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A frontend for Mastodon/Pleroma with heavy inspiration from the tumblr user dashboard. Written in PHP

DashboardFE should work on a standard LAMP stack with the most common php extensions enabled. It does NOT require a database.

While the project works with a decent amount of stability, please note that it is still a work in progress, it can contain several not yet detected bugs or missing some features. The project it's in a constant state of change and improvement.

If you wanna test it first to see if you like it you can check the testing instance here:


Verify that you have Apache installed and PHP with the most common extensions installed too

Download the source and upload it to a folder on your server

Make the 'data' folder writrable.

Modify the settings.php file to match your desired configuration.



Option 1:

Download package and replace all files with different size (except settings.php on root).

Option 2:

Delete everything (except settings.php on root and /data folder) and reupload.


If you wish to make bug reports or suggestions to the project, it is easier if you do them directly to me, writing a message to my current fediverse profile.