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TODO Provide metadata in query results

an alist is probably sufficient

We already have the multiple value return thing happening, we just need to fill in the result-metadata field

TODO Finish exporting all the needed things

TODO Type conversion

Everything currently is returned as a string which is... okay I guess, usable enough to start with, but we really want to convert to/from existing datastructures in Guile.

TODO Provide type information in metadata

This might only provide the Oids of the types, so we'd still have to look it up in postgres' internal type information table. We could provide a factory function that produces a procedure on which type maps to which value, and which memoizes looking this up as it goes...

TODO Provide example type converter in serializer (from strings)

A serializer could be passed into exec-query which knows how to transform each field.

TODO Type convert from binary representation

If we change the resultFormat parameter passed to PQexecParams (the last one) we can get byte representations of different fields

TODO Provide vector-based serializer

For those people who don't want the O(n) access time of lists... :)