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  DeepManYY 9ba49ff33d Is DreamTime! 3 months ago
  DeepManYY 129b134955 Is DreamTime! 3 months ago
  DeepMan e9e38addb3 readme fixes and links for stats 4 months ago
  DeepMan bf24f203a9 - fix: cli path for linux 4 months ago
  DeepMan 1b10caea01 - fix: cli.exe to cli 4 months ago
  DeepMan 0d1fb8a61a - funding 4 months ago
  DeepMan 8e5aea4b1f - fixed: the application does not create the models folder, so it is not possible to save the results. 4 months ago
  DeepMan 4dd75b77f3 more ordered interface, error messages, version for CI 4 months ago
  DeepMan 92df8e8d28 improvements in the user interface design, improvements in the handling of errors, experimental implementation of CLI with multi gpu support, test version for the CI 4 months ago
  deep-man-yy 6cb1a68895 Create FUNDING.yml 4 months ago
  DeepMan d55e500725 fucc 4 months ago
  DeepMan ee06265f0d README: more fixes :)) 4 months ago
  DeepMan beba8a1fa3 README: fix the ""logo"" and more info 4 months ago
  DeepMan ad72ffe8f6 README: change of name, improvements in the description 4 months ago
  DeepMan e607c1b02a updated README, license updated to the SAME as the original program. (stop dmca crying) 4 months ago
  DeepMan 4776b6eac8 retard 4chan tripcode: !!ZOXIOrD0Ory 4 months ago
  DeepMan 1e3f8a2838 license and a new source code hosting 4 months ago
  DeepMan 2bc84f79ef backups & community 4 months ago
  DeepMan 843b215ff4 first source code commit, nervous! 4 months ago
  DeepMan f265dd02d1 alpha test version 4 months ago
  DeepMan 7156ada6f2 initial commit 4 months ago