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2021-05-23 version 0.8.1

  • Bugfix
  • fixed a regression that made the program crash when adding an
  • attachment to a post.

2021-05-23 version 0.8.0

  • New features
  • [gemini]
  • Added a table of contents (TOC) window when a gemini stream is completed.
  • The TOC is auto-generated from header lines contained in the gemini text;
  • the position and width of the notification window is now customizable by
  • users using configuration files.
  • Bugfix
  • [gemini]
  • prevented rendering gemini files in the message window when a toot
  • is shown.
  • fixed parsing of quoted lines, an empty line can be a valid quote.
  • recognized gemlog's subtitle (if presents);
  • if VISUAL or EDITOR contains invalid editor's path and no
  • editor is specified in the configuration file print an error instead of jump to the debugger.
  • Improvements
  • When the user try to authenticate the program on a server a
  • success message is returned on the browser (thanks op!).
  • do not load configuration files if command line options '-h'
  • or '-v' are used;
  • if no editor is specified in the config file the program look
  • for values of environment variables EDITOR or VISUAL and fallback to ed if the variables are not setted or have empty value;
  • improved appearance of the tree of available keybindings.

2021-05-06 version 0.7.0

  • New features
  • added "tour mode" to save a "temporary bookmark" of links as explained here:


As an extension of the idea above the command accepts space separated list of link index or link ranges (e.g: "5-7 1 2") but, if a list of number is not recognized by the software, the input from user is used as a regular expression matching either the link name or the link URI.

  • Bugfix
  • [gemini]
  • fixed crash when opening a gemini page longer than one opened
  • before. When user switched from a page to another shorter the window scrolling position was not restored, pointing outside the actual text line counts;
  • Fixed bug that let users stuck in a loop when going back in
  • history to an URI with a redirect;
  • fixed bug when creating temporary file, name was not unique;
  • fixed rendering of gemini page, there was problems wrapping text;
  • fixed bug that prevented to open a local file using a tilde as
  • an alias for $HOME
  • prevented a crash when a search was started but not actually
  • performed because of wrong input (i.e. empty input) and the user tried to open the link window
  • Improvements
  • [gemini]
  • Switched to a new capsule when searching geminispace

2021-04-17 version 0.6.2

  • Bugfix
  • completing a command argument with strings that contains special
  • characters (like, for example a square bracket) no more makes the program crash.

2021-04-16 version 0.6.1

  • Bugfix
  • [gemini]
  • Connecting to gemini URI using IP address instead of hostname
  • should be possible now;
  • Fixed formatting of preformatted lines (a bug was cutting
  • spaces from both ends of the line)

2021-04-15 version 0.6.0

  • New Features
  • exploring local file system (using '-o' option and rendering
  • gemtext files, of course!
  • added more option for choosing how to open gemini links or
  • pleroma attachments, tinmop or an external program can be chosen, see the configuration file for examples;
  • improved rendering of preformatted block and quoted lines of
  • gemtext
  • [gemini] users can choose to switch from showing alternate text
  • (if exists) instead of a preformatted text blocks (default key for this feature is "t" when the message window got the focus);
  • removed some control characters that could cause troubles when
  • rendering a text (thanks op and mutt people!)
  • Bugfix
  • fixed incorrect rendering of matched text when searching a
  • string in the message window;
  • opening a module (option "-M") when "-o" (open a gemini address)
  • option is used works now;
  • Improvements
  • rendering of gemini pages should be a bit faster, prevents the
  • UI from blocking and should not slow down the software when opening long pages.
  • added guix instruction for installing the software using guix;
  • improved error messages when a problem with missing
  • configuration files occurred.
  • improved program's quitting time.
  • fixed IRI parsing (older version failed to parse "mailto:..."
  • IRIs.
  • Breaking changes
  • [pleroma] using new version of chats API, this makes this
  • software incompatible with old version of pleroma server (< 2.3)
  • changed 'hooks:*before-prepare-for-rendering-message* with
  • 'hooks:*before-rendering-message-text*.

2021-03-03 version 0.5.9

  • Breaking changes
  • The favicon.txt (gemini://
  • is now disabled by default, user can enable setting the configuration directive 'gemini.fetch.favicon' to 'yes'.
  • Improvements
  • Removed dependency on GNU AWK, any standard AWK implementation will
  • be able to be used by the building script ''.

2021-02-20 version 0.5.3

  • Bugfix
  • The program crashed when started from the first time.

