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Mudsync! What a game. Or is it?

Well it's not really a game, more of a MUD framework. It does contain a couple of small demo worlds. The more interesting of them is the "bricabrac" world. I assume you want to play with it, but I guess we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Installing Mudsync

First of all, you need 8sync (currently 0.4.2, or git master) and Guile 2.2. Install those.

... Or, if you have Guix, you can set up a "guix environment" which should have everything you need all set to go:

guix environment -l guix.scm # optionally add --pure

Next, in mudsync's directory:

source pre-inst-env guile -l worlds/bricabrac.scm -e run-game

You can then connect in your browser:



Well, try some things! Assuming you're starting with the bricabrac world, try "ring the bell", and that should give you some information to get started.


When you start up the bricabrac demo, it'll by default start up a port you can connect over localhost to if you're using emacs + geiser. Then you can live hack away!

If you change something in bricabrac (or whatever) and want to update the object you changed, you can "live" put in the new and updated version from the game-spec at the REPL with:

(insert! game-spec 'room:lobby) ; to replace the lobby, but of course ; do what's appropriate for your ; object

That's it for now!