Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  deadbeef 0829e7a2cd error if no header end 1 month ago
  deadbeef 780326374d make bio non static 1 month ago
  deadbeef a7bd34cbe9 remove net.c 1 month ago
  deadbeef f847f849ff remove net.h 1 month ago
  deadbeef ba2686283d add parse_url() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 3f2fd0f1bd remove struct http_hdr 1 month ago
  deadbeef a0aedca2fd add http_get() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 1d95a26a7d make http_receive and http_request void 1 month ago
  deadbeef 163a34f3a1 remove http_free() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 0fdb2f0156 remove define ARRAY_SIZE 1 month ago
  deadbeef efef04a812 Remove net_disconnect() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 6734384587 remove parse_http_hdr() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 89f934e2a2 use err in http_request() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 3cf9a080e5 Simplify net.c 1 month ago
  deadbeef 87cfa14b81 Simplify http_request() 1 month ago
  deadbeef 2adee49558 Simplify net.c 1 month ago
  deadbeef 5ca94b8961 add doc 1 month ago
  deadbeef 55c27ae0db Remove common.[ch] 2 months ago
  deadbeef 2e132150f9 Simplify Makefile 2 months ago
  deadbeef 59dc978add Simplify everything 2 months ago
  deadbeef 30dc79154a Simplify termyt.c 2 months ago
  deadbeef f58661f3ee Add youtube-reverse-engineering 2 months ago
  deadbeef 63391813a7 Add video parser 2 months ago
  deadbeef 00600c3c0b Use strstr instead of memmem 4 months ago
  deadbeef 62f2d320da Add http_free() for freeing http header 4 months ago
  deadbeef 31d34e78dc Remove unnecessary bracket 4 months ago
  deadbeef 5a3abc20bd Modify same buffer in percent_decode() 4 months ago
  deadbeef 61c3476e51 Exit immediatly from cmd_exit() 4 months ago
  deadbeef 1da2662464 Run command if it is partially written 4 months ago
  deadbeef a155ca7a6d Add structures for storing video information 4 months ago