latest mysql on debian 10 3 months ago
How_to_Install_and_Use_Docker_on_Debian10.html 6d3986114d install and use docker on debian10 3 months ago
How_to_Install_and_Use_Docker_on_Ubuntu1604.html 1779fcbaae install and use docker on ubuntu 16.04 3 months ago
How_to_Remove_Docker_Images_Containers_and_Volumes.html c432f5a5d3 remove docker images containers and volumes 3 months ago
How_to_install_Hadoop_in_stand_alone_mode_on_Debian9.html 5216e24a8d install hadoop in stand alone mode on debian9 1 week ago
How_to_install_and_set_up_hadoop_cluster.html ed656a0717 installation and setup of hadoop cluster 5 months ago
How_to_use_git_reference_guide.html 2660344eba html file for git reference guide 1 week ago
Install_apache_hadoop_debian-9.html 5acafc7fea installation of apache hadoop in debian-9 5 months ago
Ralink_RT5370.html c8e463f732 Ralink RT5370 8 months ago
abbrevation.txt 531707d95a abbrevations in computing 5 months ago
audited.txt d0ffdcf61d linux audit 8 months ago
awesome-shell.html 164ef2cd7d reference for awesome-shell 8 months ago
awkref.txt 5f998dabaa reference to awk commands 5 months ago
base2ref.txt b3fcbf583e reference for base2 arithematic 8 months ago
bashref.txt 8a0817cc9d find command in bash 2 weeks ago
bashscript.txt 6bd74c37ed print file size in current directory 3 weeks ago
books.txt b82b645439 books list to read 8 months ago
commandref.txt 1be3cff466 merge images in command line 5 days ago
computing.txt ab61819584 minimal computing 8 months ago
console.html 5ea04f6bf4 access console 8 months ago
console_fonts.html 3bcb7d2e57 Linux console fonts 8 months ago
ctags.txt b3e9576f69 reference to ctags 5 months ago
customizingvi.html 0d60ee1e9d customizing vi editor 8 months ago
databases.txt 11bb8f96ac reference for databases 8 months ago
datanalysisref.txt 896a50c4f9 correlation of attributes in the data 1 month ago
datascience.txt ede9b96df5 reference for datascience 8 months ago
docker-mysql-getting-started.html a2fa25e74c mysql in docker 8 months ago
dockerref.txt 144edd5472 yum commands in centos 3 months ago
ffmpeg.html f32d5ab913 ffmpeg reference 8 months ago
firewall.html ac393a660c firewall in Linux 8 months ago
flatpak.html 0cd40d1f2c flatpak in Linux 8 months ago
gdb161.html 8d42d94194 course gdb161 1 week ago
gitref.txt 7d26e3e878 conflicting changes in git 4 days ago
gmailref.txt 2611876be9 reference to gmail 8 months ago
gnuplotref.txt 201e81143c reference to gnuplot 8 months ago
hadoopref.txt 29badda2a9 ACL shell commands 4 months ago
health.txt b3df08affd health advice 8 months ago
how-to-install-and-use-docker-on-debian-10.html 6a900f01a3 installation and use of docker in debian-10 5 months ago
how-to-install-and-use-docker-on-ubuntu-16-04.html 0003ae95c8 install and use docker on ubuntu-16.04 8 months ago
how-to-install-hadoop-in-stand-alone-mode-on-debian-9.html 14f992f201 installation of hadoop in stand alone mode on debian-9 5 months ago
how-to-remove-docker-images-containers-and-volumes.html 96cf91fa57 removing docker images, containers and volumes 5 months ago
how-to-use-git-a-reference-guide.html e545f074c7 git reference guide 8 months ago
htmlref.txt dd0eb92dc2 convert LaTeX to HTML with htlatex 7 months ago
icedtea-web.html ce18ce8cb8 icedtea web 5 months ago
icedtea_classpath.html 5c6ee6bffa icedtea class path 5 months ago
icetearef.txt 6144f3b913 icetea reference 5 months ago
image.txt b72bfde18b image applications in Linux 8 months ago
installpackages.txt bfa48d078c installed packages in Ubuntu-16.04 8 months ago