2021-02-19 version 0.5.2

  • New features
  • added configuration directive to use a specific program to open
  • a link (e.g. open all mp3 files with program mpv);
  • Misc
  • rendering of contents in the message window is faster;
  • Refactored gemini client (made more easily extensible to
  • accommodate changes in protocol in the future).

2021-01-21 version 0.5.1

  • New features
  • [gemini] added support for favicon.txt more or less as specified in
  • gemini:// (it does render the first character of the file instead of checking for emoji characters);
  • made the text for toot's visibility level (as rendered in main window)
  • configurable.
  • Bugfix
  • fixed many problems in gemlog subscriptions;
  • fixed regression: using client certificate for gemini capsules
  • works again; For other bugfix, please check the changelog.
  • Misc
  • removed dependency form libidn2.

2021-01-10 version 0.5.0

  • New features
  • added subscriptions to gemlog according to the following gemini
  • specification: gemini://
  • Bugfix
  • Fixed configure scripts and several problems related to wrapping libidn2.
  • Building the program from sources should not fails anymore on
  • debian stable and *BSD.
  • it is possible to use the program as a gemini client without
  • configure a connection with a pleroma server;

2020-12-31 version 0.4.2

  • Bugfix
  • Removed lag when scrolling the main window
  • New modules
  • Added a module to rewrite URLs in main and link windows.

2020-12-30 version 0.4.1

  • New features
  • allow repeat search on links window's items;
  • updated Italian translation;
  • added a command to send data to an external program.
  • Bugfix
  • fixed a bug that caused a redirect loop when accessing gemini
  • pages with a path components of URL that terminate with a slash (e.g. ~.../foo/bar/~).

2020-12-29 version 0.4.0

  • New features
  • added a command to repeat the last performed search;
  • "new-line" (aka 'enter') key can be used to scroll main window;
  • [gemini] added a command to refresh a page;
  • Modules
  • added a module to share a gemini link on pleroma.
  • Scripts
  • added a simple script for a welcome bot.
  • Bugfix
  • fixed IRI parsing and encoding/normalizing;
  • fixed false positive for new message on subscribed tags;
  • [gemini] fixed bug that prevented visit the same link more than
  • once;
  • fixed bugs that prevented following of users whit no messages in
  • local database;
  • fixed building script (thanks to Ben!).
  • Documentation
  • updated manpage.

2020-12-14 version 0.3.3

This version switched from URI to IRI to resolve DNS names.

This means that users can uses UTF-8 characters in host name when resolving a gemini address.


This is a bugfix release that allows tinmop to compile and works with newer SBCL compiler.

Also fixed a problem that made the user stuck if trying to quit keeping messages marked for deletion.


Gemini browser got client authentication support.


Several improvements to the gemini browser added.

Also a bug that made the program crash when getting mentions from the server has been fixed.

The command line switch "-m" to get notification when mentioned did not works at all and has been fixed.


Added adding an optional mention when composing a message. Fixed a bug that made the message composition window to disappear before actually sending the message.


Added support for pleroma chat. Added managing of gemini streams. A gemini window allow to abort, rendering/opening of gemini connection while streaming.


Added a window to manage all the gemini streams opened. The user can ispect the status o all the streams as well abort or open them.


The gemini client could now manage secret input if asked by the server.

Secret input here means that a placeholder character is printed on the screen instead of the character corresponding to the key pressed by the user (like a password input).


The gemini client fetch documents from remote server in a concurrent way now. This way streamed contents could be accessed without blocking the client.


Prevented a crash if an invalid regular expression is used when searching in a message window.


This version fixes some bugs in gemini page rendering and add an option to display the source of a page.


This version improves appearance of gemini page rendering and fixed a bug in a command line switch.


Fixed some bugs in gemini viewer. Corrected expansion of retooted messages.


  • improved gemini navigation. It is possible to go back in a
  • previous viewed address or open an arbitrary URL.


  • The software includes a gemini client


  • Fixed bugs when fetching messages that made the program crashed.


  • the downloading of messages should be faster but now some threads
  • do not get automatic expansions. Thread messages expansion can be requested with a command, bound - by default- to "R".


  • The software try to skips over statuses authored from an ignored user
  • in the configuration file the directive
  • ignore-user-regexp can be used in the configuration file to
  • ignore users; the value of this variable should be a regular expression that should matches the username, if a match occurs the user is ignored.


  • version 0.0.4
  • Added polls voting;
  • added the possibility to force expanding of a message tree;
  • added optional notification of statuses mentioning the user
  • (--notify-mentions);
  • many bug fixed.


Added the reset of timeline pagination from command line.


Added a window to browse the links a status contains


Initial release