Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cage d1c3a531c3 Added link to new repository. 2 months ago
  cage 953c36eb6a - updated changelog. 5 months ago
  cage 26aff56c40 - increased version number. 5 months ago
  cage 4e4f046ebb - allowed modal toplevels to access the database. 5 months ago
  cage e1b502dc5a - updated the code to match the new nodgui API. 6 months ago
  cage 8e81aa025a - updated the code to match the new nodgui API. 6 months ago
  cage 586c5b25ad - increased version number; 1 year ago
  cage 042a6159fa - restored procedures to fetch movies image from wikipedia. 1 year ago
  cage 8011bacc1e - restored procedures to fetch movies information from wikipedia. 1 year ago
  cage 3b6684adc7 - fixed fetching movie title from wikipedia. 2 years ago
  cage 6561f26ea8 - updated ChangeLog and version number. 2 years ago
  cage a02a3c281e - updated building script; 2 years ago
  cage 802a471fa3 - prevented crash when using an empty string as search criteria. 2 years ago
  cage c087fbfbaa - fixed type declaration in classes slots. 3 years ago
  cage cccc13fcc0 - fixed appearance of votes when adding a title. 3 years ago
  cage 210826f209 - changed package name: from 'cl-colors' to 'cl-colors2'. 3 years ago
  cage f1ad1fe5b1 - fixed parent of timeout dialog window. 4 years ago
  cage 92ba6b3ec9 - removed unused function's code. 4 years ago
  cage 1f2417558f - added missing dependency: cl-lex; 4 years ago
  cage 9142b533b6 - increased version. 4 years ago
  cage 23ef3d120c - updated file's list that contains strings that could be 4 years ago
  cage cdce8c78fb - checks for return code when a process is spawn. 4 years ago
  cage c52ea249e9 - made width of the window to manage copies smaller. 4 years ago
  cage e4b0c9fd3e - better keyboard navigation in window used to add or update a title. 4 years ago
  cage fb4bf72688 - renamed "search-frame.lisp" to "search-titles-frame.lisp"; 4 years ago
  cage 00e5a8c080 - added '-' as a valid value for searching. 4 years ago
  cage 6e46a641d7 - added a visual hint that a title search is performed in the window 4 years ago
  cage d8721284e4 - updated italian translation. 4 years ago
  cage 08461eff93 - require a filter for name when searching for a director, not a 4 years ago
  cage 02bb3916fb - fixed indentation. 4 years ago