Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6e031d623a [VersionBump] 2.0.0beta0 4 months ago
  Alexei Sorokin a67953b840 [XMPP] Respond to ping and track time monotonically 1 year ago
  t3nma d7ec199793 [COMPOSER] Add new php-ffmpeg package 1 year ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 10f0a15614 [VersionBump] 2.0.0alpha0 1 year ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 63669d3447 [COMPOSER] update 2 years ago
  Miguel Dantas 19d68c9f8e [COMPOSER] Added predis/predis and updated packages 2 years ago
  Miguel Dantas 2db3825940 [CORE][COMPOSER] Added intervention/image 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro db3253e5d2 [CORE] Bump PHP requirement to PHP7.3+ 2 years ago
  Miguel Dantas 1d41ff16d6 [COMPOSER] Added embed/embed 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 7d262ad50b [CORE] Fixed some small issues with PEAR 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro d9e7862cea [CORE][COMPOSER] Ensure we are compatible with PHP 7.0.0 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 9f30c299ee [CORE] Make tests great gain 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro ec32db2dd6 [CORE][COMPOSER] Add hoa/consistency 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 411e8ed79d [CORE] Downgrade phpseclib to a working state 2 years ago
  Daniel Supernault c1c2a9f1a1 [DEVTOOL] Add a robust and modern REPL 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro a1edc2c6a9 [CORE][COMPOSER] Move plugins extlibs to composer (where appropriate) 2 years ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 2a06261f75 [CORE][COMPOSER] Move extlib packages with immediate composer correspondent to composer dependencies 3 years ago