ithink.txt a0d0ca7f0a I think 8 months ago
jsref.txt 7abc9d6505 javascript reference 2 days ago
latexref.txt 86d36afe48 single and double quotes in latex 7 months ago
links.txt b316c48306 link added to gnuplot homepage 1 day ago
linuxnotes.txt 6478df8e99 Notes for Linux 8 months ago
linuxref.txt 64f5ae100e reference to Linux 8 months ago
machine.txt 9bb8c617da computing machine 8 months ago
manpages.txt 484c5a6e45 available manpages 8 months ago
markdownref.txt d181585ba2 reference for markdown 8 months ago
matplotlib.txt 01796f8229 text rendering with LaTeX 8 months ago
mlearning.txt 5f43e7387e reference to mlearning books 5 months ago
mysql.txt 66d9e9d9e3 reference for mysql 3 weeks ago
naming-docker-containers.html 8a1dc0ff47 naming docker containers 5 months ago
ncurses.txt 7b66a64307 pixelize - create an image consisting of many small images 6 months ago
network.html 2142d73e5b network reference in Linux 8 months ago
networking.html 2920435331 networking tools in Linux 8 months ago
nosqlref.txt 9062fe2b46 reference for mongo nosql 3 weeks ago
notes.txt 10dcb85b8e notes for reference 8 months ago
packages.html aa1f506330 packages list in Debian 8 months ago
pandocref.txt b961bb50d4 convert RMarkdown to .html 8 months ago 375b978b60 script to generate a password 8 months ago
pentesting.txt c24772eaf2 tools for pentesting 8 months ago
pigref.txt f6e186cabe concept of outer/inner bag in apache pig 1 day ago
powertop.html 6669812011 power consumption and management 8 months ago
ppa.html 09ea91dc1c ppa in Ubuntu 8 months ago
privacy.html 2fe89aff0b google privacy policy 8 months ago
privacytools.html a92567eff1 tools for privacy 8 months ago
publications.txt 4774b430c8 publication list 8 months ago
pythonref.txt 8ff97800f2 change backend in matplotlib 1 day ago
qutebrowser.txt 5f57a32296 rerun after every pull 2 weeks ago
rclone.txt 80ae756f36 rclone reference 8 months ago
rclone_mega_configuration.txt 14dde55d12 rclone mega configuration 8 months ago
rclone_pcloud.html 36f69f130d rclone pcloud configuration 8 months ago
read.txt a0898eefa3 added books for R 7 months ago
repositories.html d6e11b3254 repositories in Debian 8 months ago
rref.txt 893a38d719 retab command used on this file 2 months ago
scholarship.txt 2add390325 scholarship list 8 months ago
shelltricks.html 9e821d90b0 shell tricks 8 months ago
skillref.txt 4386969918 skill reference 8 months ago
sparkref.txt 29632ed410 reference to pyspark 3 months ago
sqliteref.txt 405e4c9717 sqlite reference 8 months ago
sqlref.txt 44c5381c91 execute sql script to MySQL 3 months ago
stconfig.h de89584c83 config file for st 8 months ago
super_user_and_system_administration_commands.html b6a5bcd02d super user and system administration commands 8 months ago
systeminfo.txt ebcfbfd52f information about system 8 months ago
trickel.html abade2620c trickel reference 8 months ago
unixtoolbox.xhtml aedeb5e24f unix toolbox html file 8 months ago
user_commands.html 4b8f09d6a1 user commands 8 months ago
vi.html 3d2b6d5528 Vi editor 8 months ago
vim.html 813ae3e551 reference for vim editor 8 months ago
viref.txt b9ac1b376e seach and replace with macros 6 days ago
virtualbox.html ea1424a0b6 virtualbox reference 8 months ago
vocabulary.txt 879ba2531f persistent meaning not added 3 months ago
wpa_supplicant.conf b821e472c9 wpa supplicant 8 months ago
xmonad_configuration.html 5e6624ab08 customizing xmonad configuration 8 months ago
xmonadref.txt 46eeba9f2e reference for XMonad 8 months ago