Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexei Sorokin 96f1cc1a5c [ActivityPub][INBOX][Delete] Stop if the ID is not present 3 days ago
  Alexei Sorokin 647bf8c953 [ActivityPub] Fix use of ActivityPubPlugin::pull_remote_profile 3 days ago
  Alexei Sorokin d2c7d70f49 Fix "Implement a class for automatic temporary file handling" 3 days ago
  Alexei Sorokin 001629b6dd [Memcached_DataObject] Do not encache on insert 3 days ago
  Alexei Sorokin b04469a252 [DATABASE] Make sure the session always uses UTF-8 and UTC 6 days ago
  Alexei Sorokin 54484e56e7 [API] Fix /api/statuses/update reporting a failure 6 days ago
  Alexei Sorokin adc689cb15 Avoid use of assignments bare inside statements 1 week ago
  Alexei Sorokin d0f96a7023 [Profile] Extend the allowed length of nicknames to 191 characters 1 week ago
  Alexei Sorokin 08145f635f Implement a class for automatic temporary file handling 2 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 4884a97223 [Memcached_DataObject] Change how multiGet achieves an ordered result 2 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 55136c1c6f [DirectMessage] Simplify the inbox query 2 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin fc300607e5 [ActivityPub] Check if a Notice is public via CC as well 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 8c20ed0c89 [ActivityPub] Fix note URIs 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro c8e9cbdbb8 [ActivityPub] Tombstones now have datetimes 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 3f70ac5cde [TheFreeNetwork] Fix invalid index on lookup 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 11a7182594 [ActivityPub] Implement Failed Queue 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 817074a787 [ActivityPub] Fix DELETE 2 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro c75bf1a19d [ActivityPub] Fix issues concerning Activity URIs 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 11ebb98919 [DATABASE] Fix use of ORDER BY with DISTINCT 3 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro e4093343c2 [ActivityPub] Revert moving Disfavor to Queues 3 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 101ea554ef [ActivityPub][Queues] Fix Like 3 weeks ago
  Diogo Cordeiro ef6a986dc6 [TheFreeNetwork] Do not allow lower priority protocols to handle remote actors already handled by the higher ones 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin db593496a7 [Directory] Fix SQL string quotation 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 00c492891e [Foreign_link] Change the type of "credentials" to blob 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 0e81f9c726 [OpenID] Correct table definition types 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin b419c5cf7c [Queue_item] Let DataObject construct WHERE IN 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 20e5a6d1f3 [TwitterBridge][DAEMONS] Fix database connection clean-up 3 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin 99a9a5d850 [NOTICES] Condition pushdown in the subquery in inboxnoticestream 4 weeks ago
  Alexei Sorokin a15d51c3d8 [DATABASE][PostgreSQL] Ignore index prefix length 1 month ago
  Alexei Sorokin b01974b665 [PostgreSQL] Set timezone to UTC 1 month ago