Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cage bc59ed9b78 - changed package name: from 'cl-colors' to 'cl-colors2'. 1 month ago
  cage c902256d08 - made `message-with-timeout` transient; 2 months ago
  cage 2b186fa8da - increased version. 2 months ago
  cage da514c6cf5 - added symbols type for dot plot (triangle, circle etc.); 2 months ago
  cage 4d859f8a05 - added arg 'width' to 'make-line'. 2 months ago
  cage 20a866a2f7 - made the library compile again; 2 months ago
  cage 928da92b6d - minor clean. 2 months ago
  cage 3a5414f416 - added color args to some shapes creating functions. 2 months ago
  cage 9fd3e40ffd - added fill and outline color arguments for 'make-circle'. 2 months ago
  cage b11530222b - fixed 'move-to'; 2 months ago
  cage 610aacf1bf - added some helper functions for canvas and convas items; 2 months ago
  cage 2a22397d07 - removed footnotes in 4 months ago
  cage 2e82611265 - added a function to draw a line on a dot-plot. 4 months ago
  cage 7bf516bdd5 - fixed again demo. 4 months ago
  cage a0ae561516 - increased version. 4 months ago
  cage e4d97b3f4e - prevent disappearing of space in 'demo-fitted-text' when text is 4 months ago
  cage ac9c7f3660 - added chance to bypass tilde escaping if needed when TCL code is 4 months ago
  cage b7662f4684 - removed #[...] reader macro where was used; 5 months ago
  cage cf559ab83b - marked as deprecated the '#[...]' reader macro; 5 months ago
  cage 292ace0fe0 - readded a missing function. 5 months ago
  cage b1a4be3251 - increased version. 5 months ago
  cage 991bd983c8 - added barchart widget; 5 months ago
  cage 93164f2760 - added equalizer bar widget. 5 months ago
  cage 4d71e1ebd3 - added 'swaplist' widget; 5 months ago
  cage c88e01d223 - added some configuration options for plot. 5 months ago
  cage 54cddacceb - added callback for each point in a 'dot-plot'. 5 months ago
  cage 4a0d59a1e0 - defproc macro accept optional arguments; 5 months ago
  cage 75fcf11008 - fixed typo. 5 months ago
  cage 6685d952cb - updated documentation. 5 months ago
  cage 6f40bcde0f - updated version. 5 months ago