Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  demure 2ca87f44da Added some more crawlers. 1 year ago
  demure a480f678d2 Added more bans, made redirect section work for https? 2 years ago
  demure 2433a16739 Added more useragents and bad requests. 2 years ago
  demure d4af59f106 Added another crawler. And more attacks. 3 years ago
  demure c9cbfda105 Added another crawler. 3 years ago
  demure 12e9c28d81 Added more attacks. 3 years ago
  demure c4208a998d Tweaked, and added more bans 3 years ago
  demure 05e19513b1 Made badbots work. New bans. 3 years ago
  demure 647f15a159 Added missing botsearch jail. Added logs to lurkers. toggled off ratelimit jail. Added bots to badbots. Added redirects to lurkers, and tweaked. 3 years ago
  demure cbdb3c30f9 Added fail2ban files 4 years ago